Bepannah 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nani gets Aditya bailed out of jail

Bepannah 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun tells Zoya he wont do anything like that. Aditya Hooda is my Dad’s murderer. You want me to fight for him? Zoya reminds him tat he is his brother too. He was Harsh’s son too. Think once. Do you really think he can do this? Arjun replies that being a lawyer, he thinks using his mind. I believe he is a culprit. He dint say anything against himself. All the proofs are against him. It is very convenient. She points out that he was inebriated. He calls it the easiest way to kill someone. Who else would have done it if not him? Rajvir? I don’t think he had a motive. I cannot take this case. I have to take care of my Ma right now. You only told me to take care of my family. I am doing that only. I have only my mother in my life now. Nurse informs him that Anjana has gained conscious. He goes to

check on her. Rajvir dangles a key in front of Zoya. This is the key to your husband’s safety. Keep it safely with you. I will wait eagerly for you at 8pm. He goes.

Aditya is in his cell. Harsh calls out to him. Aditya is about to hug him when he notices the wounds on his chest. He starts crying and apologizing to him. He touches him. His hands get bloodied. How did this happen Pa? Harsh falls down. He looks at his hands in shock. Get it out of my hands! He starts shouting and rubbing his hands on the wall.

Zoya looks at Aditya. Doc shares that Aditya is fine for now but we cannot say how long it will last. He has been affected badly. He got saved this time but there wont be someone to save him every time. I am shifting him to normal ward. You can meet him. Zoya steps inside the room. She sits next to Aditya. His hands are bandaged. She touches his hand and he wakes up. He tells her not to waste her tears or time. Save yourself. I don’t wish to be saved. She tells him not to say so. I will save you. You trust me right? He does not even look at her. Constable asks her to come. Time is up. Aditya remarks that it is time for them to part ways. She requests him not to say so. He keeps staring in front of him blankly. Zoya leaves.

Zoya sits on a bench and is crying. Everything keeps flashing in her mind. She thinks of how Aditya was banging his hands on the wall and ended up hurting himself. She looks at the cross in front of her sadly. She lights a candle and prays silently. She cries her heart out. The key falls out of her hands. She remembers Rajvir’s words as she looks at the key. It is 7:55 pm. She gets thinking.

Aditya is brought back to his cell. He finds Nani there. What are you doing here? She offers to help him which only angers him further. She says I was pained to see you and Zoya away from each other. You guys love each other a lot. He tells her to stop her drama. Why are you here? She shares that she came to praise his wife here. She can go to any extent to get you out of the jail! He warns her not to drag Zoya in all this. I wont spare you otherwise! She knows he cannot do anything. I want you to rot here but I also want you to know what all Zoya can do to get you out of jail. He tells her to come to the point.

Zoya opens Rajvir’s room using his key. He happily welcomes her. You lost the right of being called Mrs. Hooda my coming here. Aditya will be very much hurt if he finds out about it. She aims a gun at him. Show me the proofs before coming closer to me! He inches closer to the gun. I wont mind dying by your hands! There will be one gunshot but two aims. Hope you know that. I will be the first one. He closes the door. Your husband will go down next. She again asks him to show her proofs. He sends her a clip.

Harsh is in his study when Aditya walks up to him. He kneels down in front of Harsh. Please help me Pa. I cannot bear it! I will either kill Rajvir or you can kill me. He pulls the knife out of Aditya’s hands and throws it on the table. Please forgive me son. You all have been hurt because of me. I need your help so no one else is hurt. No one can take your place. You are mine! Till date, your father has done everything for his kids. Rajvir also deserves a place in this house. I love your mother very much but the decisions taken in the past have come back as a big hurdle. I will have to tackle them and need your help in that. Aditya agrees to help him. Harsh suggests him to rest for now. I will tell you what needs to be done. Aditya and Harsh share a hug after which Aditya leaves for his room. Harsh looks in another direction and sees someone. You?

Zoya says I knew that Aditya was innocent. The video clip disappears from her phone automatically. She says I know that only have killed Papa. He tells her it isn’t important as to who killed Papa. Important thing is that Aditya dint kill Mr. Harshwardhan Hooda. You need this clip to save your husband. You know what I need in exchange for that.

