Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Clashes between both the families

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niana apologizes to Sameer and vice versa. They promise each other never to fight again; we wont fall in anyone’s words and only trust each other.

tai ji tells Bela they wont agree for this alliance at any cost. We will not be a part of this alliance ever! Our relations will be over if this alliance is fixed. Anand helps Bela stand. Naina will marry Sameer only., with or without your presence. Tau ji warns him not to come back to their house ever again. Anand accepts his condiiton. Anand Agarwal and Bela Agarwal have nothing to do with this house anymore. Tau ji and Tai ji look on in shock as they leave. Tau ji rues that they helped him study so much and now he is talking about modern values.

Sameer and Naina feed food to each other. Anand and Bela return. They go to them wanting to know what happened. Bela says they are elders. They will agree in sometime. Anand stops her. He tells Naina she will marry Sameer only. Your Chacha ji will do it. It does not matter who comes or not. Those who care for you will always bless you. Those who don’t, their presence does not matter. Preeti hugs them. Anand adds that Sameer’s family is in disagreement of this wedding. It will be better to marry in some temple instead.

Sameer comes to activity room. He calls out for Naina but does not see her there. He begins to go out when Naina makes sound from her bangles. He holds her hands. What is the meaning of all this? Come out. She points out that she is in a palanquin. A bride comes out of her palanquin only when her groom will come on a horse. He asks her where he will find a horse now but she stays put. Sameer goes outside. Naina peeks out of the palanquin and finds Sameer using the horse prop. He holds her hand and helps her step out of the palanquin. They both smile sweetly. She asks him if their dream will come true. He nods. I promise you I will come on a horse to take you home with me. Flashback ends. Sameer tells Anand that he has dreamt of a normal wedding. It will be the usual wedding only. Anand asks him who will manage the preps and expenses from his behalf. Munna and Pundit enter just then. There cannot be any interruption till the time we are there! Sameer asks them how they came here. Munna and Pundit say we have been with you since morning. We were standing outside since too long. We entered at the right time. Swati and Kamya also enter. Anand asks the girls what they said at their homes. They share that they lied that they were at each other’s houses. Preeti called us. Everyone smiles. Girls stand next to Naina while Sameer’s friends stand with him as his family. They happily sing Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Sameer, Munna, Pundit, Swati and Kamya dance on the song downstairs as the entire society watches them (including Tai ji). Naina is smiling shyly. Preeti, Anand and Bela smile broadly as well while Tai ji seems upset. Sameer stops Rakesh’s way and dances around him.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was surprised seeing Papa calm but he was also surprised to see this antic of Sameer and his friends. Maybe this is why he got saved from getting another slap.

Sameer reaches home. Poonam tells him that they were concerned about him. She calls out to everyone. Sameer calls out to his mother but gets to know that she has left. Mama ji stops Sameer. I want to talk to you. You make others villain whenever people don’t abide by your wish. Sameer suggests him not to try to control his life but Mama ji keeps a condition before him. You have to abide by my terms / rules if you wish to stay in this house. This is my house! Sameer reminds him that it is his Nanu’s house wherein he promised to bring Naina as his DIL. Mama ji says you can say whatever you wish to but I know that my intentions are right. I loved you like my own kid till date. I never let you miss out on anything and are stopping you for your sake only. As you are talking about what is yours or mine then let me tell you, your Nanu Sa had named this house after me before his death. He might have thought that it will be easier if I stay here and look after the business. He loved me very much as well. Mami ji tells Sameer not to take tension about properties and stuff. You cannot just do as you please. It belongs to all of us. Mama ji says I have a right to be angry if I love you. I wont tell you to leave the house. Stay here, enjoy, have fun. I will get you married to the girl who can keep our respect intact. It is not Naina though!

Anand tells everything to Rakesh. He justifies a mistake as a mistake be it intentional or unintentional. Anand tells him about Tau ji’s condition. Rakesh asks him if he disappointed their elder brother. Anand insists that he tried to mess with Naina’s life. I do not care about his disappointments! Don’t get upset with me. Think about your daughter. She must be missing her mother the most today. You also kept her away from yourself for so many years. She is nothing without your blessings. Her happiness is incomplete without you. Say anything to me but don’t ever stop being there for her please. Rakesh looks at Naina.

Mama ji clearly tells Sameer that it is okay if he accepts this condiiton or otherwise. Sameer asks him if he will throw him out of his Nanu’s house. Mami ji denies. It is your house only. Sameer tells her to make him understand then. They remain quiet. Sameer says your silence has given me my answer. My Nanu is watching everything. I don’t give a damn about people like you who are selfish and just lie! I am leaving. I don’t want to stay here with you.

