Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika looks for Sahil

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Vaidika comes looking for Sahil as it was the place inspector pointed at. An old man peeks from behind the wall cautiously. Vaidika catches him but the man runs from the scene. A young man hits Vaidika’s shoulder, she turns around and recognizing the young man as Sahil. She was exhausted but still follows him. The young man turns to Vaidika. She backs up as it was someone else.
Vaidika was irritated that she can sense Sahil’s presence here. There are signals from inspector, then the old man running and hiding from her; then where he is. She sits on the side of a road crying. She then gather courage from Sahil’s encouraging words. He had wished to live together, in lives to come. She looks for the place the inspector mentioned.
Puneesh was speaking on phone to know how Vaidika

came out of jail. Aarya snatch the phone from his hand. Puneesh holds her by shoulders and claims she is his wife, he can even get moon to her.
Vaidika asks a male nurse about the man they found near the valley. The police told her he was brought in this hospital. The nurse says the man is dead, he brought here to recognize the dead body. Vaidika recalls her memories with Sahil and thinks it can’t be Sahil. She still walked down the stairs. Vaidika enters the hall, the body had been covered with white cover. She recalls how Sahil took her vow not to let their love story fail. She removes the cloth off the body’s face with trembling hands. Soon, the cloth fly off the body by air. Vaidika cries hard, thankful to God that it’s not Sahil. She wonders where Sahil is then. She must find Sahil in next 48 hours.
Vaidika thinks about a Dargah they always visited. She prays that her heart isn’t ready to accept Sahil is dead, she wish to meet Sahil. Soon, Vaidika gets a call from a lady who spoke from the other side of the same Dargah. She tells Vaidika that Sahil is alive, in a Dargah at Lucknow.
Nani was sitting in the house of her neighbor and wonders who is she, where she came from. She has been dependent over her. Nani opens a newspaper and finds some mud and flower petals wrapped in a paper. She comes to snatch it from Nani saying her son brought it from temple. Nani questions when her son was born. Usha replies curtly that they didn’t meet her doesn’t imply she has no son. She thinks they would soon be shocked to meet her son.
Vaidika reached Lucknow and tired, she takes a seat on a bench. A pamphlet flies to Vaidika which she tears out of frustration. But her attention was taken by Sahil’s photo on the torn piece. Vaidika reaches outside the makeup room hopeful that the guy in poster is Sahil. She enters the makeup room and looks around. A young man enters the makeup room then for final touchup. Vaidika turns around. The young man had vanished. She could sense Sahil’s presence, and wonders why her heartbeat is racing. She wish its Sahil.
It was night. The fair had started. Soon, there was a voice on loudspeaker; discussing love. It was Sahil’s voice. Vaidika cries as Sahil says no power can undo love if it’s true. No matter the whole world is an enemy, still true love always wins. The stage flashed lights as Sahil jumps as the lead actor of the stage show.

PRECAP: Vaidika runs to Sahil and hugs him. Sahil tells Vaidika its rightly said that even death can’t part two lovers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow…Sahil Sahil .. what an entrance.. he is so hot😘😘😘😘. Love this new look. That was the only highlight of tonight’s episode.

  2. MK… I know what you are talking about regarding the odd feeling…its logical to feel this way..you feel like its another man but Sahil in intimate situations with Vedika..even though the character Jacky looks like him… Good thing it’s fictional so we can indulge or dislike the situation…

  3. Nina

    I have hardly watching pregnant Vedika is tormented by uncertainty near a dead body. I feel very sorry for Vedika got some days of happy and many years of suffering.

  4. it was like hearing sahil’s voice after a light year and the last part was too good It felt like the oxygen of show is back,badly missed KJ anyways excited to know how this jacky is going to shape up

  5. Hi friends. Today very less comments even from our own very Naz. Pls Naz some more comments awaited fm u. Really MK our handsome OXYGEN is back. Was really missing him. The best part of yesterdays episode was that the male horse, lustful, Crazy physically for sahil n female horse n the PIMP n boozard BA were not there for a change. But friends how much more should our vedika suffer at the hands of these ferocious n verocious people. It is too much now. Sorry to say this but after sahil coming in vedikas life her life has turned topsy turvy. Poor lady even her daughter has ditched her. But ofcourse we dont know what is the reason for her marrying the ferocious n horse faced puneesh. Also the shorty potty idiot bhoomi has taken away vedikas son VED to US. Friends we all sadika fans should write on this forum to the writers that the lustful bhoomi should be PUMPED OFF at earliest n KJ should not be paired with her till the serial ends.

