Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update Tevar asks Tony Chadda for help.

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Kulfi upset about her books,Sikander consoles her,and says akad bakad are getting you new books till then let’s practice tell me what were you studying. Tevar prays to god and says if I was alone this struggle would nothing but now I have a daughter,this struggle is hurting me I can do anything for my daughter please help me I will do anything for her studying.

Kulfi cheers up and sings a song,Sikander teaches her through song. Akad bakad tell Sikander that they couldn’t find books,Sikander says okay I will talk to her teacher,Kulfi says don’t but what will I do now. Amyra hugs lovely and starts crying and says she is guilty.lovely says don’t be it was just an accident,Sikander walks in and asks whose accident what happened tell me. Lovely says cold coffee fell on her dress,she

is fine.sikander says don’t cry dad will get you new dress,Sikander goes in her dressing,lovely says that’s her old stuff what are you doing,Sikander says found it, and takes amyras old textbooks,and says Amyra my princess dad will get you new dress and leaves.

Lovely says Amyra look what dad did,amyra says how would I know he would do so,Lovely says she will take away your dad and you won’t know that too. Kulfi crying, Sikander shows her textbooks, Kulfi says magic,Sikander says god always helps you.kulfi says thank god. Sikander says now practice how I taught you and show it to Tevar in the evening.

Tevar asks tony chadda for help, Tevar says I lost one contract I’m not getting any,tony says you couldn’t handle your stardom,Tevar says I need help please is for my daughter, Tony says it’s not easy to be a dad,Tevar requests tony to help him. Tony denies,Tevar disheartened leaves. Tevar thinks poor kid of mine is working so hard and I can’t even pay for her school. Tevar lost thinking of kulfi,kulfi says Ma please help,I can’t memorise this,Kulfi gets gets call from Tevar ,he says sorry I can’t come early,Kulfi asks are you upset,Tevar asks what’s wrong,Kulfi says I can’t memorise,Tevar says write it down and you will memorise,and keeps the call. Both get into tears and feel lost.

Kulfi with her burnt hand tries to write and memorise,Tevar goes to a bar and asks the manager to allow him sing and earn some money. Kulfis hand starts bleeding.

Pre cap : Kulfi meets Tevar,he says you just study hard I will manage your fees. Tevar asks manager to give him a lakhs advance.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    It would be great if she sings with Tevar ☺💕

  2. Kulfi deserve Tever than sikki…. i don’t want tevar to become negative just because writers want to reunite Kulfi nd sikki…. hope tevar stay same human being wht he is now…

  3. Deeps..
    Lovely should be punished..her wrong deeds should come in front of sikki…she dose not deserve love n care of mother as she separated kulfi from sikandar….he accepted Amyra even she is not his daughter then y she is doing wrong with kulfi??? Selfish woman…. kulfi should get justice… please show this track….

  4. I think the director , producer and writer doesn’t have heart to solve kulfi and Sikander problem. They keep on punishing these two and giving cudos to lovely, Amyra & mr mrs Chadda. Their truth should come out soon. I just don’t know why they taking such a long time to drag this story.

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