Precap: Naina and her friends dance happily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Today’s episode was good. I didn’t like that Vishakha left Sameer alone after knowing everything looks, it was quite disappointing that Vishakha not even thinking about her son a bit. Mama Ji & Tau Ji was not wrong in their places (honestly speaking) if we see the other side of the coin in 90s families were like “Pran Jaye Par Khandan Ki Izzat Na Jaye”. Ya I agree that their step was very wrong, they should have done something else but it is a daily soap and in this they showed that thing.
    Now coming to surprising part was Safari Suit today he didn’t slapped or screamed on Sameer when he was dancing in the song “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaege”. Not liking the way makers are stretching this track too much. They have to end this track now with a positive note. And how come Nana Ji’s house is in Mama Ji’s name. When Nanaji died it was told that Nana Ji has transferred all his will (Property) on Sameer’s name. Seriously I am not liking this side of Mama Ji. He was good fun loving man then now why he is like this?.

    1. I agree with you vidha. I was so disappointed that vishaka left. Their confrontation (sameer -vishaka) would have been so impt for the growth of sameer maheshwari. The writers are conveniently using characters to enhance drama. If u remember ,sameer walked out on her earlier too when he went to meet chachaji (chachaji leaving for US) but vishaka waited. Though they had a argument but the pain of misunderstood emotions between a mother and son so beautifully captured. I dint know why the writers do this. This is a story of sameer and naina who are a by product of their parents flawed decisions. They should show that parents are human ,they make mistakes but they love their kids.. I dont want to watch yudkbh anymore. Some people on instagram actually said i have no brains and that i should stop watching. Sometimes youngsters are so rude. ?

    2. Well, Mamaji is now the new villain of show, So he lied to Sameer about the property issue.And Sameer being inexperienced in these kind of things failed to understand Mamaji’s ploy.
      Its not a very surprising move from Vishakha’s side, after all she left sameer when he was an infant

    3. I agree with you vidha. I was so disappointed to see that vishaka left. But these are the cinematic liberties the writers take .The confrontation scene between sameer and vishaka could have an important milestone in sameer ‘s growth as an adult. Just to enhance drama they left vishaka and sameer sequence midway. This story is just not about sameer and naina. Its about their personal growth and how they are by products of their parents flawed decisions. I wish they would show how parents are human beings who make mistakes but they love their kids and want to do their best. They are showing sameer dancing on the road. He doesn’t feel important to go back to his mom and talk ? He simply walked out on her even though he knew she is not involved in this humiliation game. He does’nt feel important to sort out things with her.
      Earleir when he had walked out on her to meet chachaji. (chachaji going to US),vishaka had waited and even though they argued,the pain of misunderstood emotions between a mother and son were so beautifully captured.
      I wrote somewhere on instagram that even vishaka onced wiped sameer ‘s tears (when munna and pandit were falsely accused in delhi by dadi) i meant that vishaka is not stone hearted. She felt her son’s pain and helplessness. Somebody on instagram told me that i have no brains and i should stop watching.

    4. i agree with you @vidha finally mamaji has shown its true colours ,by telling sameer “kakusa ne marne se pehle property mere naam kar di thi ”

      also there are of video circulating on YouTube

      in some sameer and naina are looking for how there home should look like , in some pandit and munna looking for how naina and sameer wedding card look like ,mamaji is also there

    5. i agree with you @vidha finally mamaji has shown its true colours ,by telling sameer “kakusa ne marne se pehle property mere naam kar di thi ”

      also there are of video circulating on YouTube

      in some sameer and naina are looking for how there home should look like , in some pandit and munna looking for how naina and sameer wedding card look like ,mamaji is also there

    6. @vidha i saw a photo on Instagram ,seems like fula bua is there to attend naina sameer wedding

    7. Tarun please send all the links of latest updates in the comments.

    8. Here is the video of sameer showing layout of how there home should look like to naina

      and this is 2nd video of daily updates where munna and pandit are teasing sameer about wedding card and telling marriage is fixed on 2nd june ,looks like sameer is in munna house ,mamaji too enters

      phula bua and naina photo you have to look at instagram @vidha
      here is the link

      ,recently naina aka ashi won a award for best debut actress

      here is the link

  2. what a perfect episode ,now whole weekend go nice ,sameer and naina cutely apolyzing and promising to each other ,anand and bela chachi breaking all relation from tauji and taiji ,anand chacha ji performance was amazing ,munna and pandit dramatic entry ,swati and kamya too ,sameer flashback for grand wedding for naina ,too cutely shown,

    all friends dancing on “dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge ”
    kudos to choreographers of the show ,

    didn’t like double faced mamaji , saying kakusa ne property mere naam kar di thi ,

    anand making rakesh aggrawal understand that its time you stand for naina and telling its our only family members who did act by breaking naina and sameer engagement

  3. BK how do u know that mama Ji have lied to Sameer about property???
    Amina Shaik u r right Vishakha has wiped his son’s tear many time in the Delhi track. That’s why I am saying again and again that Delhi track wali Vishakha ko vapas lao.
    Now this is slowly converting into normal daily soaps which is not acceptable writters are losing the uniqueness of YUDKBH.

