Nazar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nishant saves Ansh

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Nazar 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piya shoves Ansh. Mohana ties everyone else. Mohana says you all already know you’re nothing in front of me and Ansh. Still, trying? Ansh says you made a mistake. And you, if you went with Ansh at that time you wouldn’t be in trouble. But not now. He attacks her. Piya stops him with her magic. She makes a wall between them. Piya snatches her dagger back. Sunlight pours on Ansh and he screams. It burns him. Everyone is shocked. Piya says Ansh.. Nishant comes there and something out of Ansh’s body in a jar. It’s moonlight liquid. Nishant says it will make Ansh normal. Mohana says if not Ansh, then I will become the queen of black powers. Mohana tries to take it from Nishant. Piya snatches it and says never. My brother needs it. She throws it on Adrishi. Mohana screams no. Ansh opens his eyes. Mohana runs. Chetali says thank God left.

Adrishi appears. Everyone is shocked to see him. Piya and Nishant hug him. Nishant says Adrishi.. He looks at them. Piya is in tears. Piya says Ansh, are you okay? She hugs him. Nishant hugs Adrishi. Piya says are you okay? Ansh says yes. Piya sees the stab. Ansh says I am okay. Ansh says what did I become? Ansh says I was going to kill everyone? And you? I am so sorry. Piya says it’s not your fault. Piya says you were under the effect of that liquid. You drank it to save us. Piya says Ansh this is my brother. Ansh says thank you Adrishi. If you didn’t stop me. I would make such a big sin otherwise. Piya says papa, our Adrishi isn’t Adrishi anymore. Nishant says we call him with his birth name now. Ayush. Vedeshree says Ayush, your parents have always helped us. And you saved our lives today. Chetali says we should do a welcome function for Ayush. It would be good for everyone. Nishant says this time isn’t to celebrate. Chetali says why? Avi says everything is fine now. Nishant says Mohana won’t sit silently. She must be planning something. Nishant says I am sure Mohana must be planning her next step.

Scene 2
Mohana says to the black powers. It wasn’t my mistake. That Devik stopped Ansh from becoming our king. Ansh would have been here with us. He is our King and we will bring him back. They all scream we want our king.

Saavi says Dufli knows I will be her mom now. Dilruba says she is my daughter. You won’t be anything. Saavi says you’re dead. Naman and I will get married and I will be called her mother. Naman says you didn’t want to come back. So we had to do something. Let’s get married Saavi. Dilruba says no.

Pari says are you my uncle? Ayush uncle. Let’s play with my toys. Piya says let him eat first. Vedeshree and Piya give Ansh water as he coughs. He says I am fine. Avi says Piya and bhabhi are alike. Ansh faints and falls from his chair. Everyone is worried. Piya says Ansh what happened.

Saavi is still inside. Naman says this plan isn’t working. Dilruba says she’s your wife. She won’t tolerate you getting married to her. Naman comes in the room and sings wedding songs. Dilruba says why are you singing these songs? He says because I am getting married.

Nishant checks Ansh and says there’s a little liquid left inside him. It can’t be extracted out. But we can do his shudikaran. We can use the sunlight. Avi says so we bring him out. Piya says but the sun is setting. Nishant says we have to hurry up. If it sets, we won’t be able to do anything.

Dilruba says why are you throwing my clothes out? Naman says I am going to get married to Saavi. So she would need closet. If you want to forget someone you have to burn their clothes. Naman says I thought you would cry and stop me. Dilruba says I have many new clothes and jewels here. Saavi whispers something in Naman’s ears.

The clouds come in front of the Sun. Piya says how will we save Ansh now? The Sunlight falls on Ansh. Ansh screams. Vedeshree is crying. She says please do something. It’s hurting him. Piya says he’s in pain. Nishant says we have to get that liquid out of him.
Naman says to Dilruba can I hold your hand? She says yes. Naman holds her hand. Dilruba says it feels so good. He takes off her ring. She says that was my ring. Naman says you have many new rings there. This ring is Saavi’s now. Dilruba cries.
Precap-Ansh says to Piya I am sorry. Ayush came back after so long and you can’t be with him. Ayush gets up to the moonlight. Ansh is in pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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