Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki comes to Anita’s house

Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Beauty says where to? Chanda says we are going to temple. Beauty says do sins here and wash in the temple Wash mine too. Go. Channda says lets go puchki. Beauty holds Puchki’s hand.
Shan looks at the watch. he says ma I am coming. Anita says where are you going? He says its such a big day I was going to temple. Anita says you will leave the function? Roshni says its ladies function he might get bored. Anita says go and ask the driver to be with you. Shan says okay bye. He leaves.

Beauty pulls Puchki and says she wont go anywhere. Puchki says I wanna go to. Beauty says you wont go anywhere. Puchki bites her hand. Beauty slaps her. Beauty says your mom died. Who will earn for you? Chanda says arpita just died last week. she is just a child. beauty says you can’t take this girl anywhere. Or I will keep her hungry and make her die. Beauty takes puchki with her. Puchki says leave me.. She cries.
Shan sits in the car. He says driver uncle Radhakishan temple. Driver takes him. Roshni follows them. Shan sees that Puchki’s photo fell from his pocket. He says driver uncle a few minutes.
Beauty brings Puchki and girls to Arindham’s house. Shan and Puchki walk past each other but don’t see each other. Pucki turns back.
Beauty comes to anita. She says I am beauty. These are my dancers. Anita says this girl is so adorable. Come to me. Will you dance too? Puchki nodes. Anita says you are so pretty. Puchki dances with other girls on maiyan ya shoda.

Shan waits for Puchki in the temple. He says when will she come? People give Puchki money. Beauty takes it all. Anita smiles.
Roshni is hidden. Beauty says in heart I have to go from here. Beauty talks to people. Puchki sneaks out.
Anita says to Puchki you are so adorable. Meet my son he must be coming in a while.

Shan says Pathan chacha where is Puchki? He says beauty stopped him. Shan says I can’t meet her today either. He says lets go to bari. I will meet her today. Kaka says you promised your mom ou will never come to bari. Shan hugs him and cries.
Puchki says to a guy please help me. Take me to shan. Kaka says we miss you a lot. I hope you always stay happy. Roshni sees shan and says is he alone? Did he meet anyone or not?

Beauty gets Puchki ready and takes her to van with all girls. The guives Pichki a thumbs up. He is in Puchki’s place instead of her. his face is hidden. Puchki hides in the house.
Precap-Anita sees Puchki. She says I will find your family for you. Puchki says I wanna meet shantanu. Why don’t you bring him to bari? Anita says which Bari? She says sona kachi. Anita is dazed. She says to Arindham take him back to those dirty streets.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So.Puchki is going to expose Shantanu’s truth…..the precap shows Arindam accepting that Shantanu is from SonaKachi….I would like to see whether the complete truth ,if any ,,will come out or just this much only…But I don’t think Nivedita will just be satisfied with her husbands’s admission that he has brought Shan from a brothel…She will certainly probe why he had to select a child only from a brothel when there any number of orphanages in the country…….Coming to Shantanu and Puchki,it is very sad that they couldn’t meet inspite of their best efforts and Arpita’s soul must have cried seeing her daughter gaudily dressed and dancing as one of Beauty’s troupe…I think it is time for the children to exit and Manish and Vrushika

    1. Laxmi puchki in her inocence though, ruined shan’s life…
      He will now be like na ghar ka na ghat ka!!

  2. You are right Sam,the the precap shows Nivedita asking her husband to leave Shan from where he was brought ….it is painful to see Nivedita turning away from her adopted son as if he is an untouchable…I would love to see her face when she comes to know that the boy is her husband’s blood….I don’t like this lady for censuring a child for coming from a brothel…Yes,Puchki in her innocence has spoilt everything for him….now he has to stay there devoid of mother’s love…

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