Nani tells Aditya to calm down. You have to see lots of heartbreak and pain once outside. You have to take out your anger outside! Stop for now. Inspector tells Nani that he has the bail papers. Aditya looks at her in shock. Nani tells him that she came here as his saviour. Inspector adds that his got acquittal from the case. Aditya asks Nani what she wants. Nani says I want to see your relation with Zoya burning down. Do you know where your Zoya is right now? She has gone to bring proof of your innocence? Do you know how she will get hold of that proof? She will have to lose herself and her dignity for that! Aditya looks at her stunned. It cannot be! She insists it is true. She will spend the entire night with my Rajvir! She will bring a proof of your innocence in return. You have got such a great wife! Will you call it a sacrifice or cheap? He refuses to believe it but she tells him to see it for himself. You are free now.

Rajvir tells Zoya not to put too much pressure on her soft hands. What will happen to your husband if you kill me? She steps back as he tries to touch her. She sits on the bed.

Precap: Rajvir leans closer to Zoya. Zoya is stunned to see Aditya come in the room. Zoya tells Aditya she had no other option. He calls her a cheater. She tells him she wont give any explanation. I did it all for you. I wouldn’t have to do all this if you weren’t in jail! This Sita wont give any Agni Pariksha as you are not Ram!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭 I can’t think of watching any other shows if bepanah is going to end and worst thing is starting from December 3 , I won’t be able to see adiya.stupid colors Colors’s still not confirming if bepanah will continue or end ,so far there is still no answer ,spent most of the time reading articles going off air or changed timeslot or continuing on digital space or jenshad refusing for working on digital platform😖.

    Yesterday I had decided to discontinue watching it, but today I had to watch that Roop for 15 min and again continued with bepanah fearing that I will miss the jenshad, could not enjoy the epi for the same reason .

    Don’t Know why am I still hoping for it’s extension.
    BTW can anybody let me know what s the trip rating so far since #dontendbepanah started.

  2. He can,t possibly believe their lies.maybe there,s a plan,if not then how can you ignore someone who believed you when no one else did. Comment

    1. The problem with Adi is he believes what he sees. He didn’t believe that woman when she was telling him. But, I still think he doesn’t believe what he saw since he knows it’s their evil plan, also Zoya told him what happened or why she did that and he also knows nothing happened. He believes Zoya more than anything or anyone. He also knows that as long as that woman and her grandson are alive, they’ll never let them live in peace. He’s causing a fight with Zoya so she leaves him. He doesn’t have the strength to let her go so it’s better if she leaves him herself. In Adi’s mind, he’s doing this for her, saving her. I mean think about the lengths she’s willing to go to, to save him. There’s no doubt he loves her even more and he knows she loves him Bepannaah.

  3. Bepanah lost everything;😢😏😏
    Which show people are trying to save!
    Tomorrow adiya will be seperated.
    I will again only read the update tomorrow.
    It will be better bepanah end; as again there will be dragging separation like other shows.😑😑😑
    So tomorrow or friday will be the leap.
    Hope they give proper ending to poosh -sakshi murder track.
    One thing , which is better for me , i do not need to follow crap dramas. As i only following bepanah.

  4. Nobody is commenting ….wru @Neha1, @eri, @arch, @seychelle . Missing @Neha1 Instagram post since it’s countdown begin for me now. But till the end I will expect you all to continue visiting this page

  5. I really feeling sad for jenshad and cinevastavs.
    Bepanah is really ending on 30 december 99%.
    What they wanted to show, now what they made.
    Never expect anything good from colors ,zee and star plus.They can do anything for trp.
    I don’t watch serials, but i watch news on youtube

  6. I don’t have any faith at Colors. But i still have faith in Harshad, Jennifer and Ani sir. They won’t accept to kill the two wonderful characters they created, Aditya will back off because he sees in what trouble can put his wife and at what extent his wife can go to save him.

  7. I posted upcoming story leaked by a website below yesterday’s written updates…but I will give a brief up once again…

    1. There is a 6 month leap. Adiya separated.
    2. Adi runs his father’s business and Zoya becomes a nurse.
    3. Noor-Arjun leave Mumbai and meet in some other city and sort out their differences.
    4. Show will have happy ending with Adiya resolving their differences.
    5. If show continues, story will be different.

