Karn Sangini 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Reads Uruvi’s Letter

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Uruvi gives letter to her maid and orders to give it to Arjun and make sure nobody notices her. Maid leaves. Uruvi sees plant emerging from pot and thinks her belief paid off. Maid gives letter to Uruvi’s mother Shubhda instead who reads letter that Uruvi likes Arjun only as a friend and she is attracted towards Karn and wants to spend her life with him, she wants to talk to Arjun and wants him to meet at their usual place. Shubdha reminisces Rajguru telling Uruvi will take either a tough path or easier one. She angrily burns letter thinking she will not let Uruvi take tough path and orders maid to hand over Uruvi’s all letters to her, writes a letter and asks her to give it to Karn with Uruvi’s first and last gift.

Kunti meets Adhirath before going to jungle with her sons. Adhirath apologizes her that he cannot ride her chariot from hereon. She says she is thankful for his services. Pandavs heads to jungle unknowing of Shakani’s wicked plan. Karn meets Shakuni and asks if he called him.

Uruvi sees maid carrying letter and asks if she did not deliver letter to Arjun yet. Maid thinks this letter is for Karn and tries to walk towards Karn’s side of palace. Uruvi says varnavrath/Pandav’s palace is on other side. Maid says she will go after sometime. Uruvi asks to deliver letter right now. Maid delivers letter and gift. Dushyasan informs Karn that Pukeya’s princess Uruvi has sent a letter and gift to him. Shakuni says there is not need to surprise as Karn is Ang raj’s king and handsome, many princess would send love letter to him. Karn stops and says he already told there is nothing between him and Uruvi.

Uruvi walks to her mother’s room and sees her stitching cloth with needle and injuring her finger. She scolds mother not to trouble herself and applies medicine. Mother says even she does not like her bearing pain repeatedly. Uruvi asks if she will forgive her if she goes against her wish someday. Mother says it depends on what she does and says let her finish her work for her daughter’s engagement.

Shakuni insists Karn to read Uruvi’s letter. Karn reads letter hesitantly thinking if he does not, Shakuni and Dushyasan will taunt him. He reads Uruvi’s letter that he sent her a lotus which will not fade forever which grows in dirt, similarly he is Ang raj, but his origin is from dirt and he should not forget he is soot putra and fall in her love, he should not consider her friendly chat as friendship or love and should be in his limit, etc. Dushyasan asks to stop. Karn continues reading insulting letter and walks away thinking how can Uruvi send this letter, reminiscing all the words written…

Precap: Uruvi catches Karn holding torch near Varnavrath and alleges him for burning Varnavrath obeying Duryodhan’s order.

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  1. Isabel Summers

    I hope Karn realises that Urvi could never write such horrible things..

  2. Hey it’s getting on my nerves what thehell going in this show can’t they direct the show the same story of outcast queen ehich is a little fast than this track and why r they creating serious misunderstandings between karn and urvi, in book there is a spark in urvi’s love for karn and never mind what the world thinks about karn as Duryodhan’s friend and involved in his plots but urvi dismissed all allegations on karn with faith amd love for him
    but here in this show she is the first to allege or misunderstand h and this actress who plays shubra role is always a headache in every show like piya albela she is always irritating and overacting

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