Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina’s punishment to Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna asks Naina if she did this for Swati. Naina nods. She is my friend. She is our friend. Pundit tells them to drop it. Let’s decide what to wear. Principal Ma’am joins them. JBR keeps cutting her off and gives random instructions. She tells him to be quiet. She confirms with Naina if Kumar Sanu is indeed coming. Sameer affirms. She offers to look after Kumar Sanu and his needs. Just let me know. Don’t think twice. Naina nods. Principal Ma’am walks away smiling to herself. JBR jokes that he doubts she will start playing Dandiya with Kumar Sanu. He goes as Principal Ma’am calls out to him. Naina and her friends plan as to

(Background – Naina):
Because of no internet connectivity, normal people used to know very little about celebrities. It was a very big

thing for us. Excitement level was such that Principal Ma’am and everyone kept thinking about what all to do to impress Kumar Sanu. It was pretty similar to some Indian festival where everyone would get some new clothes stitched for themselves to celebrate. It was so special for us!

Preeti points out that they should go shopping first. Naina agrees. Sameer asks her if she wont be afraid to go to market with him now. She replies that everyone will be with us. He asks her if she is afraid to go alone with him. I might drown in your eyes right? He points at his cheek sweetly. She tells him not to think of himself to be hero. Kamya asks everyone to come to her home. My Massi organizes Dandiya every year. There is a lot of stuff at home. Pundit teases her indirectly. Munna used to say she wont be of any use to us but see, she is the one helping us today! Kamya glares at them.

Everyone is at Kamya’s place. Munna compliments Pundit. He is looking best out of the lot. Girls tease him that he might have married Pundit if he was a girl. They are helping Pundit dress up. Naina is looking at herself in the mirror as she puts some clothes and jewellery on herself. Sameer shakes his head at almost everything. A cute, romantic song plays in the background as they look at each other through the mirror.

Munna is holding one dress. He imagines Swati wearing it and covers her head with the dupatta. Pundit hits him playfully. How am I looking? Munna does thumbs up.

Sameer again gestures at his cheek. She walks up to him and signals him to bend down. He happily lowers his head. She pinches him. He again points at his cheek for her. He finally chooses a lehenga for her.

Bela is on phone with Pooja. Anand comes and calls out to Naina and Preeti. Bela shares that they still haven’t come from college. They went to Kamya’s house to finalise clothes for Dandiya function. Chacha ji thinks about Sameer and Naina. He tells Bella to tell the girls not to stay outside for too long. Check the clothes properly. She is surprised to hear it from him. He reasons that the situation isn’t good outside. Plus, the girls and boys will dance together. We have to be careful. She nods. Tai ji gives pickle to Bela. Bela thinks that Tai ji must be in need of something. Tai ji acts that she has always thought of her as her sister. She makes her sit down. Rest for a while. You are always busy working. She starts talking about her brother in Bhopal. He has a daughter named Juhi. She is grown up and is working in airlines. Bela asks her if she is driver. Anand corrects her that those who drive plane are called pilots. Tai ji shares that she is Air Hostess. Bela asks her husband about it. Anand explains it well (with inputs coming from Tai ji). Tai ji shares that Juhi’s training is going to start. She will be in Ahmadabad or 3 months. You know how your BIL does not like girls who work. Is it ok if Juhi stays here for 3 months? Bela is hesitant but Tai ji keeps on making excuses. Anand assures his SIL that Juhi can stay with them. Tai ji is relieved. She will come tomorrow itself. She asks Bela to bring tea for her as well. Anand smiles.

Preeti is waiting for Naina to come out. I have to try too. Naina tells her to wait. Kamya asks Preeti to come for something but Preeti is hesitant. Sameer offers to stay but Preeti is hesitant. He asks her if she does not trust him. She nods. She is my sister. He calls her his life. Naina suddenly opens the door asking Preeti to tie the tread.

(Background – Sameer):
Respect was such a big word in relations that even a cool kid like me had gone blank at that moment. I did challenge Naina but this wasn’t expected. Forget about taking a step, I couldn’t even speak a word to tell Naina it is me. I felt as if I was crossing some border. I finally stepped my foot inside to test my fate.

Romantic song plays as Sameer steps inside the room and ties the thread. She turns around startled realising his presence. She closes the door on his face. Sameer stands there blank.

She steps out of the room after changing. He says sorry to her. She reminds him of the promise they have made to Chacha ji. We cannot break the promise. He says we aren’t breaking it. I dint think you will open the door like that. What if I saw that? We love each other. She replies that for her love is perfect.

(Background – Naina):
Sameer’s hand dint touch me yet I felt as if I had sinned. Love indeed meant puja (prayer) back then. During those days, both love and lovers were virtuous for us.

Sameer apologizes to Naina once again. She agrees to forgive him but has a punishment for him. He readily agrees.

Girls are deciding what to wear. Munna and Pundit make fun of them. Sameer is happy that guys don’t have to think so much. We will just go and buy some kurta pajama. Naina denies. She picks up a dress for him. He will wear this. Pundit and Munna reject the idea but Naina stays put. She asks Sameer if he agrees. Sameer remembers her punishment condition and agrees. His friends ask him if he is mad. Sameer stays put. I accept this punishment for my love! Naina replies that now he would understand how it feels to do something which you don’t like. I go through something similar when you ask me to do something which I don’t like. He just keeps looking at her.

Precap: Sameer, Pundit and Munna come wearing the traditional dandiya dress.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Naina s always dominating sameer she wl b happy wen sameer does things fr her bt wen it comes to sameer she wl Dro nothing bt give so many dialogues

  2. nice episode, Chachaji’s father concern – afraid of Samaina…. what will happen if the spoliers comes true -that Samaina first kiss captured by Karthik’s gang – Naina’s suspension – Sameer seek Anand’s help —-will anand help them?????

    But i believe that again there will not be any kissing scene between SAMAINA…. since it belongs to 90’s…..
    Juhi’s entry —– Sameer and Naina’s romance, Munna’s dream and finally sameer attire are few highlights of yesterday’s episode……

    eagerly waiting to watch dandiya celebration ——- i believe the real celebration will happen in wednesday’s episode…….

  3. I dont think any pictures clicking and going to the principal ,will happen in real,may be swati will save them as suspension and going to principal is a big thing,seeing diwali celebration ,dussehra celebration,this will not take place

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