  6. Friends one good news is that one actress named ALICE KAUSHIK is entering our favourite show n she will be shown as fake sahils girl friend. She has already started shooting for the. I read her interview in google wherein she is saying her character will bring a lot of drammar in the serial. I am the happiest on this earth as long KJ will not be paired with the lustful bhoomi. Pls reply friends.

    1. Raji dear, everyone is sad about the situation and I’m sure that’s why they are not commenting, I don’t blame them but if nothing else, I must say something concerning our handsome hero.. I can’t leave him alone, he’s too special to me. Raji, in fact I wish Jacky doesn’t end up with Bhoomi, any other woman but her… I’m thinking, our Sahil is fun, spontaneous, so loving and romantic and especially caring, then how is this fake Sahil in real?? Right now he has to be an exact replica of Sahil for maximum reasons but if he isn’t doing Sahil’s impersonation, it makes me wonder what he’s like in real…of course I want to see a difference between both characters so this is my thought right now. Conspiracy theory here Raji…don’t bash me here, suppose, just suppose that Sahil has a twin, you know how writers like to shock us when we don’t expect them to but suppose Usha stole Sahil’s twin in the hospital soon after birth, maybe she was a nurse, who knows…and she’s here now to get Jacky’s share of the property, of course she would have known he’s from the influential Agarwal family and was biding time to make her appearance..because fake Sahil is too exact in looks for him to not be a twin…why else did she come specifically to Agarwal’s family?…especially Sadika!! Won’t it be for this reason?? Maybe writers want to give Bhoomi her own Sahil and I say that with dread!!

  7. Friends, none of us likes Vedika being in Jacky’s company, with the thought of him romancing her and taking the place of our darling Sahil… I saw in a video where Jacky aka Sahil, is hugging another woman who looks to be close to him and even closer to him for comfort… Do I think that Sahil would hug another woman but Vedika? Of course not, that’s why we need to separate the characters KJ is portraying, if Sahil was able to live with Bhoomi ( I cringe saying her name, so happy to not be seeing her), and not succumb to her overexposed youthful body and tricks to get him on the bed, then Sahil won’t be caught dead or alive with any other woman!! As it is now, I love KJ’s new look… I know he looks very young but I decline to criticize the new avatar… I must add too that I also don’t want Sahil # 1 2 3 or 4…to be with Bhoomi, she deserves to be with someone like Puneesh.. I hate her even more than before when she was speaking to Nani by the gate and told Nani that she doesn’t care if Vedika is in jail or not, this is the difference between the two women, Vedika would pray for the best for Bhoomi but Bhoomi would wish Vedika the worst…

  8. Friends, the woman who spoke to Vedika on the phone telling her that Sahil is alive and is in the dargah is Usha for sure.. I noticed her ring while holding the phone and when she was speaking to Nani in the next scene, I noticed the same ring on her finger!! So, it’s Usha doing her sneaky work, pointing Vedika in the direction she wants her to go to, when Nani was heckling her about her non existent son…Usha was thinking that soon they would be shocked seeing her son.. So, this is a well thought out plot by Usha and she’s been plotting this a long time ago… Maybe she found the Agarwal family after Sadika’s much publicized love story…so things got easier for her.. Now, things could go either way, Sahil could have a twin or this Sahil is very much a fake rogue with a strong resemblance to our darling Sahil…

  9. Really Naz even i am thinking about the twin sahil. I think what u saod could be true. Sonce bhoomi has become very hot fpr sahil may be that is why the writets must jv introduced this fake sahil.as we all know physically she wants sahil. But a new gorl named Alice Kaushik is introduced opp fake sahil j in her interview she has cfmd she has already started shootin 4 the serial n her character is going to bring a lot of drammar in this serail. If at all the writers start showing fake sahil with the horse faced bhoomi i ll completely stop watchong this serial.

  10. Hi Friends.. just seen on you tube that Vedika will soon find out about Jacky. She asks him to put her Sindoor on and he panic and start making excuses.BA call him and he just run away. This get Vedika thinking. One thing in this serial I like is that track does not drag. Except Puneesh truth.

  11. Woooow… Lovely epi… Actually there is nothing to watch except our darling Sahil😘😘😘😘😘
    Beautiful precap too…

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