    1. How will they show all this in 5 episodes ?

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Your question, I can’t stop laughing!! It really is a lot for 5 episodes.

      2. @Eri : Normal episode duration is 22 mins…from next week episodes will be 30 or 45 mins…so then you have 7- 10 episodes to finish the story…n we cant forget 2 episodes remaining for this week!!!

  8. By the way , makers will show some logic to aditya action like other shows
    Aditya did this to protect zoya.
    Anyway i am not supporting this; hope adiya got a happy ending on 30 november and
    Jenshad come together with better series.

  9. Wikipedia they have mentioned it as last date 30 November

  10. Guys plsssss tell me…….. Did something happened BTW zoya & rajveer????????

    1. No nothing. Adi walked in as that devil was harassing her but he’s very close to her. But, she does look traumatized.

  11. It ll not continue , Wikipedia has published Nov 30 as last date

  12. Now it is really the end. Colors TV is really very bad. Instead of ending stupid nonsense show like Ishq Mein Marjawan, they want to end Bepannah. Ok, Silsila goes on voot platform and it is good.. but Bepannah? Change timing and I am sure rating will be better. But after seeing this new track, I really want this show to end.

  13. Larissa Tchambe

    I was amazed by jenshad in today epi like always they got me crying😭😭😭😭😭 I hate ranguu for ending bepanah🙁😠😠😠😠

  14. I know everyone is upset and hating this last track of bepannaah! But can’t ignore Jennifer’s acting in today’s episode. She killed it. Even when she knows it’s going to end and they have ruined the track anyways.. She is still giving her best shot. Loads of respect for both of them. I think they should stick with digital media at least then story would be goof and they don’t have to compete with pointless trps

  15. Have a sunken heart right now good thing I’m young n my heart can handle it .
    Tried to avoid reading today’s updates as well but out of curiosity I did.
    Don’t care about if the show is ending or continuing.
    Colors is fatal all I can advise people is to BEWARE!

    Today I look at the views on a few older episodes on YouTube. On September 23 n 24th over 2million people viewed those episodes . Yesterday’s (20th November) 525 thousand.
    You mean to say by now someone can come forward n give a statement to fans 🤔

    1. exactly. what the f do they take us for?!

  16. Hey someone please post the precap

  17. Hey someone please post the precap. Aditya will save zoya from that devils

  18. He will save her but their relationship will be ruined.. adi is right though.. Zoya shouldn’t have fallen in rajvirs trap.. she was so confident she’ll get adi freed.. and she should’ve known that Aditya would’ve died rather than allowing her to do what she did.. too bad Zoya never turned into a lil bit of sensible Maya throughout although she said something of the sorts.. just hope it ends at a happy note

  19. Neha1

    So, wanna getting out of this shitty track in the show….
    Watch this… I know everyone had watched this…but still I’m posting it to light up everyone’s spoiled mood… Those who’re big SRK Fan’s here including me…
    ZERO Trailer…

  20. Hey friends, I am extremely disappointed and confused …such a beautiful, unique story ending in a mess !!!

    1. Zoya was shown so helpless..Rajvir was harassing her so much…these kinds of cringe scenes are degrading for women in general!!

    2. Zoya looked so traumatized but Adi found her cheap. Seriously? She was sacrificing her dignity to prove him innocent but instead of hugging her n loving her he is calling her a cheater, who made use of her body to get proofs!!! Disgusting Adi…
    3. How the hell did Nani bail him out when all evidences were against him?
    4. Why Zoya gave in to RV’s demands when she knows Adi will prefer being in jail rather than come out of jail like this?
    5. What was the need to write such cringe dialogs like ‘Ram’, ‘Sita’, ‘Agnipariksha’n all? Adi is definitely not Ram but how Zoya has a misconception that she is Sita?? N BP can never be Ramayan !!! This is the worst part about our serials…they show some nonsense n blame our gods, mythologies and epics for the same…
    6. I was hoping against hope that the misunderstanding will not be reason of separation but I was proved wrong…All Adiya martial vows gone into the ditch..n Adiya promised each other that only death can separate them n Adi specifically said that if they separate he will be like a bird without wings!!! But how come he will be successful businessman post leap!!!
    7. Now Waseem will have the last laugh. He was proved right…Adi too not the right choice for Zoya…better this story end or Arshad will come back😣😣😣
    8. The new entries are Kunal and his wife I guess.. His wife will do something like this for Kunal but Kunal will hug her and love her more. At that time Adi will realise his mistakes n run to Zoya!!
    9. Audience were promised an intense, passionate love story but what we actually got THENGA!!!👍n a PUNCH 🤜 for getting emotionally attached to a love story…sorry messy story!!!
    10. Poor Jenshad…the story couldn’t amplify their acting talent

