Jiji Maa 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karma compels Falguni

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The Episode starts with Karma saying I will keep this marriage, come with me on a date, you will know me and fall in love. He goes. Falguni cries. She goes out and sees Piyali crying. She hugs her. Suyash gets angry. Falguni says Karma is not believing us, he hates Piyali and wants to take revenge, he has proof, he can prove our marriage, he has made us helpless. Niyati asks what will we do now. Falguni says we have to prove that our marriage was fake, we have to make Karma believe Piyali. Vidhaan and Niyati say we can’t do anything. Falguni says I will go with Karma. Suyash refuses. She says we have no other way than this, for the sake of the family. Niyati asks Suyash not to worry, they won’t let Karma succeed. Suyash and everyone join hands.

Uttara comes to Karma and says you look like

a human, happiness suits you. He says I don’t know if I m really happy or not, else I could never think of anyone else. She says I m not in a mood to listen to your sad story, go out with Falguni, you can do a lot more with her. He laughs and says I have done a lot of this, I wasn’t born yesterday, I don’t want to do anything with Falguni. She says I m not saying this, you have to make Falguni believe that your problems got doubled. He says I married Falguni, not Piyali. She says they are fooling you, you are running after them as a puppet, I will tell you what to do with Falguni, you will do it, claim husband’s rights, force her to break down, you are her Lord, you married her, you have become her husband.

Niyati comes to Falguni. She asks her not to worry. She says we will flop Karma’s date plan. Piyali says its all my mistake. Falguni says don’t blame yourself, we will get over this. Suyash calls Falguni and says I m not able to find about that pandit. Vidhaan calls Niyati and says lawyer has gone abroad for vacation. Piyali says Karma would have sent them away. Falguni says then I have to go on date with him. She comes to room and finds Karma’s gifts.

She sees some nail there and tears the saree by the nail to avoid wearing it. He says its fine if you can’t wear this saree, you look beautiful in every saree, get ready now. He says we will have a date in front of your husband and Piyali, I don’t care what you wear, I will see their faces, get ready. She stays strong. She gets ready. She meets Karma on the date. Suyash and everyone looks on. Karma tries to anger Suyash. Vidhaan and Niyati come there and argue. They try to ruin Karma’s date. Karma says I will celebrate my date some how. He asks waiter to play song. He asks Falguni to dance with him. Suyash stops him and asks him not to dare touch Falguni. He says enough of this game now, you like to trouble others, don’t take much advantage of her. Karma punches him.

Suyash stops him and signs no. Falguni says Suyash, leave him please. Karma says I can teach you a lesson well, I pity you, I have gone through this pain of losing love, when Piyali went away, Piyali is my past and Falguni is my wife. He goes. Falguni cries. Piyali comes to Karma. She says you love me and know that I can’t lie to you. Karma says I will do whatever I want with Falguni. She says then you won’t care for my life. He smiles. She says fine, then I will kill myself. She goes to stab herself. He stops her. He gives her another knife and asks her to die. She gets shocked when he starts scolding her. He beats himself and bleeds his back. Suyash consoles Falguni. He says we still have a way, I will kill Karma. She stops him. Piyali comes. Falguni tells her about the intimacy video. Piyali says trust me, nothing happened between us. Falguni thinks Uttara has done this and provoked Karma. She says we have to make another fake video and show Karma.

Falguni says Uttara wants to use you against me and Suyash, you have to decide now. She shows him another video. He gets shocked and goes to point knife at Uttara’s neck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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