Kesari Nandan 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanumant doubts Zoravar

Kesari Nandan 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant asking Zoravar about wearing the empty bullet in his neck. Zoravar says its nothing. Kesari asks what’s the secret. Hanumant says I want to know what’s the matter, what’s your relation with this bullet. Zoravar says this bullet was taking my life, when I was in jail, a prisoner has shot me, but I got saved, I just thought of you that time. He does a drama to convince Hanumant. Choti Maasa smiles. Kesari thinks I don’t trust Zoravar. He says you all are doubting on me. He cries. Hanumant consoles him. Zoravar praises Bijli. She gets glad. Zoravar asks Kesari how does she know all this. Kesari says I have seen this on tv. Zoravar asks her not to watch much tv, they were doubting on him. They laugh. Kesari asks Hanumant how was Jagat shot at his back when the firing was happening towards the sky.

Hanumant recalls this and says you are saying right, why didn’t I think of it. Kesari says since Jagat has told this story, I keep thinking of it. Zoravar thinks I would have killed this girl before. Hanumant asks Zoravar didn’t he think of this before. Zoravar says how would we know, we rushed to save Jagat. Hanumant says yes, but Jagat was sitting on my shoulder, how did he get shot. Choti Maasa says it was an accident. Hanumant thanks Lord that he has given me a dutiful wife like Madhavi, I just pray that Jagat stays fine. Choti Maasa says don’t worry, he is safe. Hanumant asks where is Jagat, did he come back. Kesari says yes. He says then call him. He gets shocked seeing Jagat’s cycle damaged. He asks what happened to Jagat. Kesari thinks what to do now, I have to tell him the truth, sorry Jagat, there is no other way. She says Jagat met with an accident. He gets shocked and asks what happened. She says a motorcycle has hit him. He asks is he fine. He shouts Jagat.

Jagat comes there with Madhavi. Hanumant asks are you fine. Jagat says yes. Hanumant asks when did you come home, why didn’t anyone tell me. Madhavi says I told him not to tell anything, he is fine. Hanumant asks about the motorcycle number. Jagat tells everything and gives the number he noted. Hanumant says I will call my friend and get that man punished. Kesari says he should get punished. Zoravar worries. Inspector Kala Singh says its time for my lunch, I want my bike keys. He goes to senior’s cabin to get keys. He sees Hanumant’s call. Senior comes. Kala greets him and says I was finding bike keys. Senior asks him not to speak English if he can’t. He gives keys to Kala. Kala leaves. Senior answers Hanumant’s call. Hanumant says Jagat met with an accident on highway, he noted the number of the motor. Kala looks on. Senior officer notes down the number. Kesari thinks why are Zoravar and Bijli looking so worried.

Jagat says I will defeat anyone, I want to see who is this Kesari Nandan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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