Dil Hi Toh Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update

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Mamta and VP discussing about Rickey. Mamta is convinced about Ritwik love and his choice. VP reluctantly agrees. Rishab is overhearing all these and enters the room and shows the papers which prove tat Manjeet is a gold digger. Actually there was no proof at all. It was only the details of marriages she had undertaken. Rishab is completely against this marriage and try to convince VP to his side but he has already taken decision in Ritwiks favour. Rishab is not happy hearing all these. I don’t know what his problem is. How is he going to benefit if Ritwik marries Ananya or Palak.By the way pls notice Rishabs socks . It looked very colourful as a rainbow.

Manjeet ji is blasting Ritwik for proposing Palak and spooling her name. She says when his family accuses them of gold digging how he thought she will agree. She rejects Ritwik with all his wealth. Ritwik cherishes with Aman his old days when he could handle his 4 girlfriends one time but love has weakened him and now situations are out of control. He is waiting for Ananya but there is no sign of her.
Rishab passes the information of VP agreeing to Ritwik Palak marriage to Puri. He is irritated by the news and tells his wife tat they can’t lose Ritwik. Both Puri and Rishab are partners in crime. Both are in attaining business or Ritwik and both are very snobbish.

Ananya comes outside and asks what he has to say now. She tells him she should have understood if he had opened up.He tells her he was confused but she is in no mood to hear his nonsense. Ritwik tries to stop her by hugging her from back but she moves away. There was no need of tat hug even it was for a fraction of second. We are very possessive regarding Rickey.

Rickey reaches his papas bedroom where he is sleeping. Ritwik tells him tat Palak is like Mamta mom and he loves her very much. He tells him tat if he had seen and known her he wouldn’t have misunderstood her. Mamta is hearing all these from the doorstep.

Sharma family discussing about Ritwik. Mr Sharma is of opinion tat there is no need of discussion if we know tat we are not in tat path. Mr Sharma , Pls consult ur daughter before taking decisions. Ur daughter has become mad in love .Palak is slightly irritated with their discussion coz they are against her wishes.Varmaji arrives with ACP who needs some info from Palak.

Noon family reaches Puri house and is sorry for their sons behaviour . Puri brainwashes BP against Palaktelling she will be like his first wife. Mamata intervenes But is brushed off. VP is thoughtful now.

Shivam tells Ritwik tat Palak Bhabhis social networking profile is interesting. Ritwik is shocked to hear Bhabhi from his mouth. Their banter continues. Shivam tells Ritwik tat they all heard his confession but her was missed. He enquires whether his love is one sided.It was a nice moment btw two brothers. Palak reaches there who is addressed as Bhabhi’ by Shivam. Ritwik is tensed a bit. She says sorry on her mother’s behalf and tells him tat she knows where Setu is and needs Rohit’s help . Ritwik tells her Rohit won’t come near him after yesterday’s happenings. Palak traces Rohit from behind and runs to him. Ananya is also with him. Rohit was not ready to listen to her but she convinces telling tat it’s about Setu.Three of them sit down and discusses the matter. Ritwik joins them but Ananya is not happy and both bro sis duo try to leave but Palak manages to hold both of them. All plan to leave for Mumbai. Rohit asks him why he is coming. Ritwik tells him tat it was coz of his fault their engagement got cancelled and he is just rectifying his mistakes.

In the precap all four are in flight and Ritwik tries to talk to Palak. Ananya and Rohit is sitting next and Ananya is watching Ritwik and Palak.

Update Credit to: 26hrishikesh

  1. 1st of all is Rishbh ki aisi ki taisi and BP why are becoming like old rickyy…..
    I hope Ananya does not turn negative….
    Palku & Rickyyyy????
    Thank you Rishi for update

  2. I feel upset after episode kuch bath nahi hopaya Ricky palku ke beech mein
    I loved 2 scenes
    One is how ricky tells VP that palak is right girl for him one day he will accept that palak is best for me and mamtha also listening whole conversation that gud she knows palak is how much special for ricky
    And second is Shivam Ricky conversation how is he teasing his bro palak bhabhi ka I love u nahi suna one sided love ke liye itna kuch kar diya
    I hate rishab he will team up with Mr.puri surely to break this marriage already he started giving information about what VP mamtha discussed…..
    Thank God reeva nahi dikha

  3. Song for rithvik
    Ishq hua hai aisa hum sab bhool gaye…..?

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