Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina tries to stop Pandit and Munna’s fight

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti teacher asking Naina about the love letter. Naina’s voiceover tells about teacher and student’s relation at that time and tells that she was standing infront of her as if she was accused. Shanti teacher asks Naina if this is right. Naina says we haven’t done anything wrong. Shanti teacher says that’s why I am asking you and not talking to others. She asks her not to take any wrong step. Naina hugs her. Sameer’s voiceover tells that everyone was hopeful that Naina will find her right way, but I ?

Deepika is playing with kids. She tells Dadi that Sameer’s friends were smoking. Sameer feels bored and thinks to call Naina, thinks she must be in school now. He thinks to play cards. His friends come in open gypsy. His voiceover tells that it was style statement to sit in open gypsy. Sameer goes it. Dadi sees him leaving in car. His friends give him cigarette. Sameer refuses to smoke thinking about Naina. They ask with whom, he was in Ahmedabad. They see girls and plays cassette. They tease the girls. Girls’ brother comes there with his men. Sameer apologizes to them. They ask if he will accept sorry if they touch his city girls. Sameer gets angry. They begin fighting. Sameer beats a man to save his friend and says sorry. His friends take him from there. His voiceover tells that whenever he thinks about it, he feels bad that he was silent when his friends were teasing the girls. He says I still repent for that.

Munna asks Swati if she got the card. She asks him to get him treated. He hears seniors telling that Pandit threw Munna’s card in the dustbin and said that Munna looks like a donkey and Swati doesn’t like him. Deepika makes drawing and shows to Dadi. Dadi says we will show this to your papa. She smiles as Sameer is not in the painting.

Munna comes to Pandit and fights with him. Pandit says I didn’t tell this before, but I will tell you now. Swati and Preeti try to stop the fight. Preeti says lets go and bring Naina. Seniors enjoy as they fight. Swati tells Naina that Munna and Pandit are fighting with each other. Naina comes to them and scolds them. She says you are Sameer’s life and he is your life. Seniors ask them to fight. Naina asks Munna and Pandit to shake hands and ends the fight. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina knew that Munna and Pandit was missing him badly. Naina gets worried and tells about her bad dream.

Mr. Sumani tells Vishaka that Sameer is smoking. Sameer says I don’t smoke. Dadi says he must be having it. Mr. Sumani asks him to show where is Cigarette.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Hmm I m enjoying it still, gud to see bonding btw all these frnds, that’s why I love this show, multi couple shows are always fabulous , loved Preeti Swati Naina Munna and pandit bonding, Shanti teacher I salute u,u are different from others and believe in sorting problems by talking and not by quarreling. U managed up everything without letting anyone know and taught lesson to Naina too, poor Sameer in btw these stupid guys,Deepika is so innocent, I think that dadi willl use Deepika against Sameer about smoking proofs, missing Rohan and Arjun . Enjoying alot ,gud nyt guys.

  2. Hi shanthi has done her job well……naina realized her duty at this age..and her family……munna and pandit they couldn’t know what to do after leave their best friend sameer they also missed sameer alot .cannot express their feelings……. but in Delhi poor sameer no good company…… so he is spoiling ……but plz RAKESH GO TO DELHI AND BEAT DADI …AND WARN her DON”T spoil the imageOF MY HONE WALI THAMAJI. POOR SAMEER. NO FATHER SUPPORT AND MOTHER HAS KNOW RIGHTS……

  3. Today’s episode was okay. And I really liked the way Shanti teacher spoke to Naina, and also comforted her at the end. She is a good example of how a teacher should be. And I also hope that the fight between Munna and Pandit won’t last long. The only part which I didn’t like was where Sameer finds himself drawn towards bad habits. I really hope that our Samaina will be able to successfully solve all the problems which they face. ❤❤
    Precap – 🙁

  4. Thanks Hasan as usual for prompt update and kudos Lokesh for a very first review comments. Hope to read another 23 comment. At one stage we had that many people commenting. Hope our wishful thinking and comments reach the creatives which get addressed.

    1. Shagun25

      Exactly..around the time of that mount any trip ,,comments used to reach 200-250 on weekends..M missing dat Purana wala fans

  5. Thanks Hasan for your quick update and Lokesh for your 1stf comnent?. I posted this earlier but was not moderated early Enid early enuf??

  6. To be true while mundit were fighting its actually was not serious they both looked as they were pretending, it was funny apart from the hard slap…. But naina should sort out this problem soon…… I saw in Twitter, naagen mirza one of the writer asked people to have patience n wait but don’t know why they’re taking this much big risk during IPL time, some will be not interested in seeing this Delhi track n would definitely opt to matches which will result in downfall of trp….. Day by day the CV’s are breaking fandom heart….. But still fan’s lets have patience n wait, the same thing happened before when naina knew about sameer’s challenge she became so stubborn n sameer had to face alot of problems in order for her forgiveness but after that we got a big treat in the form of shaadi sequence like that we might also have some interesting happy upcoming tracks….. ✌n let’s try to be optimistic in all ups and downs of this unique serial✌✌?❤❤❤

    1. Shagun25

      Very true San

  7. By watching each n every episode I’m going back to my school life this half an hour takese to fourteen years of my school life

    I thoroughly enjoying d each n every single moment of samaina life

  8. San u r absolutely right. We should keep patience as we can get a big surprise. I think that our comments should reach the writters of the story as they will get to know what do viewers think about this show and what they expect from them. This would help in increasing trp.

  9. Right San. An upcoming dream sequence is waiting for us. In an video, I saw that wherever naina looks, there she’ll see Sameer. We can see Sameer in different getup. Like milkman, postman etc… He was really looking cute in those pics. A treat is waiting for us in the upcoming episodes.

    1. Yeah sai i’ve too watched that, waiting for that episode ?don’t know when will it be telecasted

  10. Coming to todays episode. It was nice. It was great to look at the relationship between teachers and students. Wish that I could have a teacher like her. I really got angry at Sameer. Sameer fought with the person who came to fight for the girls ?. His frnds were misbehaving with the girls and he was simply staring. And he also fought for them. Sameer cannot do like this. Sameer should make his frnds to understand what they are doing is wrong. He should change them. They shouldn’t change him. If it happens, I’m really happy!!!

  11. Ghvpriya

    It’s totally true van. We will soon witness good moments in the show ???. We just need to wait for those moments ???

    Guys see this link.
    Sameer aur naina dust ka dam promotion.

  13. Shagun25

    Hello ,,M commenting after a long long time..big fan of this beautiful show..js wanna say dat plz hv patience..we will soon witness the wonderful moments again..highs and lows r a part of the life and being such a realistic show ,,it has to encompass everyday moments of a teenager’s life..things will soon fall into place ..fingers crossed..much love to SAMAINA..keep commenting YUDKBH family..

  14. Hello everyone
    Great to see some previous viewed returns returning. ghVPriya, Anu, Van.
    Thanks San, Shagun25, SAi, Nandini for your comments. PLease post comments. i jst wait to hearfrom youall

  15. Track is diverting slowly from its original music.All the luck

  16. Dadi is definitely behind those goons

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