Udaan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Lallan kidnaps Chakor

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Udaan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lata telling her love story to Chakor. She asks Chakor about Suraj and Anjor. Chakor talks to her for a while and goes. Lallan misbehaves with Imli. Chakor sees this and goes to them. Imli asks him to stay away. He flirts with her. Chakor asks him to leave Imli’s hand. He refuses. Chakor slaps him. Lata comes to them and asks Chakor what’s happening. Chakor complains against Lallan. Lata asks him to apologize. He refuses. She scolds him and asks him to think of his Dadda, who will forget his loyalty and fire him. Lallan apologizes to Chakor and Imli.

Bhanu says now we know about each other well, get the deal done. Raghav gets the pillow and says I m thinking, its actually good, I understood that you don’t need 100 acre, you need some land for your grave. He attacks Bhanu and says I will kill you, you know I m not Suraj, why are you doing this if you know my history, you will know what I can do for my family. He suffocates Bhanu and says that haveli is heaven for me, I thought to explain you, you have instigated me, I don’t know what would Suraj do in this case, but Raghav will do this. Imli says Chakor your Durga avatar was great, keep it safe. Lallan signs the waiter. Waiter drops a drink over Chakor’s dress. Chakor goes to clean her dress. She gets kidnapped. Raghav says I will not leave you. Bhanu folds hands. Raghav leaves him. He asks Bhanu to come with him and do a good drama in front of the guests. Imli worries for Chakor and runs upstairs. Lallan takes Chakor. Imli goes to look for her. A girl lies to her. Raghav and Bhanu come downstairs laughing. Lata smiles. Raghav praises Bhanu.

He hugs Bhanu and says we will keep meeting, remember my punches and jokes, and you will get a laugh. He takes his leave. Lata asks Bhanu why does he look tensed. He says everything is fine. She asks where did your broach go. She says I got it with love for you. He says sorry, don’t know how did it break. She says its fine, your smile matters. She introduces him to Imli.

She says Lallan misbehaved with Imli, its good Chakor came to save her, scold him after party ends. He asks why after the party. He calls Lallan and scolds him in front of all the guests. Lallan apologizes. Bhanu slaps him. Lallan says Chakor has slapped me and called me slave. Bhanu asks did you take revenge for slap. Lallan says I have locked Chakor in room. Bhanu slaps him and gets happy. Bhanu says keep Chakor captive, I will send her as a gift. He throws Lallan to Imli’s feet and asks Imli to see, Lallan has learnt a lesson. Imli greets him. Bhanu asks shall I bash someone else. She asks him to find Chakor, she is missing.

He says give us a chance to find her. Lata says you are joking. Bhanu says she can’t go missing from the house, Suraj just left, Chakor will be around, take a seat. He announces the party is over and thanks the guests. Chakor sees Raghav outside and tries to sign him. Raghav stops. He doesn’t see her and gets inside the car. He leaves.

Raghav says I went in the party alone. Tejaswini says but Imli and Chakor also went there. Bhanu stops Chakor. He says I have changed my mind. He asks snake to bite Imli first. Chakor asks Imli to run away. Raghav reaches there to save them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Enjoyed Raghav-Bhanu scene, they have good chemistry.
    Imli scenes were boring and dragged, no one will sympathize with her when she’s harassed because she’s evil and hasn’t been punished properly or corrected her sins.
    Only the scenes containing Bhanu were worth watching. Instead of shoving Imli down our throats include more Chakor-Raghav-Anjor scenes.
    The writing needs to improve, drama is added to the story to make it interesting but here it seems they make up the story to fit the drama, instead of dragging the party and including the boring Imli-lallan twist, more time should have been given to growing the bond between Raghav and Anjor and Chakor, more time should’ve been given to the progression of Chakor’s emotions, more time should’ve been given to Chakor’s guilt. Chakor didn’t want to admit her feelings when Raghav confessed we weren’t even sure she knows she loves him and within 3 episodes she was ready to confess.

  2. CVs should remember that Suraj was a much loved character and viewers formed a bond with him over almost 3 years. It’s hard to see him talked about in such a cold way by Chakor and Raghav. Either make Chakor remember him fondly and Raghav show respect to him or stop making them bring him up.
    When Chakor mentioned Suraj on Saturday, she was cold, you wouldn’t believe she even knew him. Today her reaction to Lata was emotionless, when someone mentions Chakor’s relationship with Suraj, Chakor should remember the real Suraj, not Raghav. Falling in love with Raghav doesn’t mean losing her love for Suraj.
    So please either give Suraj the love and appreciation he deserves or stop using his name, it hurts seeing him reduced to this, he didn’t lose his life to be erased from the hearts of his wife and daughter.

  3. Makers are making amateurish errors to forcefully include Imli in the story, how could Imli know Lallan from jail if women and men don’t mix.
    How come Lata didn’t tell Raghav before he left that Chakor is in the party?
    How come Lata didn’t hear what happened in precap?

  4. Safiya Hosein

    Something isn’t too right about Imli though. Can we honestly believe that Imli wouldn’t defend herself against Lallan? She was once the gun toting, self proclaimed fearless villianous leader! So for her to suddenly become defenseless against some a little perp like Lallan raises alot of questions.

    I still don’t buy the fact that Imli has changed. She loves money and power too much!
    It’s interesting that Bhanu’s plans for illegal activities are focused on the Rajvanshi lands.
    And what’s most interesting is that Bhanu knows that the lands are actually in Chakor’s name and not Suraj. I remember Suraj transferred the lands to Chakor’s name when they were trying to bring down Imli & Gumaan Singh. Isn’t that a detail only Imli would have known at the time?

    1. Bridgette Spies

      I believe Imli is in on something here….. this is all moving too smoothly… can anybody else see some red flags….. Safiya Hosein those points you raised I will echo them…. So on point… she cannot be trusted….. the way her tone is , you can tell…… it is just dragging a story that could be told much more intelligently…. wouldn’t you say….. Chakor and Suraj has cleaned up their community so they deserve to be living with their daughter in the prosperity they so rightfully deserve ……. for all they have endured…….now this nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Safiya Hosein

        Hi Brigitte Spies?
        I agree with your points as well. The child trafficking story was a good and realistic one, but it was rushed. They could have shown that there are other big players who were controlling Rajeswari and her sons; perhaps Imli or Bhanu. The writers made a mess of it. And then to show Suraj dying the way he did! Ohh come on. Suraj Rajvanshi deserved better respect than that.
        Raghav is nice but like Nemo said, he and Chakor are being rushed.
        Suraj & Raghav may share a face but they are two completely different characters; their styles are different.

        You are right Brigette Spies, Chakor & Suraj did clean up Azaadgunj, the people were employed and living happy. It would have been nice to focus on their family life for sometime. I feel like they never showed enough of it. Something or someone was always coming between them.

        Sometimes I feel like these writers just write for writing sake and change as they go along.
        I miss the old writers. They were creative, consistent and balanced in their story telling.

      2. Safiya Hosein

        My apologies for typing your name incorrectly….Bridgette Spies.
        Have a great week ahead ?

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