Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina’s balcony escapade

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina is sneezing badly. Preeti wakes up hearing some sound. She looks out of the window. Sneeze slowly. I feel it is breaking the mirror a little. They hear tap sounds at the mirror and go out to check. Sameer is standing downstairs. He has brought medicine for Naina. Preeti is all smiles. This love! Naina tries to stop Sameer who instead signals his friends to hurry up. Munna and Pundit bring a big ladder there. Preeti looks on in disbelief. Munna reminds Sameer to be careful. We will be dead if Safari Suri (Rakesh) wakes up. They hold the ladder for Sameer as he climbs upstairs. Naina is worried seeing them thus. Munna and Pundit are having hard time holding the ladder. Naina looks at Sameer so cutely as he reaches balcony.

(Background – Naina):
Sameer not just treated

my cold that day. He also treated our love. It was like Romeo and Juliet play playing before us. Sameer was Romeo. I also became Juliet that day. Romeo lost Juliet whereas my Romeo kept medicine in my hand that day.

Preeti goes inside to keep an eye on everyone. Sameer tells Naina to take the medicine thrice a day. Munna and Pundit wonder what they will say to any passerby.

(Background – Sameer):
Night watchman shouts “Jaagte Raho” at night whereas my watchmen were hoping that no one wakes up that day. Friendship and love are like that only. One person falls in love and his friends have to also lose their sleep because of it!

Munna, Pundit and Preeti and keeping tabs at their respective places. Sameer and Naina keep looking at each other.

Chacha ji wakes up hearing some commotion. He goes out to check. Naina is worried that Chacha ji might see them. We will be in trouble if he sees us. Sameer climbs upstairs. Preeti coughs. Sameer makes Munna and Pundit hide the ladder. They also stand closer to the wall so as to avoid getting seen. Anand checks in the balcony but does not see anyone. Naina prays to be saved this time. I wont repeat it ever. Anand heads back inside. Munna and Pundit have dozed off in the meantime. Sameer shouts their name to wake them up. They hurriedly place the ladder again. Sameer tells Naina to take medicine on time and descends from the ladder. Preeti smiles. Sameer, Munna and Pundit wave at the girls. Naina sneezes again. They go inside too.

Next morning, Kartik gives one camera each to all his friends. It will be like our third eye. Sunaina asks him who he wants to click. He takes Naina’s name. They are puzzled. Kartik wants to remove Naina from her GS post. Right now, entire college is against Naina. A small mistake and Principal Ma’am will remove her from her post asap. You (Sunaina) will become the GS then. Remember what Ma’am said that day? One girl repeats that Ma’am said girls and boys shouldn’t be too close. Kartik wants to catch Sameer and Naina red handed. His friends are positive they wont come close like that. Kartik wants the angle to be like that. It may not be true but it should appear like that only. Swati looks on.

Preeti teases Naina that she isn’t sneezing anymore. Naina replies that she said it was nothing. Naina gets lost looking at Sameer and stumbles in her step. Preeti points out that she said some evil eye has fallen on her. naina smiles. I cannot take off my eyes form someone. Cannot help! Sameer smiles in reply. I am handsome after all. Naina replies back sweetly. Preeti gives something to Naina to ward off evil eye. They all discuss about how entire India was feeding milk to Ganesha yesterday. Some believe in it while some are against that idea completely. Kartik’s friends close in to click some pictures.

Kartik’s friends run off seeing JBR and Principal Ma’am come there suddenly. They too are having a discussion on the same topic. Naina and her friends overhear their conversation. They talk about their own beliefs later on. Naina calls it the fear inside them which is why some of them believe that idols drink milk. Sameer gets an idea. He asks everyone to head to the room. I will go to library. He holds Naina’s hands. Exams might postpone but Dandiya wont cancel or postpone. I will come back soon. Naina smiles. Kartik’s friends fail in clicking the photo. Preeti turns to Naina. Jija ji is going to library. Another miracle is happening! Naina shrugs. I don’t know.

