Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shan finds Devika

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Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says promise me, you will keep our love story alive for our daughter. You will make Devika Asmita. Shan says don’t says that. Asmita says promise me, please? Shan says I promise. Asmita caresses his face and hugs Krishi. Asmita says I really love you. Mama, forgive me if I made a mistake. Nevi says don’t say that. Asmita says take care of yourself and Krishi. Shan says no. Asmita says it’s my time to go. Nevi says nothing will happen to you. Asmita says goodbye, Shan. Keep my daughter happy. Never leave her alone. I love you. Asmita dies. Shan screams Puchki. He says open your eyes. Shan says please open your eyes.

Scene 2
Six months later,
Krishi does pooja with Shan and Asmita. They are happy. Krishi sees the bells ringing. It falls on Asmita. Krishi screams and wakes up. She cries. Shan gives her water. He says what happened? Was it a bad dream? She says, mama. Please mama, when will these nightmares stop? Please bring mama back. I want my mama. Shan hugs her and says relax. Krishi says please bring her back. You tell me she would come. Where is she? Why isn’t she coming? Shan says brave kids don’t cry. Krishi says you promised you will bring mama back. Shan says she’s in the police. She is posted to another city. There’s a network issue there. Don’t worry. She called me but you were sleeping. Krishi says why doesn’t she talk to me? There is some problem. Shan hugs her and says your mama is fine. She knows her princess is with her papa. Who won’t let anything happen to her. Shan says in heart I am sorry. I don’t have another option. Shan says take this medicine and sleep. If mama gets to know you’re sad, she will be mad at me. Mama always knows what you’re doing. Don’t cry now. Krishi sleeps with Shan. Shan says how do I tell you how difficult is it to live without you Asmita. I am tired. Shan says are you not sleepy? Let’s do breakfast. Krishi cries and says mama where are you?

Shan is going to the kitchen. Nevi stops him. She says how long would it go? You can’t be like this. You know what the doctor said about Krishi’s health. She isn’t going to school. She has lost her smile. No medicine is working on her. Stop giving her false hopes. It’s been six months. It’s high time for you to fulfill your promise to Asmita. Find Devika and bring her here. Shan says I have been looking for her every day. She is nowhere. I have looked for her every day. All I know is that God has to help me in healing my daughter. He took my Puchki from me. I won’t let anything happen to her. I am alive for my daughters only. Shan gets a call from his detective. He says what? That’s great. I am coming there. He says the detective found Devika. Nevi says thank God. Where is she?

Scene 3
Devika is on a bike. Everyone claps for her.
Krishi meets her friends. She says when will you be okay Krishi? Krishi says when mama comes back. Papa says she will be back soon. I really miss her. Chahat comes there. Krishi says my mama is the best mom of the world. She is very simple but very pretty. She wears saree all the time. Her smile is so pretty. Devika is entirely different. Krishi says she never talks loud. Devika shouts, get ready to roll. She sings on the stage. She is a rockstar. Devika performs at the concert. She performs. Police come there. They stop everything. the inspector says you can’t perform at the college without permission. They arrest her. Shan looks at her.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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