Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Patience is the key!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina makes an album of Sameer’s photo. Sameer asks her to keep something else to impress Anant Sir. She agrees. They decide clothes for each other. Naina irons them. Sameer tells Naina that they will share the work as they have decided to share the burden equally. She says we will see it once you become hero. He asks her if she thinks he will change after becoming hero. She shrugs. I don’t want you to change though. He says I know a lot will change but my love for you will never change. She hugs him. He is sure Anant Sir will be floored seeing his acting today. I will be in his next film then. She says I want you to get everything that you want. I will tell everyone that Superstar Sameer Maheshwari is my husband. He replies that he wants everyone to know that she is his beautiful wife. They put their arms around each other’s neck sweetly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Is it fun if there is no villain in love story? No, right? We brought our villain with us. Don’t know how he always got to know that Naina and I were getting romantic and used to shout on top of his voice.

Sameer asks Rakesh why he was calling out to them when he wasn’t ready. Rakesh says I am not going anywhere today. I am sure you will become Hero today. I will rest at home. Sameer nods. He is leaving with Naina when Nirmala ji enters. She asks them if they are going sightseeing. Rakesh denies. Nirmala ji says they were walking hand in hand so I thought that. There is no ritual of roaming around in the house holding hands.

Voiceover – Naina:
We decided to keep the relation in wraps but how to control our hearts!

Rakesh reprimands them for not being careful. You would have been caught if it wasn’t for Nirmala ji. Nirmala ji asks them where they are off to. Naina says we were going to Mahalakshmi. She asks Rakesh if he isn’t going with the kids. We wont take responsibility if anything happens to the kids. Rakesh agrees. Nirmala ji asks them about the mode of transport. Sameer speaks of taxi. Nirmala ji says it will charge Rs. 150. You can spend money in seconds in Mumbai! Think well before spending. Rakesh says this is why Shubham takes bus. Which bus can take us to Mahalakshmi? She tells them of a bus which will take them to station. Take a train from there and walk the rest of the way! They all look unhappy. Nirmala ji advises Rakesh to write if he cannot remember things. I will tell 10 times if you will ask me but I hope you wont feel bad while asking me so many times. He runs to grab a paper.

Highlights of film industry play on radio as Rakesh, Sameer and Naina head out of the society. Guard asks them where they are off to stealthily. Naina asks him why he had to call out to them from behind when they were leaving. It is inauspicious! Guard asks them to meet the secretary. They don’t want to get late. Guard runs to inform secretary (Vinita). He informs Vinita that the new tenants will meet her in the evening. They were in a rush. Society members gossip about Naina and her family.

Nirmala ji and Preeti are doing their work and talking about Sameer’s chance in movies. Doorbell rings. Dadi glares at her DIL seeing her have orange.

Sejal shows Preeti her damaged hair. Do something about it. Preeti laughs. Sejal asks her to do something. Don’t tell Vinita about this. Preeti says I wont. Come inside. Sejal asks her to ask her MIL not to tell anything to her MIL. They are great friends. Preeti assures her that she knows how to manage her MIL well. Nirmala ji calls out to Preeti and they go inside.

Naina, Rakesh and Sameer are in an auto. Rakesh complains about Mumbai and its rules. It was so easy in Ahmedabad. Naina says we are in an auto now. We will reach on time. Sameer complains that Papa ji took auto to save Rs. 200. We would have reached earlier if we had boarded a taxi! Auto driver laughs. Everyone is in a rush in this city. I came here from Baghalpur to become a hero but it dint work. I couldn’t go back as everyone would have mocked me so I ended up driving auto. I am driving since last 7 years. Sameer and Naina get tensed.

Nirmala ji is busy eating orange. Dadi is asleep but Preeti talks loudly to her and rings bell herself. She sends Nirmala ji to make it. Preeti offers to cut Sejal’s hair a little to fix them. Sejal agrees.

Rakesh, Sameer and Naina come to Anant’s office. They find out that he isn’t here. His PA tells them to take an appointment. I am sure you will be able to meet him after a month.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Mumbai’s biggest rule is to wait but I wasn’t ready to wait for a month!

Sameer recalls how pepped up his friends were about him becoming a hero. Their words echo in his head. Rakesh and Sameer say we had to meet him today itself. Naina nods. We have to talk about films also. Sameer shows the letter to receptionist. She informs Anant about the letter and Sameer’s arrival. Sameer is asked to wait. Sir is in a meeting. Sameer thanks her. Rakesh says this city is strange. No one listens to anyone without buttering anyone. Naina requests God to help them. I will bring Rs. 11 prasad if it happens.

Sameer gets lost seeing Shilpa’s photo on the wall. Rakesh notices his expressions and follows his gaze. Aren’t you ashamed to stare at Shilpa Shetty when Naina is here? You changed the moment you came to Mumbai? Sameer asks him how he knows which heroine she is. Naina smiles while Rakesh makes a straight face. One must know about such small things if in Mumbai. Naina and Sameer hold themselves back from laughing.

Sameer looks at a magazine.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Back then, the parents of the stars used to manage everything. we are reminded of that time when we see their pics even today. It was a big thing to speak to them! Stars weren’t easy to approach back in those days!

Naina sprinkles water on the flowers to keep them fresh. Sameer stops her from doing it. She reasons that Anant Sir must not feel bad seeing them thus. Naina notices a few girls smoking and is shocked.

Voiceover – Naina:
It could be a normal thing to see girls smoking today but it was a big thing back in those days. People used to doubt on the character of such girls. It isnt so today but it will always be dangerous for those who smoke!

Naina points out at a few girls smoking nearby to Sameer. He calls it normal.

Voiceover – Naina:
When we look back today, we realise that there were so many new things that we learnt; new hardships that we faced in our journey yet we were standing on our ground. There were still many hindrance on his way to become a hero!

Precap: Sameer is asked to submit his portfolio as Anant has left already. Receptionist says I am not sure when he will be back. There are many like you who come here to become a hero every day! In the society meeting, Vinita tells Sameer, Naina and Rakesh that they have decided that they wont stay in the society!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. episode was really nice , will discuss few things in detail today , i am now hundred percent sure that j wing of sea queen building was nirmal jyoti society ,if you notice stairs carefully you will get to know , good to see naina devi back ,kya gussa se sunaya hai watchman ko , loved preeti mother in law comedy , loved preeti as well helping her neighbour with hair problem ,

    2nd precap was hell as scary ,i want naina to become naina devi and sunaye bhar bhar ke secretary ko , hahaha mazza ayega ,i have a strong intution that this will only happen ?????

    so this anant mahadevan is full of ego ,i have seen video on Instagram ,that sameer is talking about doing some other work, don’t know modelling maybe, can’t say anything for now , will see in upcoming episodes , also naina voice over says shubham jiju played a vital role in our lives ?.

    eagerly waiting for tonight episode

  2. also one more thing i forgot ,few residents of nirmal Jyoti society were also there in sea queen society ,that one lady was there which was seen as witness to anand chacha and tauji batwara , and Watchmen was photo grapher of paras photo studio , when sunaina and Karthik came to him during poster tearing fiasco to expose naina and sameer ,

    1. Yes I also noticed it

  3. Boring episode. Nowadays
    this serial is becoming very boring

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