Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Karthik to act in a play

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela and Anand feeling proud of Naina knowing that she got a role in a play.. Bela asks Preeti what is she doing and says she shall act as tree atleast. Preeti gets upset and goes. Anand asks Naina why is she upset? He asks if Sameer was not selected for hero’s role. Naina says Director sir rejected him and told that he can’t act. Anand laughs and asks what Sameer said. Naina tells that Sameer asked her to act in the play and win for VJN. Anand says Sameer loves her and is ready to sacrifice. He says love’s other name is sacrifice. Naina says you have solved my problem. Anand asks her to go and check on Preeti. Sameer thinks of Director sir’s words and loses balance while riding the bike. Naina comes to him and tells that she will not do this role. She says she became sipahi just to be with him in school. She tells that she will tell Sir that she won’t do the role. Sameer asks about VJN’s victory. Naina says that love’s other name is sacrifice and she will not do something which upsets him. She says what matters to me is you and your happiness, I will inform Punawala that I will not do this play. Sameer holds her hand and says I love you. Naina says I love you too. Song plays……..She rehearsals to tell Punawala and comes to Principal’s office. She hears Principal asking if he is sure that Naina can act. He says you didn’t see how she acted and says victory is in her hands now. Principal tells that Naina is a brilliant student and will top this year too.

Punawala tells that VJN’s name will be famous if Naina wins in the competition. He asks her to trust him fully. Principal says ok and asks JBR not to forget that if they win then they will get auditorium in the college. She tells Naina that she is not happy with Punawala’s decision, but believes him. She gives her best wishes and goes. Punawala asks do you want to say something. Naina tries to say, but Puna wala tells that VJN’s victory or defeat is in her hands now. Pandit teases Karthik. Sunaina calls him donkey. Munna dances in the class and says I got good news. He says our economics and accounts class will not be there today. He says if anyone wants to see Baazigar and then asks Swati. He then taunts her. Preeti says they will go. Kamya says we will go there and watch. Sameer asks them to wait for Naina. Preeti says we shall take Punawala also. Naina comes there. Preeti tells that two classes were cancelled. Sameer asks if she talked to sir. Naina says he didn’t meet me. Her voiceover tells that she had lied to him many times, but felt really bad. Sunaina and Swati look at Naina. Preeti asks Naina to come to watch movie. Naina says I can’t come, as I have some work with Principal.

Sameer says they will wait. Naina comes to Punawala and tries to say. Punawala gives her dialogue copy and tells that he has chosen her for heroine’s role and has chosen karthik for hero’s role. Naina gets upset. Sunaina taunts Naina. Punawala gives side heroine’s role to Sunaina, but she refuses. Mitali says she can do only heroine’s role. Punawala asks her to get out. Sunaina asks Naina shall I give company to your hero. Naina being worried for Sameer asks Punawala to give heroine’s role to Sunaina, but he refuses. Naina’s voiceover tells that she tried to refused Punawala, but couldn’t. Sameer, Pandit, Munna and others come to take Baazigar’s film cassette, but the shop keeper tells that he didn’t have it. Sunaina comes there and takes cassette of sanam bewafa. She asks them to watch the film to lighten their heart. Saneer replies her. Sunaina tells them that selfish Naina have done something. Sameer says you are selfish and not Naina. Sunaina calls him buddhu, not to catch Naina’s lie. Sameer asks her to shut up. Sunaina tells him that Naina is rehearsing for heroine’s role. Sameer says this can’t happen. Sunaina asks him to come and see.

Naina and Sameer order pavbhaji and argue over it. They go separate ways.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Naina nd nt being selfish never.
    Other word fr naina s selfish
    Waah once a flip always a flip
    Nw she wl make sameer agree as always fr her selfish motives
    Nd sameer being a lovesick romeo wl gts convinced nd wl agree to her
    Sameer has no value at all
    Naina s nly good at giving dialogue baazi to sameer n real selfish nd mean
    Sameers mom s rit

    1. I agree with you really hate her character these days. she doesn’t deserve Sameer.

    2. Naina is not being selfish here,she is not happy being here ,she wanted to talk with the professor and reject ,but as with the play many things are associated like funds for college ,she cant leave it as a GS ,its her responsibility.

  2. Priya don’t agree with u completely. Can’t say she is selfish or not but one thing I know is when a teacher and principal have high expectations from u then u get struck in crossroads just like Naina is right now. And the way she gave lecture to Poonawal don’t know why he selected Naina and also said that victory and defeat is upto Naina. Overall really excited for upcoming episodes that How will Sameer and her friends react to it? And what Naina will do now?

  3. Why can’t this girl make up her mind? Where is that sensible school Naina gone? Always takes decisions in haste. Her hero can never go wrong. Instead of making Sameer understand that he should have worked hard and not tried to dance in a play audition, she went and scolded poonawala. When he thought she was actimg, she didn’t have the toungue to say no and stand by her decision to support Sameer. When Munna pundit asked Naina to write a letter against poonawala, she was doing it just out of duty to friends. Then she didn’t when Sameer told her not to quit the play. Then again when chachaji said sacrifice, she wanted to sacrifice the role. And immediately told Sameer that she’ll quit. If she had told she won’t, he would have asked her to quit. Yes he would have been hurt for a while, but he would have been.proud of Naina lster. But then she stopped thinking about all this when poonawala and principal ma’am told it’s the question of the colleges reputation. And again she let Sameer down. As if she is a great actress in the serial, college reputation ki itni hi chinta hai toh go find some hidden talented actress in the college na, but no. Naina agarwal is the best, she has never learnt to fail, so how will she fail in play.

    Decide what you want woman. Sameer isn’t the kind of guy who would stop her if she told him her dilemma. But no, she wants people to say Naina is such a good girl, she chose to sacrifice her opportunities for Sameer; and then she wants everyone to say Naina is perfect so she has to be the first in everything.