    1. Thanks vidha. Very true. The writers r losing the essence of the story.

  4. Sameer is indeed a bholuram. I know he’s young but he is just way too naive. I don’t even know what to say. The only good thing about today’s episode was how chachaji stood up for Naina and the break in the Agarwal family. Atleast Naina and Preeti and Pooja can lead their lives the way they want. And liked how it was peaceful without safari suit shouting.

    This is what I was saying. Anger issues and misbehaving will only lead to such circumstances. One mamaji is lying about the house in his name or two it might come to Sameer once he turns 21. Whatever the reason, samerr has to now atleast learn to face problems in a more mature manner. Sorry to say but marrying was their decision, whatever circumstances might have been. If he’s marrying at 21, he should behave like a responsible adult instead of a wrathful teenager. Totally disappointed with mamaji. But tbh I think this is how most Indian parents react even today, if the child doesn’t agree, they’ll threaten to chuck them out or ground them. But what I didn’t like was the way he said it’s his house and stuff. He was trying to make Sameer feel helpless. And Sameer, the bholuram he is, I don’t understand why does he react without thinking. He could have asked for proof, he could have maintained calm, but no. He’ll misbehave and expects elders to toletare. Sorry to say, but even if today I go around breaking things in my house and threaten to suicide, my parents will throw me out of the house.

    Didn’t like how vishakha didn’t wait for Sameer. Feeling bad for Sameer. Bring colelge trak or something. Please. This is getting too long. And there’s basically nothing on Sameer and Naina’s minds apart from marrying each other. No career, no responsibility. Where will Sameer take her if he leaves this house? How will they earn? Live in the woods like that love story movie? Zid hai, shaadi shaadi shaadi. I’m really sorry to say, but had Sameer taken a little more interested and tried to convince his family, the consequences would have been better. Like how sweetly he confessed about Naina to vishakha and she gave him a chance. The same way he could have done again to vishakha and mamaji. If they both had agreed, no one would have bothered about mamiji. he’ll shout at his mum and go to meet chachaji. He won’t confess why he gave up his year and expects him mum to understand. The Won’t explain what made him band Naina run away but exapects his mum yo understand. He wants to threaten suicide and take them to get the rishta done. He wants to break things and tell the truth of mamaji and tauji plan. Any typical Indian family would think Naina is a bad infuluence on Sameer. They tried telling him in a nice way, they fought with him, if nothing worked out, now they’re threatening him with the house and money. The problem here is miscommunication. Sameer was such a cool headed guy, always charming with words, but now he’s basically obsessed with getting married to Naina without thinking of responsibilities. If this isn’t teenage behavior, I don’t know what is.

    1. My thoughts exactly sunshine. I am telling you. They could have strengthened the narrative by making vishaka sameer bond more stronger. Its time to grow up. There is no growth in sameer ‘s character. He doesn’t give importance to sorting out his issues with his mom which is so sad. Aur bhi gham hai zamane mein mohabbat ke siva lolll

    2. @sunshine i saw a photo on twitter that shows that sameer and naina wedding will happen on 2nd june ,also new promo has been launched ,the new promo shows munna aur pandit ne kaise karayi sameer aur naina ki shaadi ,also phula bua is there for naina ,and a video on Instagram that rakesh sir doing makeup of naina , and recent celebration of trp of show

  5. Amina,i dont think the writers are losing the plot,in real also Shashi mam Sumeet sir married early and then settled in their career,here also i think they will show post marriage how Naina will support Sameer in ,and both wjll support each other in a achieve their career.

    1. Sweta I know Sashi mam & sumit sir got married really early but by missing or losing it’s uniqueness we mean the drama they are having Mama Ji and Tauji going negative and then plotting things to break marriage. Then Sameer’s short temper which is spoiling everything to a great extend. If u see previous episodes there was no so much negativity there was always a positivity and bit of fun which used to lighten down the drama happening. But now there is only drama and seriousness. I just want this track to have a happy ending. And then new track with lots of drama and fun (main component of YUDKBH).

    2. Here is the video of sameer showing layout of how there home should look like to naina

      and this is 2nd video of daily updates where munna and pandit are teasing sameer about wedding card and telling marriage is fixed on 2nd june ,looks like sameer is in munna house ,mamaji too enters

      phula bua and naina photo you have to look at instagram @vidha
      here is the link

      ,recently naina aka ashi won a award for best debut actress

      here is the link

    3. Sweta. What i meant was yudkbh has always dealt with issues realistically beacuse its based on real lives. They haven’t dragged any issue. So why make vishaka look like villian always.. why drag the story to make it look dramatic. sameer doesn’t even bother getting back to his mom and sorting his issues. I had read somwhere that summit sir got married and his mother had died before that. So why keep making him mom look bad all the time. This story of naina and sameer is because of their fanilies and friends

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