Yeh Teri Galiyan 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan says he wants to marry Asmita

Yeh Teri Galiyan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says thank you God. You have united us finally. You have made us one. He will live with me forever. Asmita recalls Shan asking her to marry him. She recalls bridesmaids around her. Asmita dances on chandani raat. Asmita says this dream would be reality. I am so happy. No one can part us this time. No one can stop our wedding.

The wedding starts. Ravindra brings Shan downstairs. Pandit ji says bring the bride. Nandani comes downstairs. Shan sees asmits as a bride. She stands next to him. Shan is dazed. He looks around for Asmita. Pandit ji asks them to sit down. Shan is worried. He starts the mantra. Pandit ji asks thaku ma to tie their knot together. Beauty says this wedding would happen with Bengali rituals? Bua says yes it should be. Shan says in heart I will only get married to asmita. but where is she?

Asmita comes downstairs. She recalls what shan said. Asmita slips from stairs. Shan picks her. He says asmita are you okay. Thaku ma says what’s happening here. I knew she would do some drama. You are here because you are Ridoy’s widow. But you are trapping your BIL? But enough. You deserve to be in sona gachi. Come with me. Shan says stop. Shan takes Asmita’s hand from Thaku ma’s hand. He says enough. You have said enough. Nandani says can’t you see what is she doing and why. she wants to stop our wedding. I won’t let her succeed. Let’s get married then we will see all this. She takes him to mandap. Shan says no I can’t marry you. Everyone is dazed. Nandani says I can’t live without you. You can’t leave me. I am your Puchki. Shan says I am sorry but I don’t love you. You deserve someone who loves you. Marriage is done with equal love from both sides. I can’t do that. Thaku ma says but.. Shan says this is between me and Puchki. A third person can’t interfere. Shan says I really love Asmita. I have a connection with her. It is more precious than even love. I don’t feel anything for you. When she comes in front of me, I feel something. I can’t feel the same for you but I don’t have any control over the heart. And I know Asmita is Ridoy’s wife and people would speak against it. But I will hold her hand. No one will call her a widow anymore. I love and respect her and want to own her. I am marrying her.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Leisa s morris

    And of course now dat he has decided to marry asmita ridhoy is goin to make his entrance hmmmmmm. Atleast he choose her dis time hope his actions make nandini confess to not being puchki but of course with ridhoys return she will still have a chance and d writers wont let dat chance go to waste. Wat I dont understand though is y noone is questioning thaku maa as every chance she gets she keeps saying asmita belongs in sona cachi and wants to take her there. By her claim asmita is not puchki but she keeps referring asmita with sona cachi. Yet she is treating nandini whom she claim as puchki as if shes not from sona cachi so wat gives?

    1. So true Leisa, if Asmita isn’t Puchki, why the heck is Thuku Ma telling her she belongs to Sonagachi? You see how stupid these writers are? They always underestimate our remembrance and intelligence, hell, no one needs to be intelligent to see how inconsistent and illogical these writers think.. For sure Ridhoy will be there, just in time to stop the marriage…

  2. Can anyone tell me how many times Asmita fallen down in this serial. I get annoyed to see her fall every time and then Shaan is ready to catch her.

  3. Anisha Ramrathan

    What about the episode where Shan and the real Putchki were in the forest and the fake Putchki and her nanny said that Shan is with Putchki in front of everyone and no one caught up except for Bijoy, and that too at night in his sleep. Do the writers really know what they are doing/writing/saying. What is this thing about bringing back people from the dead. You writers give viewers false hope by creating all these unrealistic stories and perceptions.

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