    I’m in no way saying she should quit. If she has it in her, she should stand up for herself and her opportunities. Do something once by herself instead of Sameer doing it for her. Or if she doesn’t then she can quit. So much anger she went to Poonawala, where did her courage go now when she had to open her mouth in front of principal?

    Can’t bear Sunaina in updates only, I can’t imagine how annoying she is in tv.

    Makers, please work on Naina’s character.

    1. * if she had told him that she doesn’t want to quit, Sameer wouldn’t have asked her to. He would have been happy for the opportunity he got. He’s always so supportive of her.

  4. Mike to Laura hai ki showmakers khud hi confused hai wo naina ke character ko Kya dikhana chahte hai kyunki naina hamesha sameer ko for granted leti hai chahe family ke sath ho ya fir apni dosti ke liye bas wo khud ko mahan dikhane ke liye taiyar rahti hai lekin sameer ke liye kabhi kuch nahi Kar sakti aur tab use jhuth bolne se bhi koi parhej nahi hota hai

  5. Very true sunshine, I excepted that Naina will tell Sameer about the Prinicipal mam and Mr. Poonawala conversation and it about the College reputation so she decided to take part in the Play, instead of Oscillation mode and it is Sameer who really understand her very well but she lied (why ? what is the need for Lying to Sameer?) i believe this will hurt him a lot.

    I don’t feel that whatever she feels and behaves is always correct and a wise decision… as said if she has courage to talk to poonawala for sameer’s insult why not now?atleast she can tell that she is not interested and she will find a better actress in her place but she never tried at all…..

    I excepted that she would have told this on the same time when Mr.Poonawala announced that she is the herione of the play. It is always better to discuss or even inform him about the situtation instead of creating lot of misunderstanding….

    Makers – why you’re always showing that Sameer needs to compromise for all the situation and Naina will get a good name out of it…biased – Really need to work on Naina’s Characterization and it is red alert that her character can change to Negative and people lose interest in this show….

    Sunaina – not willing to discuss about her.Though Naina knows that Sunaina will use this Opportunities and create a problem between them, she would have discussed with Sameer well before….

    Instead of informing Sameer about her sacrifice(hehehe) she first tried to convince Poonawala so Sameer will not create any exceptation …it all Naina’s fault and whatever happens between Samaina – Naina is responsible for that…..not able to handle a situation between them – them how she can handle a college as GS…..

    1. Exactly Devi.
      Sameer is such a supportive boyfriend. He’s so proud of Naina, he wants her to be the best in everything. So if Naina would have thought with a little calm mind and then come to a conclusion, then she could have explained why she wants to be a part of the play. Irrespective of the reasons, Sameer would have supported her. Even if she did they play because she wanted to do, or she did it because of the college reputation, Sameer would have been fine. Yes he would have been hurt a little, but he would have been super happy and proud to see Naina on stage. But no, she wants to sacrifice her “talent” because love is greater, but also not sacrifice the opportunity. What kind of oscillatory behavior is this? Why can’t she be honest about her feelings and opinions? She’s just obsessed with winning, that’s all.

      Even if she thought in terms of the college reputation, she should have spoken to Poonawala and come to a conclusion. Why did she end up thinking shes the best actress in the college? But she didn’t give auditions na, poonawala misunderstood her. So it’s obvious she didn’t get selected on her talent in acting, it was a misunderstanding. So if she was worried about the college, then she should have searched for a better actress than to blindliy believe and give her temptation of acting as the lead the name of college reputation.

      On one hand, she wants to use an opportunity that came to her in a wrong way. On the other she wants to be a good girlfriend. If she found poonawala such a pathetic guy, then why is she putting her self respect at stake and willing to work under him now? Simple, she just wants to win. And even she doesn’t know she’s become obsessed with competition.

      And they’re just dumbing down Sameer. He cried for such a silly reason, instead of seeing why poonawala rejected him. Instead, his girlfriend went on telling he danced the best and he was chucked out for the wrong reasons.

      Why are they so confused about the characters? Sameer was a go getter, Naina was a sweet, sacrificing, hardworking girl. Now they’ve gotten changed. While Sameer still has his virtues of infinite love, trust, and faith in Naina, the same can’t be said about her.

  6. There is a lot of difference in just saying and executing it…If you are stable at your thoughts then there should be no other thoughts coming in your mind…
    If Sameer would have been hero and Naina not selected and Sunaina got the chance to play herione then definitely Sameer would have stepped back without thinking once… Because he cares for Naina’s emotions…
    And Naina plz don’t speak of sacrifice in love…We have seen how much you have sacrificed…?
    And now makers clearly want to proove Vishakha’s assumptions about Naina correct…She is a practical girl who thinks with brain…She may be bright,smart, intelligent and topper but is a big failure in love…

  7. great Ashu, Makers help to read all our comments and try to concentrate on Naina’s characterization still long way to go and it is right time to think and execute.

    What they are trying to prove that Naina’s is very practical girl such incidence was not shown in school days it was Sameer’s characterization was like that he was a easy going guy and Naina was shown as caring girl….

    Sometimes i wonder she was very much and only cares for her own family not for sameer if that is the case she will find a way to sacrifice the herione role and handle the situation very well since afterall it is intelligent Naina ( who find a way to solve all the problems not in maths but also in Life) remembering the school days.

  8. Deb your comments please…..

  9. Dear Makers please dont spoil uniqueness of the serial……………….if nothing new is there to offer just close it at good note so that people keep it as good memory like serials of Unn Dinon which people still remember.

    it is face that person do change with age n there will b change in personalities from School to College but this serial is based on Love so dont make love fail.

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