Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer have their first big fight

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir asking Naina and Karthik to rehearse with each other and give life to play. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was stuck between love and duty. Karthik tells the dialogue. Naina forgets the dialogues. Karthik says she wants someone else hero. Sir asks Naina to come closer to Karthik and tell the dialogue with emotions. Karthik tells the dialogue. Naina couldn’t say the dialogues right. Sir asks everyone to turn and asks Naina to tell the dialogues. Sameer comes there with everyone and is upset. Karthik smiles. Naina tries to go behind Sameer. She tells her friends that they are thinking her wrong. Pandit says you will act with Karthik even after Sameer is insulted. Preeti says you did wrong. Naina goes behind Sameer and tells that she wants to tell him something.

Sameer asks why did she lie to him? He says you don’t want to do the role, and says if you couldn’t refuse Punawala then you would have told me. Naina says I don’t care about others. Sameer argues with her. Naina says when I went to Principal’s room, I heard them talking that VJN will have grand auditorium. Sameer says that’s why you did this? Naina says then also I went to tell him, but he didn’t listen. She asks him to come out his arrogance and says you just knows anger. Munna and Pandit see them going separate ways. Pandit doubts if they will ever marry. Munna says they fight for 6 days in a week. He says love increases if one fights with others. Pandit fights with him and laughs.

They come to canteen and see sameer. Sameer asks if he gets angry often. Munna and Pandit say no. Sameer drinks cola and tries to calm himself. Sunaina and her gang come there. Priyank says Naina and Karthik’s Jodi was superb. Sunaina says Naina is happy to get the role. Naina comes to the canteen. Sameer orders pavbhaji. Naina also orders the same. Canteen guy banke bhai tells that there is just one Pav bhaji. Naina asks him to give her pav bhaji. Sameer says I ordered first. They argue. Sameer takes it. Naina goes angrily. Sameer says my hunger is gone and goes. Munna tells Pandit that hunger ends in love and fight. Naina comes home. Preeti asks her about the dress. Naina asks why did you take my dress and says Chachi ji says right that your things don’t stay for long. Preeti asks her to give her earrings and belt. She asks her to tell what happened to her. Naina says I am mad and going to take bath. Preeti asks why are you telling me. Naina asks her to keep her dress in almari. Preeti calls Sameer and asks if he fought with Naina. He says no, and tells that she fought with him. Naina hears her and takes the phone in her hand. She scolds Sameer for lying to Preeti. She says you fights with me, holds Karthik’s collar and had beaten up Sharad.

Sameer says they are better than me and says Punawala is mad not to select him. Sameer says I don’t want to talk to you. Naina says I am not dying to talk to you. She asks Preeti not to pick the call and says she is going to take bath. Preeti thinks there is something wrong for sure. Naina goes to bath again. In the bathroom, she thinks of Sameer’s words and comes out of bathroom. She calls Sameer and reminds him of his words that he couldn’t sleep without talking to her. He ends the call. Naina calls again and says I will end the call and not you. In the college, naina rehearse with Karthik. She sees Sameer and tells Karthik that she didn’t see natural actor like him. Sameer asks his friends to come to red rose and says he will give party. Naina stops Preeti and asks who will help me with dialogues. She asks Munna and Pandit to stop and help her. Sameer says I am going to have chole bature etc. Naina says red rose is not going away and asks them to go tomorrow. All friends get upset and go to library. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was their full fledge fight and none of them was ready to give up.

Sameer tells Naina that he forgave her. Naina asks him to apologize to her and then she will forgive him. Sameer says you praised my enemy infront of me and now asking me to apologize.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Swara23

    Sepration again
    but this one’s interesting nd seems that it wud be short lived
    wat d u think

  2. Agree with u Swara23. Sameer’s character always gives a couple goal. Really Looking forward to upcoming episodes.

  3. Swara23

    Tday i loved naina more
    excited to see wat happens nxt

  4. Naina s so selfish nd arrogant
    Seriously u hav lied nd uperse ur scolding sameer fr being angry
    Y dis stupid makers always showing naina n upper hand as if sameer has to sacrifice nd naina wl always b n top
    Such a waste nd failure she s n love
    She s jus5 fit fr saying big dialogue other than she did nthn compared to wat sameer did fr her
    Nd n precap she s again defending her dumb atttitude loser
    I hate her fully
    Fr once she didnt evn thought hw much hurt wl b sameer nd he gt trolled by su gang bcz of so called naina
    Waise baap jaise beti dono selfish nd puts blame on others
    Sameer mom s rit
    N future naina should b given tough tym fr gtn acceptance frm sameers family
    Cz till dis tym sameer s d one who gt suffered by her mental family she gt evrythn easily all cz of sameer
    Nw she should also work hard to gt him

  5. boring show better switch to pogo lol

    1. U WATCH UR GOLDEN HEART ROMIL…at least its better dan ur comments on big boss page

  6. Today though Naina and Sameer were having cat fight but I totally enjoyed…It was like a cute couple fight and nothing serious…?
    But on a serious note-Sameer’s anger is totally justified…Every word he said to Naina was exactly we all viewers want to say her…But Naina’s behavior is not at all justified… First she lied to Sameer and then blamed him only for all this…(Ulta Chor Kotwal Ko Dante)?…And it is only Naina who has” I ,me and myself” issue…and look she is blaming Sameer for having self ego…If she wanted to take back her name then she would have rigidly said Poonawala about this but instead she started rehearsals and then again put blame on Sameer that she was not able to tell Poonawala because he came there…What a “Blame Game”…??
    It’s good that they are showing this as a light hearted cat fight between them…which is looking cute…
    Awesome expressions given by Munna Pandit in Red Rose…??

