Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti-Rohan in the club to meet Veer

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti purchases a watch as gift for Rohan. She was spotted by Veer, while she talked on phone with open laughter. Veer feels broken how Mishti could be so happy, while he has lost his smile al together. He just doesn’t get it why she didn’t feel the compatibility between them, and now is so happy after breakup. Mishti hires a cab. Veer follows Mishti but loses track of her car amidst heavy traffic. He thinks why he is troubled watching Mishti happy, who was she speaking to on phone.

Mishti was on call with Arnav, and apologizes to be able to join them. Arnav convinces that they would only play for some time. Mishti asks Arnav to inform Pari and Rohan as well. Arnav says it is difficult Rohan would come. Upon Mishti’s inquiry, Arnav says Rohan came to meet Veer but he wasn’t in office. He told Rohan Veer was meeting his friends in IC Club, they are old friends and Rohan may go there. After the call, Mishti asks the driver to take a route to club. She thinks she knows why Rohan wants to meet Veer. She broke up with Veer. She can’t let Rohan face Veer all alone and bear his hatred, they must do it together.

Veer was in the club and drinks. Rohan tries his number but Veer ignores. Mishti stops Rohan outside. Rohan asks Mishti who told her he was here. Mishti smiles her spy are spread across. Rohan says Mishti shouldn’t have come here, he wonders how would Veer react or misbehave. Mishti says she broke Veer’s heart, and they must face this situation together. They go inside hand in hand.

Veer was badly drunk and gathered by girls around him. Rohan and Mishti stop at the door. Veer goes to dance with the girls.

Arnav hurries Sukhmani to go. Sukhmani asks Arnav to let her have her coffee. She offers Tani as well, but Tani was tired. Arnav says Tani is always busy with television and mobile. Sukhmani asks Arnav not to continue taunting. She asks Arnav to go, she and Tani would be there in a while. There was a door bell, it was Pari. Arnav says he was about to come to her. Pari offers her to come home but Arnav invites her inside. He pulls Pari closer. Pari requests Sukhmani to bring her a glass of Lassi and some meal in Arnav’s room. Tani asks if Pari didn’t eat at her place. Pari asks if she must not take permission from Tani to eat here. Sukhmani tells Pari to ignore her completely. Tani murmurs that here Pari has grabbed her brother, and there she loves Rohan. Sukhmani asks what she just said. Tani says Pari and Mishti are allowed to go anywhere anytime, only she is prohibited. Sukhmani leaves without replying.
Mishti and Rohan drove back from the club. Mishti cries thinking about Veer. Rohan stops the car. Mishti gets off. Rohan was concerned. Mishti hugs Rohan, as she finds peace only in his arms. He brings her a bottle of water from the car, then holds her hand.

PRECAP: Mishti gifts the watch to Rohan. Rohan says it’s beautiful but not as much as the three magical words he long to hear. Mishti gets close to Rohan. He gets a call and was shocked to get the news. He

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Poor Veer. He may not be as perfect as Ruhaan. But…I dunno y I’m felting bad for Veer.
    I found some names similar to my name and pet names . So next time i will comment as ansh arora0. That will be my one and only id.

  2. The girls playing mishti and pari acting is ok but y the hell make up is so heavy? ton kilo make up with ten kilo paint. This show has a diff and changed concept. Y didnt they changed make up trends? This is new era. Guys r ready to accept girls without bothering their luk&make up. Only attitude and education matters. But these serials wont change
    i dont watch star plus shows bcz of the utopian story and artificial make up statue except some shows. Foolish serials(only idiots will watch them) with heavy make up eg: Nazar, flopbaaz. The one and only show in which stars are natural is THR in Zee. Main leads are with realistic luk without paint and putti. In stupid show kundli bhagya leads use a light make up and thats ok. Except THR all shows are make up joks

    1. @Ansh arora what make up you talk . As we all actors make make up during their work. Even I don’t watch these shows you talk. I watch only tujse hai rabta. But it’s not good to insult other shows .bcs they have viewers.

    2. @Light cant u see my pov on knb. They use a light make up and I like it though i hate knb. But all other shows are filled with heavy make up jokers. Ton kilo make up and Ten kilo paint

  3. Why does Mishti keep saying she saw how her parents relationship broke when she wasn’t there to witness it? When she was born, her dad was long gone and married to Nandini.

  4. Mishti is a big time hore

    1. People know who is big hore. Hore or one from hore family can comment like this.

  5. SsiyAa

    i hope they don’t make veer negative.. b’coz that’ll be typical track making no sense…

  6. i loved the first season particularly mauli.. shakti was fab in acting. but this new season sucks. for the sake of getting into an extra affair theme they are dragging it towards that. no oroginality.. poor acting. we can well know that they are actinh. i stoped watching it more than a month ago..

    1. You stop watching a month ago then why you come here and comment

    2. Only hire can be fan of hore

  7. only die hard tejaswi, aneri, kunal fans will support it blindly. this show lost everything.. mishtis character selfishness to its peak..and ruhan also. it was shown that mishti and veer was in love with each other. veet was madly in love witj her. and mishty also loved him. but when ruhan ebteres she was mesmarized by him,.. suddenly began to search for true love.. reallu.. so these crap serials making people to overthink whether they are having true love with their partner or not or else it is justifyable to find a charming one and go after him or her. serioulsly.. showmakers do some shows which are worth watching.. coming with crap themes.. and why all home wreckers have round faces first drashti now tejaswi..season 1 each cast was superb and acting also.. now everything just sucks..

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