Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: No Telecast

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

No new episode today due to

telecast of Sony’s new show Chandragupta Maurya.

Next episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai will air tomorrow.

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  1. Why no telecast?
    Why does yudkbh always have to suffer in everything? In kbcs timing, kbcs special episode, then post dil hi toh hai, Friday episodes, and now this?

    Especially when in the precap they had written Kal dekhiye.
    Sony is underestimating yudkbh a lot. Our serial bears the brunt of all other serials. Why not push or cancel one episode of that crime serial that comes on Sony after yudkbh? But no.

    Always doing this. Tuesday’s episode had started way before 10.30. at 10.30, that professor was introduced. And sometimes it doesn’t even start at 10.45. and sometimes we’ve had to wait till 11.15 post kbc and dhth. Obviously the trps will reduce na. And then Sony will tell low trps so other shows will be highlighted.

    1. U ryt..this is so unfair 🙁

  2. Very true every time yudkbh why? Skip the episode of crime petrol all the day you are showing that either don’t star any new serial if can’t manage the time. We are the regular viewers of yudkbh so please don’t skip this.

  3. And what is the need of repeating Chandragupta Maurya again at 10:30 when they already aired it at 8:00 pm…???a repeat telecast just in 3 hours???Not fair…
    And Sunshine you are right…They always underestimate YUDKBH then from where will they get trps?

  4. I have been watching YUDKBH from the very first episode being aired in USA, and this is extremely not good what sony is doing with this show, please do respect your viewers too.

  5. mubasshir husain

    Why no telecast episode 312. why sony is doing like this before the reduce the day of this show and now they did this.

  6. Why no telecast? That’s the problem with Sony TV.

  7. Fully agree. The one & only clean entertainment show is always victimised. The channel shouldn’t behave so irresponsibly.

  8. why don’t makers of YUDKB change it to different channel

    1. Yes. Better on Colors

  9. No worth for unique and good shows! first they kept a late timing… late delayed it further.. then they cancel the telecast for other silly things..Later cut down the Friday telecast altogether… now new show again? what the hell is wrong with Sony Channel? can’t they do a research and understand what the viewers think?! 🙁

  10. Plz tell us the exact time….I m watching this from the first day…why alws u understimate this show .?? Why alws shuffle the tym schedule??

  11. Why YUDKBH suspended on 14th nov.? Whether the producers failed to deliver the final edited Episode in time ? Or is it the end of the show due to lack of revenue generation ? Shocked & disappointed at 10.30PM!! It is the only show portraying aam aadhmi culture with good family Values. Mostly other serials show the culture of affluent families where even if snake(Nagina) bites and kills a family member, the rest will continue with drinking, dancing and merry making. Hope YUDKBH will be revived !!

  12. Even I believe there is no telecast today since i checked the Sony Serial schedule of 15th NOV this morning before 9am YUDKBH is not reflecting there – very much irritated with this Sony Channel. They know that YUDKBH has many viewers that is the reason they retelecast Chandragupta Maurya, so many viewers will get familiarize with that but it is unfair on their part…. one way their are promoting the new serial and spoling the TRP of existing popular serial YUDKBH….

    1. Swara23

      R u sure devi coz i checked it yesterday nd i saw yudkbh schedule for tday

  13. What the hell is this…

  14. This is truly disgusting…why always yudkbh..

  15. Change the timings of serial its not fair. If new serial come means why to change serial timings of yeh un dino ki baat hai. And dont skip serials already its only of4 days .

  16. today it will be telecasted at 10:30 pm

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