Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Students prepare for drama audition

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

New drama professor, Punawala, gives lecture to the class. Sameer tries to get Naina’s attention, but she’s busy listening to the lecture. Punawala announces audition will start from tomorrow and he hopes Naina will work as hard as she put hard work in the letters she wrote. Kartik’s friend tries to impress Punawala, but it backfires and he rejects him for the play. After he leaves, Munna asks what was that. Preeti says whatever that was.. it was good.

Sunaina gets ready to be heroine. Kartik asks who will be hero. Sunaina’s gang says of course Sameer. Other side, Sameer’s friends motivates him to be hero. Naina says her work will get double then. She will have to work hard to get heroine role. Preeti says she will also give audition. Her friends

get shocked. Preeti says she means everyone will be in audition, what she will do alone.

In night, Naina is practicing, but she can’t remember dialogues. Sameer calls and asks how it’s going. She says she won’t be able to do it. He advices her to use some latest dialogues. He wanted to help, but Naina says she will manage. Preeti asks why she’s taking her anger out on him. She says it’s not about anger and continues practicing. She gets irritated as she can’t remember. Sameer calls back to offer help, but she refuses it asking him not to call again and again else she gets in pressure. He says okay okay and asks her to practice well as she must be his heroine. Chachi advices Naina to dance so she gets some confidence. Preeti plays song and Naina dances.

Female narrator says that day no one knew what stress was. There was some tension, but her family always got her out of tension.

Late in night, Sameer again calls Naina’s house. Preeti teases him to talk to her too. He says he called to talk to her only and asks whether Naina is good now. Preeti says yes, she will surely impress Punawala tomorrow. She also tells Sameer about Naina’s dance. Naina takes phone away. He says he wants to see dance too. He wishes there was a way to record video and he somehow could see it.

Female narrator says back then they couldn’t even imagine recording video and watching instantly would ever be possible.

Preeti goes to sleep. Sameer and Naina continue to talk.

Next morning, everyone is busy practicing their dialogues in college. Sameer looks chilled and Preeti is just waiting to get Punawala’s glimpse. Karthik is annoyed as his friends think it’s Sameer who will get hero’s role. Munna and Swati come face to face. Swati tries to talk, but Munna walks away. JBR comes in the lobby and asks what’s going on. Students inform him about audition for drama. He says today he’s going to teach an important topic. All students ignore him. Punawala opens door and Preeti smiles seeing him. JBR taunts Punawala that all students are going to lose interest in studies now. Punawala asks students to come in. He has put famous actors’ quotes on the wall. He’s saying those were true actors and he’s here to find such actors. Some student is looking at watch. That student tells Punawala that he asked to come at 10 and now it’s 11 and it’s JBR’s class time. Punawala says whoever wants to leave can leave, but those who chose to stay must fully concentrate in his class. He gives scripts to everyone and says they have 5 minutes to memorize.

Male narrator says he was so confident that he will be selected. He was just worried what if Naina doesn’t get selected as his heroine.

Precap: Sameer is crying and asks Naina to leave him alone. Naina tells Punawala that she thought along with being great director, she thought he’s great human being too, but she was wrong.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Good however i worried that YUDKBH was not in the sony serial schedule when i checked in the morning but finally they have telecasted……………..

    About yesterday’s episode it was happy to see that Sunaina’s gang also thinks that the Sameer will get selected as hero…………………..leaving Karthik in trouble but he never felt bad instead he works hard to get the hero role…..

    what will happen to Sameer,why he is feeling bad.
    Mr,Poonawala insulted him in front of others?
    Or he didnot get selected as hero in the Play?
    or it is karthik as hero for his heroine in the play?

    i heard that Naina confront with Poonawala and also she confirms her friends that she will not play the heroine role?but finally her friends witness that she is performing with Karthik and feel bad about her……

    Might this cause Sameer to think about his mom words about Naina?

  2. Poonawala is very arrogant, trying to be too smart behaving as if he is as big as Sathyajith Ray !!
    Why Preeti’s taste has gone so low!!!!

  3. I think Mr.Poonawala will insult Sameer in front of everyone and will not give him any role…
    But happy to know that this time Naina will take stand for Sameer…
    Let’s see what happens…

  4. i think this is the parallel track of Freshers where naina participated and wanted to win not for title for sameer ,she wanted to keep her name attached with sameer ,so instead of focussing on the event ,she was nervous about it so faltered,same is with Sameer now ,he is not focused on the event now for himself ,but more on Naina being his heroine, he is not focussing on himself

    now i think this track would for both their individual growth with theier unavering support to each other,both cant just do things together every time ,they need to do it individually too Naina cant leave the play as she is also the gs and this drama teacher wont let her leave just like that,

  5. Kartik and Naina will be selected as lead roles and poonawala will insult Sameer

  6. Your English writing skills are very poor. Improve them and then make a script of the episodes.

  7. todays episode is at 10:40 pm

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