Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan married Asmita

Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asmita says Asmita is Ridoy’s wife. Ridoy says can’t you understand she is my life. Ravindra says we wont talk about it anymore. Bua says but.. Nevi says enough. Asmita is Ridoy’s wife and Paro is Shan’s. Pandit ji please go. Nevi says Asmita ridoy please don’t worry. Are you happy Asmita? She says yes. Ridoy says she is disturbed. Nevi says no one should talk about your character again.

Nevi says let me do greh parvesh of brides. Ravindra says Pro come in. You are the elder one.
Beauty comes to her house and laughs. she says my mission succeeded. Get ready to face your biggest enemy. Paro enters the house with Shan. Asmita look at him. She enters with Ridoy.

Nevi says to PAro you both are responsible for this house now. She gives keys to both of them. Nevi says Asmita always take care of Ridoy. Beauty says go to your rooms.
Paro smirks at Asmita and goes to Shan’s room.
Paro gets her stuff set in Shan’s room. Ridoy says to PAro I saw you and mohit. I love my brother. tell me what is truth. PAro says wow I just got married and this is how I am being treated. I had a relationship but he is my past. I met him way before. I have never met him after meeting Shan. She says do you trust me? Ridoy leaves.

Beauty stops Asmita. She says why so upset? I know you wanted to come betwen Paro and Shan. Asmita says your daughter got the chance but there are always chances for truth.
Asmita says to bua you are leaving? She says I dont’ want to stya. Shan disappointed me. Asmita says it was fate. You did everything. I need you here. For me you have to stay. Asmita hugs her. ASmita says we will solve this. Bua says you are so brave. Asmita says this friendship is my life. Shan is on the door.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I hate that asmita has to pay for Shan being an absolute disgusting piece of garbage! He expects asmita to live as rhidoy’s wife even though she technically married Shan. An why has asmita seemingly placed her job second to Shan, when clearly Shan has proven time again that asmita’s happiness can be sacrificed for his own selfish needs for motherly approval! This serial has become such a joke, again the villains are always winning..

  2. I guess asmita totally forgot her mission….she’s acting like a doormat for shan why don’t she just walk out of that whole situation shan isn’t worth it anymore… hate nevi and beauty

  3. marriage is not joke. i was really excited for these wedding episodes but now i am disappointed. i dont think i will watch this show anymore.

    1. Couldn’t agree more…. i stop watching since he made her swear to marry ridhoy

  4. Shame on you ZEE TV for putting up serials with nothing but hatred put in them and trashing the Hindu religion. Making marriage a mockery, Showing women who are educated become weaklings after marriage. Please put serials that are positive not negative to the Hindu religion. No wonder people are stopping to watch all the Indian crape that you Indian serial put up. Take a lesson from the Pakistani serials. It seems your brainless writers need classes taught by the Pakistani writers,

  5. once asmita come to know that nivedita mazumdar partner is sheela. i know that shaan hand is nivdita mazumdar puppet,but i seriously need DSP rane sir advice to asmita focus on your mission to expose nivdita,sheela(beauty) and paromita and forget shantanu and to prove shaan mazumdar innocence.

  6. How could you make a joke on wedding like this… This is tradition of culture which is the only one we are following still now…. Some persons will sacrifice their love for family but how could some one sacrifice his wife for his brother…. Stupid Writer… I love this story when it started.. I m the biggest fan of this… But now I hate this most not only me but my entire family stopped to watch this story after this marriage scene…
    What nonsense you make it…

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