(Background – Sameer):
It was no less than a miracle for me to go to library. Munna and Pundit might forget my birthday but they don’t forget the day I went inside the library like one many army and came out victorious!

Naina finds the idea not so convincing but Sameer manages to convince her. Kartik’s friends cannot take a photo as someone collides with them.

Naina and Sameer are looking at each other while talking. Naina is reluctant to lie that Mata Rani wont be happy if Dandiya does not happen. Sameer insists that he has thought it out. I too have a connection with Mata Rani. Plus, she never gets upset with her kids. Something or the other goes wrong whenever Kartik’s friends try to click a photo. They give up on the idea.

Sameer offers to convince Principal Ma’am somehow. I have another idea. He asks Munna and Pundit to head to the temple. Naina wants to accompany but Sameer stops her. now I too am confused if I am doing the right thing or not. if I am wrong, then I should be the only one getting punished.

(Background – Naina):
People from 1990’s still wonder about the TV remote and how it worked. We dint have TV with a remote but we had an adventure like Sameer in our life. It is true that you cannot understand someone fully but if you read the book completely, it gets finished.

Precap: Sameer, Munna and Pundit lie to Principal Ma’am that Mata Rani came in their dreams. She was unhappy over the fact that Navratra function got cancelled this time. She was very angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. So Mission Medicine delivery accomplished successfully 😅…I thought there will be some balcony romance but it was only from Sameer’s side…Naina was more frightened than romantic 😅…
    Come on Swati… Don’t befriend with these cheapsters…Just leave them…
    Two idiots of Sunaina-Kartik loose every chance of clicking photos…😂😂They are useless…and god is with Samaina…
    JBR “bad jokes” but too good🤣👍 …”Maine to nhi kha”😂😂

  2. Yes I always find sander being the more romantic of the two…Anyways really looking forward to their navratri celebration romance😍

  3. Ashu, it was not Sunaina-Karthik it is Priyank and Mithali and the entire gang is useless.
    so i am eargerly waiting for the Gift segment now after convincing the Principal mam, sameer will gift Naina that “SN” pendant so there will be some romance between SAMAINA….

    Swati – she is waiting for good chance to reunited with her friends….even she is always Naina’s friend and want to save her … she will do something to save SAMAINA from this Photo problem….

    Munna – How he looks very normal after loosing Swati – their love is not stronger even it should be more stronger than SAMAINA since Munna loves Swati from his 6th Standard…..I don;t feel that pain in Munna which Sameer had gone through when he loses Naina…..

    Pandit – Always make others happy….very innocent just the same as Preethi…..

    longing to see the Navratri segment

    1. Actually makers always give preference to Samaina love story…This is the reason why Previous Arjun and Shefali left the show… According to them there was nothing much for them in the show…(as per sources)
      Same is with Munna-Swati…They want to potray only their friendship side with Sameer and Naina…and not the Munna-Swati love story…

      1. Yeah I know. But it’s sad.
        I never saw Sameer and pandit help Munna talk to swati late night or go to her place. They’re just like friends who like each other. While saneer and Naina are adorable, I want to see how they support their friends too.
        Plus now I want to see what Naina does for the navratri event. It’s always Sameer eho shadows her and does her things. While its really cute, but Naina keeps telling she’s never learnt to fail, so I wish to see her genuinely do something on her own.

  4. Oh my god typo error.. sameer not sander

  5. mahi tripathi

    Such a cute…this reminded me of my love story…sometime before i hardly caught cold flu nd cough…but during lapse of time i couldn’t took medicine neither i had tht at home…at night when i was talking my bf on phone who lives 15 km far away from my home…he realized abt my condition nd came to my house at night with med. Just bcoz he couldn’t take my sickness nd as i didn’t had balcony at my home😂😂…i took this through my room’s window….which was a lot risky…but the most danger thing was tht even he didn’t had tht med. At home…nd one of his frnd have his medical so he troubled even his frnd tht nyt at around 12:30 nd took med. From his medical nd came to me….love u

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