    1. Exactly arch
      Hope jenshad together come in a better show
      Now, bepanah is spoiled to that extent by channel and makers, it impossible to show a good story if it got an extension.
      It will be an ekta drama.
      I could not belive single show i am watching is spoiled like these .
      Hope show end on 30 november; i am not supporting bepanah fandom more.

  21. The writers messed upthe serial
    So many loopholes are there like what secret pooja knew of harsh? What happened to sakshi? all forgot her? Anjana’s obsession with aditya?
    What hap to Zoya’s ex in laws track? Like Ekta Kapoor serials

  22. Zoya adityahooda

    Hi bepanah fans…
    I’m a die hard fan of bepanah from Kerala…bepanah is the best show I have ever watched in my life….it’s really a unique show in all the sense….jenshad acting and their chemistry is awesome…I’m a regular viewer of bepanah from day 1….such an amazing story…I was shocked to hear the news that the show is gonna off air….I can’t think of a day without ADIYA…I’m really obsessed with bepanah..I never felt such an obsession with any other shows before…still now I can’t digest the fact that it’s going off air….I still have hope….
    Guys have you noticed bepanah online trp this week….it’s in 1st position with 34.4 rating….even nagin is pulled down to 32.3 rate… means that people love the show …..I got this from FB’s bepanah official fan group .there all of them are rejoicing with this news of bepanah topping online trp chart….I don’t know whether it’s good or bad for the show….but I’m quite happy for the fact that bepanah ruled over nagin…and other crapy shows like kB,kkb,etc …
    Rajesh sir itself told in an interview that the major reason for trp loss is fluctuation in the time slot.and he also disclosed the fact that his charecter was not supposed to be ended in the show as per their original was a part of changed plot……
    I too think that time slot is the major reason…we have gone through 3 time slot….and we got the worst time slot of 10.30 affected our show badly…Colors channel itself is responsible for this low trp….infact the channel is playing with our emotion… bepanah is more than a show for majority of us….for the sake of trp they are spoiling the entire show with unwanted twist and turns….
    I strongly believe that it’s their game to stop fans addiction towards the show…so that we stop watching it since we can’t tolerate ADIYA being in pain…..
    Inspite of having such a shaking reaction from bepanah fandom against the shows winding up news….Colors channel have not come up with an official declaration whether the show is going off air or not…..I don’t think that the show can be concluded within a few days…..a lot of loopholes in the story..a lot of mysteries to be unfolded like poosh murderer,harsh and Pooja’s secret,harsh Anjana secret a day b4 ADIYA court session,torned pages of poojas dairy,sakhis murder,wasims role in poosh murder,who bribed Yash ‘s friend,harsh murderer,and much more…even if they end the show with this few days episode I don’t think we get a meaningful ending…the whole story might me mugged up all at once…. leaving an unsatisfied audience…….I don’t want this to happen….the story has high potential….Colors please do justice to our show….it supported that crap shows like Kasam for long period……then why can’t they support a great show like bepanah???…(I still don’t understand how the hell the dragging shows like kb and kkb are remaining in BARC trp list…such a crap story….boring track..) BEPANAH deserves to be in Trp list..
    I still hope that we will get our ADIYA back…..
    Be optimistic friends…..our efforts will get it’s desired result…….
    Love you ADIYA…love you bepanah…..

