Choti Sardarni 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab to get married

Choti Sardarni 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant says to inspector I don’t know any manav and do you know this is Sarpanj’s kulwant’s house. Go tell your DSP I am not coming. Inspector says I will have to be a policeman if you don’t listen. Rana says what? He says call Meher. You two have to come with me. Kulwant says Meher isn’t home. I will go with you. She sits in their jeep.

Meher recalls her moments with Manav. She looks at her red dupatta. Meher sews it. Meher cries. Amrita says if I could, I would take all your pain in my fate. You always said, please handle it. Meher now you handle yourself. This dupatta is manav’s love. You are doing all this for your baby. You have to stop thinking about Manav. Meher cries.

Kulwant says to Tara are you mad? Tara says this is my police station. This isn’t your panchayat. Kulwant says are you scaring me? Tara says better be scared. Did this Manav come to your house? Kulwant says I don’t know him. Tara says so sharma is lying? Kulwant says how would I know? We are going to be Sarb’.. Tara says Sarabjit has asked us to investigate this case. Where is your daughter? Kulwant says she is getting engaged tomorrow. I can’t bring her here today. Please don’t do this. How can you do that. My daughter is getting married. Tara says sign here and go. This is just the beginning. I will investigate every aspect of this case.

Sharma says Meher loves Manav. How can she get engaged. Tara says this is the twist. This case would be fun to solve.
Kulwant says if I knew Sharmw would do this, I would do the same to him. He can’t fight me. Sarab calls Kulwant. She says yes let me give the phone to Meher. Kulwant comes to Meher and says take the phone and talk to sarab. Sarab says are you feeling better? You sound upset. Kulwant says talk to him. Sarab says your mom said you are upset because I postponed the marriage. I am sorry, we will get engaged. I would never hurt you. Everything you say, only that would happen. Kulwant hugs her and says wow. Let’s prepare for haldi.

Scene 2
Param wakes up. He says I saw a scary dream. Sarab says don’t be scared. Ghosts are fun. I have had parties with them. Param says how are ghost parties? Sarab says close your eyes. He turns into ghost and plays with Param. He dances with Param. Param says I wanna be ghost too. Sarab dresses him. They dance together. Harleen comes and says who would know such big politician would do all this. he says these are all aspects of life.

Scene 3
The haldi starts. Param says don’t make my papa dirty. He pours water on Sarab’s face. He cleans his face. A woman says he did bad shagun.
Meher sits in haldi.
Precap-Meher says in front of Harleen I don’t want to do all this..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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