1st Epi – Karn Sangini 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Meet Karn and Uruvi

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Karn Sangini 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Voiceover says it is kurukshetra, a land on which war was fought, he saw dharm and adarm, there were 3 sides of war, 2 wanted to fight and 1 who was against’s war, that is Uruvi, it is a story of Uruvi and Karn. After Kuruvi’s born, Gurudev tells her parents that she will have 2 paths to choose, one of great difficulty and hardship and another of prosperity and harmony. On the other side, Kunti disowns her son Karn, puts him into basket and leaves him into river not wanting him to be called as a son born out out of wedlock. Uruvi’s mother holding her says she will not let her into hardship and will give her a prosperous life like a flower. After a few years, Uruvi grows 7-8 year old. Her parents give her all luxuries of the world they could. Karn reaches Dhronacharya and pleads

to teach him archery. Parashuram insults Karn that he is soot putra/charioteer and does not deserve to be warrior, when god did not want him to, how can he. Karn then reaches guru Parashuram who teaches only to Brahmins and lies that he is a brahmin. Time passes by, Urvi reaches adulthood and is seen enjoying sunrays sleeping on her luxurious bed. Her maid says she should play with water and not fire. Urvi says she likes to play with fire and not water. Arjun is seen climbing mountain and reaching its top.

Uruvi is given royal bath. Maids inform her bestfriends Jaya and Vijaya are coming. They both enter. Uruvi gets angry that they are coming after 2 days, what if she does not want to recognize them. They say they went to bring a special gift for her which will notbreak even with 5 strongest metals on earth, it is pink diamond, they will give it to her only if she forgives them. Kunti snatches diamond and ays she can even snatch it. They remind her that princes have start coming from nearby dynasties for chariot race competition, she can show them pink diamond and see if they will stare diamond or her. Maid informs Hastinapur’s prince has arrived. Arjun arrives on his horse and meets Uruvi. Their discussion starts and they finally reveal they are childhood friends. Uruvi’s father greets Arjun next. Karn says he is not a guest, he is Uruvi’s friend here. Father asks Uruvi that she is charioteer, who will sit behind her. Uruvi says Arjun. Arjun asks if he can trust her. She says let us see. Competition starts. Uruvi rides chariot with Arjun as pillion rider. Uruvi’s parents discuss they both make a good pair.

Guru Parashuram test Karn’s archery skill and blindling him asks to shoot moving shank. Karn senses target with his senses and breaks. Guru then makes Karn stand on a moving wooden platform and asks to shoot his target behind him. Karn shoots arrow which passes just nearby guru Parashuram, hits iron plank and hits target behind Karn. Urumi conitnues riding chariot while Arjun gets mesmerized with her flowing hair. They get into dark cave. Arjun gets tensed, but Uruvi passes it with ease. They reach near a cliff. Arjun builds arrow bridge thinking Uruvi would fail. Uruvi stops chariot and says she wants to win via her skills and not via help. Guru Parashuram via his knowledge sees bridge and tells Karn that somene has built an arrow bridge 10 km away thinking other person incompetent, Karn should break the bridge from here. Karn shoots arrow. Uruvi asks Arjun if he will break the bridge or should she. Arjun says only he can break his bridge and shoots arrow. Karn’s arrow breaks bridge, next Arjun arrow hits rock. Arjun thinks he broke his bridge. Uruvi flies her chariot and passes cliff and reaches back competition venue. Another chariot is about to cross winning line when Uvuri speeds her chariot and wins. Her father praises her skills. Karn says he saw a bangle wearing hands winning chariot competition for the first time. Uruvi says skills is not gender biased.

Guru Parashuram praises Karn for passing all the tests and gifts him vijay dhanush/bow and blesses him that he will not lose any battle with his bow. After sometime, Guru Parashuram sleeps on Karn’s lap. Karn feels guilty for lying his guru that he is brahmin. A scorpion bites him. Guru Parashuram wakes up after sometime and seeing blood flowing Karn’s legs asks what happened ot him. Karn says a scorpion bit him, but he did not want to disturb Guru Parashuram’s sleep. Guru Parashuram says only a Kshatriya can tolerate so much pain, who is he. Karn agrees that he is not a brahmin. Guru Parashuram cruses that he lied to gain knowledge and will forget his knowledge when he will need it the most and even Vijay dhanush will not help him then. On the other side, Arjun showers flowers on Urumi as a reward. The voiceover says Uruvi got flowers and Kans got curse by his guru.

After a few years, Pandav’s touch their mother Kunti’s feet before going for a competition to show their skills. Kunti gives them some moral gyan. Shakuni mama brainwashes Duryodhan that he has to win by heck or trick. Uruvi reaches Hastinapur palace with Jaya and Vijaya and asks them to watch palace’s beauty while she meets her dear one. She meets Bhisma pitamaha who calls her churuvi. Uruvi says she is Uruvi and not churuvi/rat. Bhisma says does not matter, both barge in from anywhere. She greets Gandhari and Dhritarastra next. They both bless her. Duryodhan yells at her. She gets sad. Kunti enters and consoles her and says she would make her a bahu soon. Karn enters competition venue and waits. Voiceover says fate will let them meet soon.

Precap: Voicever says Uruvi came to show her friendship for Arjun, Karn came to show his skills. Uruvi sees Karn among viewers. Karn jumps into competition venue.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow fantastic ??? finally the waiting is over..

    feeling bad for seeing karn’s face ohh my hero??

    urvi ❣️ is perfect loving tejuuu..

    let hope for interesting next

  2. Srilatha Mannepalli

    Omg first things first I am so so happy for teju and the costumes she is so hot.and secondly loved arvi bond can’t wait for karn

  3. finally teju is back

  4. Awesome start… The lead actress is fab … Arjun urvi n karn awesome

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