Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki says no to Ridhoy

Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridhoy says dada I am so happy. I am flying. I can’t tell you what happened. Shan says what happened? He says I love her so much. Come with me. Lets go to shopping. I will buy everything. I am so happy. Her parents came here. I can’t believe this happened. Nevi looks at Shan. Ridhoy says lets go. Shan says tomorrow.. Nevi says why tomorrow? Aren’t you happy? Shan says I am really happy. Nevi says then take him shopping. Nevi says yes he knows latest fashions very well. He will buy good things for asmita. Shan and Ridhoy leave. nevi says i wont let anyone take Ridhoy’s happiness from him.

Puchki comes to temple and prays for her success. she says I have decided.
Asmita comes to Nevi and says I am sorry aunty. I can’t marry Ridhooy. I wanted

to tell. Nevi says why are you saying this. It is too late now. Why? We will keep you very happy. Ridhou loves you very much. I promise you.. Don’t break his heart. He really loves you. Puchki says but this would be wrong. Nevi says I can talk to your parents.. Puchki says it is about me. I can’t marry him. Nevi says is it because he is handicapped? Puchki says no. That’s not the reason. Nevi says then what is? Is someone forcing you? She says no this is my decision. I don’t have time for wedding. Nevi says he will let you focus on your career. We will help you please I beg you don’t take my son’s happiness from him. I request you. Puchki says please don’t say all this. Nevi says I am a mother. Puchki says please.. Nevi says I beg you. Puchki leaves. Nevi is in tears.
Puchki says please God help me get out of all this. She looks at a man taking money from another man.

Puchki follows them. She asks the butler. he says this is my job. I get an envelope and I have to give it to that man. Puchki follows that man. Shan sees her leaving.
Shan comes home. Nevi shows him poison and says this isn’t for you. This is for me and Ridhoy. Kill us so your problems end forever. You can rule this wealth alone. Shan throws it and says mama what are you saying. Are you okay? Nevi says I am saying truth. You wanted this. You have everything what else do you want? Why do you want to take my son’s love from him. Why are you doing this to him. You made him handicapped. Now you want to take his money. What will you get when you take his love from him. Shan says what are you saying? Nevi says don’t you have any feelings for Asmita? Say it. She says look into my eyes and tell me. Tell me your are not interested in her.

Precap-Asmita and shan come where Aru is detained.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Jeez… I can’t handle this frivolous love declaration from Ridhoy… It’s naseauating. Can’t he take the hint, Asmita has already demonstrated her dislike of his unwanted relationship and yet he’s into grandiose plans..

  2. Leisa s morris

    After reading dis update ive come to d conclusion dat nevi is involved in having her husband kidnapped afterall he wanted to divorce her and having him being missing is better than divorce. So she joined hands with beauty once again and got him out of d way so she could say he abandon dem but keep all d perks of being his wife and daughter in law of d family. Afterall wat other explaination is there for d butler to b given d task of giving money to d exact person who is holding him hostage. Now puchki will have no choice but to marry ridhoy in order to get to d bottom of dis truth. Hope d marriage swap happens and sheu ends up marrying shan though

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