    1. Swara23

      I agree wid u ashu nd priya
      naina was not gud in last few ep
      but in this she lied so that sameer doesn’t feel bad
      she was ready to say no to the role even after that bt poonawala didn’t let her speak
      its sunaina who fueled the news
      maybe naina wud have told sameer once she has tried
      seriously i have started hating poonawaala
      he first humiliated sameer nd then didn’t allow naina to speak

  7. I haven’t watched the episode, so I can’t comment on the seriousness if Naina Sameer’s fight.

    But now I feel makers have nothing more to explore. And that’s why they’re bringing stupid tracks like these. See, Naina is not perfect, she’s a human being. Trying to portray the as the best in every single thing like elections, dance, fresher’s, now drama, is very unnatural of yudkbh. I agree there are people amazing at everything, but makers try to make us believe that all this credit and praise that Naina is getting is because she is a naturally blessed artist/etc, there’s no hardwork seen from her side at all. In the whole college track, I’ve seen her study maybe twice, I’ve seen her do a last minute prep fro her election speechwhile she was romancing with Sameer in college. She’s unable to manage so many things- her relationship, family, college, gs and yet they try to show that she’s perfect. She’s not, and that’s the beauty of it.

    On the other hand, Sameer has to struggle for everything. Even his good looks and money can post a hurdle sometimes. He seeks Naina because he is emotionally dependant on her, she is his world. But I don’t see the same effort from Naina’s side. She just wants everything to be done her way, and only her perspective is right. It’s getting annoying.

    She’s always confused. She could have told Sameer about her wishes, why she wants to participate in the play. Instead she behaved like she’s ready to sacrifice her hard work and her dream of becoming an actresses because she is a good girlfriend to Sameer. No, I’m sorry. If she had earned the role, I would have wanted her to stand by her opportunity which Sameer didn’t get because of his laid back attitude. But she didn’t earn the role, it was just a coincidence. And now she’s behaving as if Sameer doesn’t understand her one bit. Arey if you explain and make your feelings known, then only he’ll understand na. You tell him I’ll quit because he was insulted and then sneakily get back into the same play, obviously Sameer will be angry and sad. But no, Naina madam uses her brain only when it’s not needed. She’s becoming like that 1990s fake feminist actually.

    I think it’s high time makers concentrate on the growth of Naina and Sameer in their professional fields. Naina is a writer, and Sameer I don’t know , but I think he’ll also become a writer or poet ot something like that. They should concentrate on that. Not on such silly things.

  8. Swara23

    Don’t forget guys she is still confused b/w gs nd luv
    thats y she hesistated

    1. Well really great Swara23…when we all are finding negatives in Naina you are the one who is seeing positive in what shown as negative… Really I was searching for a comment who can make us understand Naina’s point of view…I really praise your optimistic thoughts…??Keep it up friend…

      1. Swara23

        I guess the makers want to show it like real life nd no one’s perfect in real life its just that they r highlighting naina’s faults more than sameer
        i am not against anyone of u its just that i tend to involuntary make both sides equal
        sorry frnds if u don’t like it

      2. Swara23

        And thanku ashu

  9. Great Ashu and Sunshine and welcome to all the commentators – even i enjoyed the Tom and Jerry fight of Samaina but still naina remains back and she is not able to understand Sameer’s feelings and excepting him to understand her always howcome it is possible madam and a intellectual Naina is behaving or playing with his emotions always that she very well know that Sameer will not stay away from her.

    I feel it is always baised that sameer has to calm down Naina. I really want Naina to make sameer understand her situation and don;t give any room to Sunaina to play between them.

    Now it is Naina responsibility to calm down sameer. nowdays i am losing interest on this serial just because of it.

  10. today episode Star was definitely naina ,such a great actress ,look how quickly she changes her mood and dialogue delivery was superb ,did any one noticed naina had same blue dress ,when naina had fleas in her head ,and sameer had given her shampoo bottle

    1. Not a big deal…Makers don’t waste money on their dresses…They very often repeat dresses…???… this is what that connects us with reality and a middle class 90’s family…

      1. That why i like this serial most

  11. Well Swara23 but need to understand one thing that Naina will not accept defeat then if there is a conflict between her and sameer is also her defeat which makes Sunaina to win so she should think and do things before it ruined – it is our exceptation since School days she was shown as a brillant girl who equally give perferrence to others emotions and feelings so it is very easy for her to handle the situation and also we are not excepting it on the first day now she has to think and handle things very careful and also she know to balance love life and GS role.

    it is alert for her and also for the makers to atleast somehow justify her characterization so many feels that her character goes negative when it is compared to sameer……

    1. Totally agreed with you Devi… Initially I liked Naina and enjoy watching her but nowadays she is getting irritating…She is not at all looking extraordinary as she looked at beginning of the show despite of her simplicity…I can watch school days episodes a lot of times with out getting bored but don’t have guts to see repeated episodes from the breakup track ownwards…

  12. Both Devi & Ashu are right. That is how changes passes through from adolescence to grown up. What appeared pleasant and thrilling in adolescence would appear silly when you grow into 20s. They may not look so charming as they were in teens. Individuality, ego, status would start dominate. Anyway, the episode pick up interest whenever there is a conflict between Sameer & naina. Other characters will also get a chance to show their talent. Hope swati will be given some role to compromise the conflict along with Munna and pandit and in that process Munna will also forget the difference with swati and reunite.

  13. Agree with u Ashu the school time episode were more of fun and kind of real and can watch it lot more times. In college time specially post breakup something is not working for me may be its sunaina gang. And everyone is saying Naina characterization is not good but somewhere I feel it is just the situation which is showing her like that.

    1. Ya you are right that situations are making Naina’s characterization look like this but she can smartly handle it instead she is making it more complicated…
      Hope in future episodes she become able to get out of all this…?

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