    1. The problem is same with every serials in India I guess. I used to be a die hard fan of YRKKH. But, when Hina khan left the show, I stop watching it. The crap show is still running to this date. I dont know why ppl like that show. After that, I started watching this great show. It used to refresh my hectic , stressful day. But this show has also shown its true colors finally…
      Can’t trust indian serial makers anymore.

      1. Neha1

        @ZoyaAdiHooda and @Munu… I agree with both of you… But I definitely know that now, makers are not at fault…. This is all bcoz of the channel…. Channel is facing financial crisis and coz of that they think that it’s better to end both the show and bring 2 supernatural show’s… coz they think these 2new shows will do good in Trp…and you can see in every channel there’s atleast one supernatural show definitely exist… whether it’s star+, Zee TV, Colors…these three channels always run behind the Trp…
        And obviously makers did mistake by bringing Arshad’s track and that too run atleast a month.. and from that tracks, Bepannaah’s Trp starts falling down and obviously the fluctuation in time slot Too the big reason for falling Trp… and Specially the worst timing is 10:30p.m coz it’s a late night time for the viewers…In the beginning the time slot was 9:00p.m. and that time Bepannaah Trp was 2.7,2.5,2.0….but bcoz of Bigboss and BB fan’s demand the prime time for Bigboss, Bepannaah suffered…Also some twists was very nice by makers but colors intervene and bring boring twist like AdiYa’s marriage with Celebrities and their dance performances, snake in Garland, and now they again interrupt and change the script of leap…. and whenever we heard the “Leap” it’s very clear that the lead pair of the show will part their ways and post leap they reunite… and that’s why the channel decided to end the show and bring this twist, so that :-
        1. Viewers will stop supporting the trend #dontendbepannaah.
        2. The viewers find this twist ugly and boring so they automatically lost their interest in the story and the show.
        So, According to me not makers but the channel is completely responsible for abrupt ending of Bepannaah… That they’re winding up the story within the next week…i.e. 30th November by reuniting AdiYa.
        But obviously Fan’s are highly disappointed with this abrupt ending of Bepannaah… and this shitty track.

      2. @Neha 1
        Hey Neha what the hell is this???

  23. atleast they could have given 6:00 pm slot to bepannah 😎😎

  24. Neha1

    Harshad Chopda is going to share a screen space with his favourite Superstar, Salman khan.

    1. Still using his large fan base.

  25. Neha1

    Today’s Namita Dubey’s aka Pooja in Bepannaah, Birthday.

    1. Neha precap please

    2. oh my god i love her so much.
      i absolutely adore namita dubey. one of the finest actors ive seen in a very long time. i am really looking forward to her work and honestly.. no matter how shitty or messed up pooja and adi were as a couple.. their friendship truly was the best and i really liked the pair onscreen. would be fun to see this harshad namita pair too again .. ofc jenshad is my otp but i wont mind namita and harshad.
      and about the show.. i have no idea how this is gonna wind up in a week. hatred and clearance of the misunderstandings or whatever and reconcilation is very hard to happen in a week.. unless its all a plan again.
      but whatver that will be i guess im not really interested as the story has been literally screwed over wayy beyond any sort of damage control so.. all i expect now is good ending.. whether the show ends now or later.. im just waiting for the ending hoping for it to be good. what happens in the middle is something i think i should sleep on.
      i suggest yall to do the same and not stress too much fam.
      theyve made it clear they dont care about us so let things be please.
      dont let your guards of hope for a beautiful ending get down tho..

  26. Look at Adi’s sight of relive the moment he opens the door and see them fully clothed.
    The difference between this drama and the first one is that Zoya is unaware of it.
    The only thing that bothers me from the precap is Zoya’s lipstick smeared.

    1. You are right Eri…nothing happened between Zoya n RV but that smeared lipstick makes Zoya look as if she was raped!!!…but RV might have smeared the lipstick by his hand to make Adi believe that they got a bit intimate…anyways very cheap track !!!!

      1. The lipstick wasn’t that way the moment Adi entered the room. I think we will see a very dramatic and emotional fight between Adi and Zoya so he can convince her to distance herself from him, and that lipstick will be smeared by Adi not Rajvir. Zoya doesn’t look like she is acting and Adi every single moment has a paining face.
        The only thing i wish is that Zoya’s sacrifice won’t go in vain. After seeing that he achieved his aim Rajvir will handle Zoya the proof he has. Otherwise i can’t understand how will Adi get out of jail be it 6 moths or 6 years.

