RadhaKrishn 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna Grabs Radha’s Attention

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Kirtida asks Krishna to describe how he saved Radha. He says he saved from Kans’ soldiers and took her away, he then fought with them and when he returned, he did not find Radha. Radha angrily says he is lying and tells Vrishbhan that this young man is a trickster. Krishna says if she thinks so, he does not mind. Vrishbhan says Radha is nervous now and thanks Krishna for saving Radha. He asks who is and who are his parents. Krishna says he came from where even Vrishbhan wants to go, son of who is waiting for him, one whom everyone wants to meet. Vrishbhan says he did not understand. Krishna says he is the one because of whom Radha opened her eyes first and reminds the incident. Vrishbhan says he cannot forget the incident and even Krishna, that means he.. Krishna he is Nand baba and

Yashoda maiya’s son Krishna. Radha repeats Krishna. Krishna’s facial expression changes. Time freezes. Krishna walks to her smiling. Tum prem ho…song..plays in the background. Radha smiles, then gets out of imagination and says he is a magician.

Kans sends royal food to Devaki and Vasudev in jail. They both stand confused. Kans walks in and asks them to have sweets and reveals he found Devaki’s 8th son who is in Gokul and challenges that he will kill Krishna from his hands, get ready to see her 8th son’s murder, her brother will prove forecast wrong. Devaki calls his name. Kans asks if she forgot to respect her brother. Devaki says what is the use of relationships which will end in sometime and asks her to have sweet and return only with her son’s death news, else don’t show his face again. Kans stands fuming.

Vrishbhan asks Krishna why did not he inform earlier that he is his close friend Nand’s son. Krishna says Radha called him trickster and magician and did not let him speak. Vrishbhan says Radha doe snot let them also speak. They laugh. Radha asks Vrishbhan if he will also support Krishna. Potter enters and thanks Vrishbhan for convincing Kans to take back his order. Vrishbhan realizes that Kans must have found out that boy. Kirtida asks Krishna’s reason for coming there. Krishna gives Nand’s letter to Vrishbhan and says he will leave now. Kirtida asks to have food and go. He says his mother would not eat without him. Vrishbhan and Kirtida leave. Krishna suggests Radha to stay away from anger and fear and walks away.

Radha hears Krishna playing bansuri/flute and thinks she will catch this bansuriwala. Krishna walks on street playing bansuri. Radha runs behihnd him reminiscing hearing bansuri since childhood and searching him.

Krishna gives moral gyaan how will they tie love with rope, love is made of trust and trust is made of truth, if truth is what we saw or what we thought, truth is what we believe in and belief is what we thought truth is, reality is truth and belief are 2 sides of 1 coin and are incomplete without each other.

Precap: Kans gets ready to kill Krishna. Krishna tells Radha that he loves a Barsana girl. Radha asks what is her name. Krishna says her name is….

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  1. Kamalanayani

    I dont understand but…
    The palace of Kans looks like Suryasabha/ Suryaloka of Shani serial😕😉
    Anyone else seeming so.???

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