Gathbandhan 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak interrogates Mai

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Gathbandhan 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu and family is in police station. Dhanak takes off Raghu’s cuffs. He glares at her and takes off his turban. Mai takes off her jewelry too. Dhanak is sad but controls her emotions. She holds Raghu’s arm and puts him in jail. She locks Mai in different cell and looks away. Raghu says Mai tell her that she is wrong, you know me. Dhanak says you went to Nasik? Raghu says yes but we went to mandir only, I dont know any Lakshmi, she is trapping us. Dhanak says there were drugs in your car and Mai took them to Lakshmi, she took her name. Lakshmi was Vimla kaki, why Mai hid her identity? Raghu says she might have mistaken her as her friend Vimla. Dhanak says she knows everything about your family. Mai was involved in that drug case, she planned with her. Raghu says you are lying. Dhanak asks Mai to tell truth. Raghu says dont lie Dhanak. Mai says she is telling truth, I took drugs to Nasik and she was ready to give me 50 lacs, I thought our lives would change, I didnt get any money but sent you to jail. Raghu says no.. tell me this is a lie. Mai looks away. Raghu says why did you do it? I trusted you so much and you cheated us? You crossed all limits, I am ashamed to call you my Mai, my relation with you ends today. Dhanak says dont say that. Raghu says you were right, she should be punished, Tawre was right, we are goons… it all turns out to be Mai’s dream. Dhanak pleads Mai to tell truth. Mai says I dont know any Lakshmi, I just know Vimla, I took her in as she was ill, I dont know why she was involved in drug case. Dhanak says dont lie, we have proofs. Mai says that Lakshmi is lying. Raghu asks Dhanak to not torture Mai. Commissioner comes there and says dont waste time, we have to start interrogation, I need statement from all these people. He offers her a stick. Dhanak is tensed but takes it. Commissioner leaves. Raghu is in shock. Raghu says Dhanak.. you will hit Mai? if you do it then we will be finished. Dhanak pleads Mai to tell her truth, I dont want to do this, I have one hour so cooperate with me. Dhanak comes to Mai. Mai says wow, first you became our daughter in law and now want to punish for something that I didnt do? Dhanak falls down and says why you are lying? Please tell me truth. Commissioner comes there and asks what is happening here? Cant you interrogate them? You dont have relation with them, they are criminals, I thought you could do this case but you couldnt so I dismiss you from this case. He calls another officer and says you are incharge from now on. Dhanak thinks what to do save my family?

PRECAP- Officer starts beating Mai. Raghu shouts for them to stop it. Dhanak pleads commissioner too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ridiculous that Dhanak should be involved in any part of this investigation, as soon as her family were named no police force in the world would keep her on the case. It’s a conflict of interest. As soon as a case becomes personal there can be no impartiality. The writers should have some common sense

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