      2. I have re watched precaps but they are so blurry.
        I can’t understand nothing, smeared before Adi’s entry or not.
        Anyway waiting for the worst fight ever.

  27. Had a good laugh this morn people.
    Colors ask “Who do you think killed Harshvadhan Hooda “?

    One of the comments on Facebook were ” I think the murderer are director and writer of the show ”


    Well I’m back to where the comments are better than the show 😃

    1. hahahahhaaha! this cracked me up.
      couldn’t be more true.
      thanks! 🙂

  28. also,i would really to hear your versions of alternate ending or story post this anticipated leap please?
    lets get creative and spread some positive energy guys..
    @neha,@arch,@eri loking forward to your versions..
    everybody else is welcome too ofc. im all ears.

    1. Like Harshad would say: bakwas,bakwas😊
      Just articles to gain views.

      1. Oh thanks Eri… I really dnt understand what is happening since last week… They are playing with our emotions…

  29. Irrespective of discussing TRP so much out to stands at 1.0
    We are done now…BP will shut shop next Friday!!!

    1. trp results don’t show trp for running week.
      Next friday show will end
      And now i am agree with that,not able to take the precap

    2. I can’t understand, if they already know the sistem has a gap isn’t there a method to know the real Trp.

    3. @Arch, that was my thinking when I saw the trp. I thought this is it. I can’t believe people don’t like Bepannaah, I just can’t imagine this.

      1. This not a matter of watching or not anymore , it is a matter of how it is measured, Colors just took advantage from the info they had on how Trp is calculated and the audience didn’t have a clue. Sometimes i think they deliberately ruined Trp for this show just to have an excuse to end it.

  30. Zoya Adityahooda

    Hi frnds…
    I hope if we get an extension….then we will have an interesting story ahead…bcoz we all know that ADIYA love each other ….No matter whatever happens….so after the leap they will definitely meet again..and their old nokh jokh starts once again as it used to be in the beginning….we all enjoyed those moments very well….
    Their nokhjokh is so lovely and funny too….we feel like watching again and again….so I just hope we will be given again such cute moments of ADIYA silly fight….more than that we may see Adi getting jealous for Zoya being with some one else and Zoya too feeling the same for Adi…it will be very interesting to see such episodes…even if it seems to be familiar in other dramas still I love to see the same here again..because when its done by jenshad it’s just amazing…..we will stick on to it….such a wonderful chemistry is their btwn them….I’m sure the show can be more interesting when clubbed with solving those mysteries…… don’t know what writers are upto….hope they don’t spoil our show..
    @neha…u are right …. channel is only responsible for this bad phase…I hate Colors channel…they are intervening in the script…’s sure….the show started to fall off from Arshad track followed by snake drama and all…they could have made it better….still I feel that the show is having high potential….. provided they don’t wind up…..
    As I told b4 I don’t feel like show can get concluded within this month….since we have more mysteries to be sorted out…another chance is may be they can come up with season 2…..and end season 1 like the climax of Bahubali 1……leaving all the mysteries unopened…..and can make the audience excited to get all the mysteries solved in season 2……if jenshad is not playing the lead roles in season 2 then I don’t think people will watch it… be frank I don’t watch it…..
    Only God knows what makers have in their plans… seriously Colors are touring us…why the hell they are not giving an official declaration…..the worst channel….playing with fans emotion….if they end bepanah then I won’t watch any of its shows at all……
    Guys somewhere I read that Shehzad got a new project ,a webseries and he is going for the shoot….and Harshad is gonna join bigboss…OMG everyone are going in their own ways…..what about our bepanah then….I am really scared……hope everything gets sorted out soon and bepanah goes on air in long run……we can fight till last moment…..guys don’t give up…udaan with low fandom got is show extended….then we, being having huge fandom both at national and international level…too can get justice for our show…….we can compromise for even 6pm time’s better than show being going off air
    Bepanah love to bepanah show and jenshad aka ADIYA ,from Kerala…..

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