Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina befriends again

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna, Pandit, Kamya and Swati are surprised to see Naina and Sameer talking. Naina asks him to take the book. She gives book to him. Sunaina comes and says she needs this book. Sameer gives her book and says I will read later. Naina gets Sameer’s letter asking her to meet him in temple. She gets up. Swati asks where is she going> Naina says to complete incomplete work. Naina’s voiceover tells that they were going to meet again because of which all relations would be upside down. Naina reaches temple and asks Sameer, why did he cal her. Sameer asks her to come in the temple. Naina removes slippers and gets inside the temple. O yaara plays……Naina asks what are you doing? Sameer says I am doing this after a thought and says I have decided. Naina asks what is in it? Sameer says the basket have two tickets to Mumbai and says we will inform our family after reaching there. Naina says we can only be friends. Sameer asks her to open the card and see. He shows her card and says I was joking. He says I thought we shall meet here, you, me and God. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, cards were given to one another. She says she thought wrong about Sameer, but it was wrong. She says whenever she was about to cry, Sameer had brought smile on her face. They go in the temple and do parikrama of the holy tree. Yeh un dinon ki….plays….

Sameer prays for Naina’s happiness. Naina prays for Sameer’s happiness. Sameer prays that Naina shall get more loving husband than him. Naina also prays the same. They pray for each other’s happiness. Swati, Munna and Pandit discuss about Sameer and Munna. Kamya says we shall go and check. Swati says how we will go. Principal Maam is taking the class and asks them to leave from her class. They thank her. Principal Maam says she wants to question them. She asks about credit and debit and asks to give example. Munna gives weird example. Principal says I will call your parents and throw you out of college. She asks them to sit and focus on studies.

Sharad comes to meet Anand. Anand says he has brought samosa for Sharad. Preeti comes. Sharad asks if she didn’t go to college today and asks if Naina is also at home. Anand says no. Sharad have samosa and says even his boss likes it. Tayi ji asks him to take more. Anand talks to him about relationship and says your mum reached college after alliance is fixed. Sharad says my mum have done right. Anand says she would have done that before fixing the alliance. Sharad asks do you want me to go and fight with my mum and says if I had known that you will give me a bad lecture then I wouldn’t have come. Sameer tells Naina that today their friendship started. He says whenever you need, just I am one call away. Naina says I will help you if you need help in studies. Sameer and Naina shake hands. Naina stops an auto. Sameer tries to start his bikee. Naina comes to him and offers to push it. Sameer says how can you push? Naina asks do you think me weak? Sameer says I never saw such courageous girl before. Naina asks him to let her show her strength. She pushes his bike. Sameer goes and waves his hand. Naina smiles.

Naina hugs Preeti. They hug Anand and Bela. Sameer dances with Munna and Pandit happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hi guys!!?
    So Samaina became best friends…But this friendship is short lived…as they are going to fall in love again?…
    I have been missing the title song for a long time and today they played????…
    I felt Sunaina taunted Sameer by saying”Dost ho to tumhare jaisa”and he could’nt understand…This is what I am thinking may be she said normally?…
    Coming to that Sharad?…His reverse counting has started…Why the hell he showed attitude to Chachaji…How rude!!…No manners of talking with elders… Chachaji was dealing with a lot of patience and didn’t even loose his cool even after this misbehaviour by that Champu.I really appreciate this?…He was giving lecture to Chachaji on Value of Time…He also came late in restaurant that day?That time where were CA Mirani’s Values gone?
    Whatever ,Naina and Sameer will show him his real “aukaat”…Naina by calling off engagement and Sameer by beating him…??…
    Precap:A huge sigh of relief for Naina and Sameer…Naina celebrating her Independance Day…??…Sameer,Munna,Pandit also dancing out of joy…? Finally Happy Time will start…?
    This weekend is gonna be so long…?
    See you guys on Monday..

  2. I love this show even I can’t watch it everyday as I live overseas,but I never forget to read its update first thing in the morning.

    May be because the things happening in this serial also have parts of my life as well.
    I loved the guy who was my classmate.then we broke up because my parents fixed my alliance somewhere else.but still we used to pray for each other s happinesses.
    Again we became friends . After some time because of some reasons by dad broke my alliance and our love got stronger again which was never over in first place.
    Now we r happily married and parents of two beautiful kids.and love is getting is stronger day by day.
    Same will happen to Sameer and Naina

    1. Fan of YUDKBH

      This is the beauty of this serial. We feel so connected and can relate it to our life. Waiting eagerly for weekend.

  3. Hello

  4. Nice episode☺?

  5. Very true Ashu,eargerly awaiting for upcoming episode

  6. Akhana

    Sameer and naina should be together. And just throw this sharad out of the show. Just can’t stand him. I agree that whatever happened to sunaina Is wrong. But this sharad is just so…not nice. He’s so ill-mannered. He doesn’t even know how to talk to elders. The way he talked to chachaji is really mean. When this sharad tarck will end. It’s getting really irritating. Sharad should be beaten up. He doesn’t have any manners. He has no values, no principles. Really mean. He just knows how to misbehave. He misbehaved with chachaji today and tomorrow he will misbehave with naina. Will that stupid narrow-minded taiji, tauji and rakesh still worship him?

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