Laado 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu slaps Shaurya, says she is not old Juhi

Laado 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish trying to stop the kids. Shagun says if they behave well then she will give them chocolates. Amrish says if this continues then they will lose everything. Kajal gives cauliflower to kids as gift. They thank her. Girl asks Shaurya to give gift to Juhi. Shaurya smiles. He tells them bye. Anushka thinks she shall go with Shaurya. She agrees. He takes her terrace and shows the decoration. Anu says I will leave. Shaurya asks her to wait for sometime and keeps her hand on his chest, making her feel his heart beat. He says everything will be fine now. She takes back her card and says my birthday is still 2 months far. Shaurya is shocked and says you have changed your birthday too. Anushka says why I will tell 2 months when I know it is 3 months far, and says today is nothing. Shaurya says I remember the promise which I did on your 10th birthday. Shaurya reminds her of the dress which she had worn that day.

A fb is shown, Shaurya brings cake for Juhi. Juhi gets happy and keeps the candle. She says you would have brought 10 candles. Shaurya says he had less money. Juhi asks him to promise that be will bring one candle every year. Fb ends. Shaurya says I was thinking since 10 years when I will fulfill my promise. Anushka thinks Juhi is lucky as he is waiting for her. Anu sees 10 cakes with candles on them. She cuts them and makes Shaurya have it. She thanks him. Shaurya holds her hand while a song plays….Rabba mere Rabba. Shaurya says he was waiting for this day since long time. Servant comes there and says Dadi called her. Anushka goes. Shaurya thanks God for sending Juhi back.

Goon asks Tej if Malhari is marrying an electric junction. Tej gets angry. Rantej tells that he will get Veerpur’s power back.

Dadi asks Anushka if she had a kiss with Shaurya. Anushka says what you are saying and feels shy. Shaurya comes to Anushka’s room through window and says he thought to complete their meeting. Anushka says if this is the time to come and asks him to sleep. She closes the window. Shaurya comes inside the door and says he knows to find way. He holds her hand and says we shall end the hide and seek game. He holds her again. Rabba Mere Rabba plays….

He is about to kiss her, but Anushka slaps him. Shaurya looks angrily. Anushka says I am not old Juhi and asked for time. She asks why he is trying to misbehave with her. Shaurya says it is not misbehavior, but love. Anushka says it is gundagiri, and tells that this is what he learnt in juvenile home. Shaurya says you behave like you are not Juhi. He says I have realized that I have lost you and will not knock on your window or get close, or will search love in your eyes for which I waited for years. He walks out.

Anushka cries looking at Juhi’s pic and cries for hurting shaurya. Kuldeep asks Shagun if she called him. Shagun asks where are you and tells about the tamasha in the party. Kuldeep tells that Kajal was very happy. Amrish says Kajal’s parents asked him to send pics, what to send now. Shagun says once Anushka signs on the papers then everything will be fine. Dadi tells that she will take chadawa to temple. Shagun says they were very tired.

Dadi tells Anushka that it seems I have to get you married soon. Anushka says it is not like that, it was all past. Dadi asks if they had a fight. Anu says I am not his old Juhi. Dadi thinks to unite them and says see what I will do in the morning.

Bunty comes to Shaurya and asks how is he? Shaurya asks what happened to me? Bunty says everything is clean and done, and tells Rangoli told me about Juhi and your sizzling chemistry in Party. He says you couldn’t handle work and that’s why acting like this. Shaurya asks him not to take Juhi’s name again.

Dadi sends Shaurya and Anu to temple. Goons surround Anu. Shaurya beats them. Anu hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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