Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan’s court hearing

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Court hearing starts. Lawyer says this case is crystal clear. I will prove in minutes that Shan killed his FIL. Judge says who is the other lawyer? He says there are no defendants. Asmita comes as a lawyer and says I will fight Shan’s case. Asmita says I am Asmita Kumari, here is my practice license.
Lawyer says Shan was involved with another girl outside his marriage. Shivankar tried to tell him not to do that. Hence, he killed Shivankar. He calls Aditya. Lawyer asks him, did Shan threaten Shivankar? Adituya says yes, he threatened shivankar. He says now I would call Ravindra in the witness box.

Ravindra coems in witness box. Lawyer asks has shan hit his wife? He says yes this is true. Shan has hit her. Lawyer says he has an extramarital affair and he lives with that woman? Ravindra says yes that’s true. Lawyer says here are the rental papers of the flat. How would a father tolerate his SIL living with another woman and hitting his wife? He tried speaking to Shan and shan attacked him.

ASmita says I want to ask Shan a few questions. Asmita asks what happened therE? He says when I entered that room it was dark. Shivankar was stabbed already. Lawer says was there someone else? Shan says no. Lawyer says so he stabbed himself? He says the woman he is involved with is asmita. Shan says I love her. don’t say a word about her. I will kill you. He says another death threat. Judge says shan you need to control yourself. The court goes for break.

Asmita comes and hugs sHan. She says I will fix everything. Your Puchki is always here for you. He says I trust you completely. ASmita says I want to tell you something. A policeman comes and asks asmita to leave the room. sHan wonders what did she want to tell.

Hearing starts again. Asmita says there is no witness. There is no proof agaisnt shan. Lawyer says he has the knife in his hand. Don’t waste court’s time. When the case is so clear we don’t need a witness. Suddenly someone throws in smoke bomb. Everyone coughs. Asmita is stabbed. she screams. The lawyer takes out her knife. Asmita gets up. She says sorry it was all a drama. Ridoy threw that bomb. Asmita says like he didn’t stab me but there is knife in is hand. Same happened with Shan. He tried to ease Shivankar’s pain. shan is being trapped. Judge says do you know who is the murderer then? She says yes the murderer is in court, it is Nandani. Everyone is dazed.
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    are you serious? this show will never give happy moments! Shan always gets in court and Puchki has too always do work.. enough of this drama and just go find Arindham and Chanda! Shan is anyway useless.. when will Nevi, beauty and neel’s crimes come out.. why do they always show court judge and police weak.. stop dishonoring police! I want #Shamita reincarnation now or pls bring in new characters and remove that short expressionless Avi can’t bear him in place of real Shantanu ( Manu goplani)

    1. You’re calling Avi expressionless…that is laughable. He’s the only actor on this show besides Renee who doesn’t cringe overact! Cannot believe there are still people who would prefer Manish…i am glad he left because he doesn’t deserve all this! The character Shaan is getting so sidelined and is so useless to the plot, why would any actor want to portray him? I feel so so sorry for Avi his talent is being wasted.

    2. SHANKI

      Roshani you basically just proved my point that manish is better than avinash you also admitted that no actor would do YTG except avinash ? so everyone is far better than Avinash..
      you also said manish deserves better than this! LOL maybe read ur comments before posting them.. Thanks again Roshni!

  2. Avinash mishra bohot ach66a& bohot talented actor show Mai uski,vrushika ki,beauty ke liye abtak dekh Rahi hu.nahi to specially vrussy& Avinash nahi hote to ye serial ki storyline ki tera leads ki acting disgusting ho jati.manish bhi ac66a hai par ytg Mai Avinash mishra ki tera perfect Shaan ki role Ko bhi nahi jar sakta.child Ayan Shaan ki role jab play Kia tha.,uski expression Sai young Shaan Avinash ki expression ekdom match Karti hai so,Avinash is perfect for Shaan & pair of vrusy

    1. SHANKI

      Pallavi shut up avinash is too short for the girl

    2. No @Shanki, that was not what I said at all, or not what I meant to convey at least. Sorry you misunderstood, but I said Avinash is far better than most of the other people on this show in my opinion. Also a fan of Manish but, I cannot deny Avinash is doing a good job… It is obvious from your comments you are against him but there are lots of people who support him. I also think any actor should not have to portray a character that is sidelined so much, especially given the fact that he is one of the leads of the show. I do agree with your points though that Shaan’s character is completely useless, Asmita deserves better.

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