Savitri Devi 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer and Sanchi find Kabir

Savitri Devi 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer saying we missed him. Sanchi says that man was wearing shoes, even Kabir has such shoes, I gifted him on his birthday. He says what, it means Kabir started playing his bad game again, he can never change, he wants to ruin me. She says enough, he is your well wisher, its my fault to tell this to you, you find a chance to blame him. He reminds what Kabir did with them. She says Kabir didn’t do anything. Savitri says I m worried for Veer. Anand promises to save Veer. He gets a message from unknown number. He says I should have understood who can harm Veer, I will just come. He goes.

Anand comes to hospital and asks Sanchi where is Kabir. She says Kabir has gone to US to meet investors, you know it, why are you asking it. He says Kabir is framing Veer. She says Kabir is my husband. Veer argues. He calls for Kabir. Sanchi says Kabir is busy in meetings, he messaged me that he will call me later. Veer says I called and checked, he didn’t go to US, delegates were waiting for him at airport, Kabir didn’t go for meeting, you can call and confirm. Anand asks how much evidences do you want. Veer reminds how Kabir framed her and married her.

She says I will find the culprit, else you can do what you want. Anand says I won’t believe your nonsense. Veer says let her do what she wants, I will stop Kabir from framing Sanchi. Anand says you will never change. Veer asks doctors of they met Kabir. Sanchi says where would be Kabir. Someone drags a sack to storeroom. Sanchi and Veer go to ask a doctor, Sahu. Veer asks what shall I do now. Sanchi says you can do anything, I won’t stop you. They see the hooded man going. They get shocked. Veer asks her to go from backside. He runs to catch the man. He gets shocked seeing a dead body in the sack. He checks the sack. Sanchi sees the man hiding. He runs away. She comes to Veer and says that man ran away. They get shocked seeing the dead person, who is Dr. Kabir. Sanchi asks Kabir to get up, open eyes.

She cries and apologizes for doubting on him. Veer checks Kabir. He says his breath is running, he is just unconscious, I will shift him to emergency ward. Veer takes Kabir on the stretcher. Sanchi says that man wants to frame Kabir as well. Veer says calm down, he will be fine. Sanchi apologizes to Kabir for her big mistake. Kabir wakes up and shouts no. Sanchi asks him to relax, how did this happen. He says thank God you are here with me. Veer comes. Kabir asks her to ask Veer about it. He says I was going to airport, guard told me that someone is waiting for me, when I went to see, someone attacked me, I have heard that man talking to Veer that his work is done. She says how can this happen, all evidences are against you. Kabir says he got me kidnapped and put all blames on me, who knows he wants to murder me too, I don’t believe him. Veer says I knew it, you will say such, I was foolish to give you some time.

Kabir asks Sanchi to come with him. She refuses. He says I m fine, come with me, its better that we stay away from these people. She says no, I won’t go till Veer is proved innocent, I m with him as a friend. Kabir says you can say that you still love him, you always care for him when you are with me, you don’t value me, why did you act great my marrying me. She cries and says I m supporting Veer, as I know he can’t kill anyone, I trust him, I won’t go with you. Kabir raises hand. Veer holds his hand. Kabir says this is called love, you both planned Mishri’s murder and wanted to frame me, so that you both can unite. She shouts enough of it now, I m just supporting truth to get justice for Mishri, I will find the murderer. Kabir says you will regret a lot. Anand meets Bindiya. He asks why did you call me here. She says I have to give you a good news, I found the real murderer, check this CCTV footage. He gets shocked. He says I know him very well.

Sanchi removes her mangalsutra and leaves Kabir’s house. Kabir says you are going back to Veer. Sanchi says I don’t want to become anyone’s wife, I will be just Sanchi Mishra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hey bhagwan yeh ho kya rha h is show me????makers plzz first decide which couple do u want to show sanveer or kanchi??its luking like sanchi is a pendulam rotating between two boys …i cudnt control my laughter when i watched todays episode like seriously ,till now there was hope for kanchi & now suddenly hint for sanveer …wth & precap is hilarious ….after a year of battle between kachians & sanveerians what the audience is getting to see astitwa hatk from rishton ka chakravew

  2. Lol?????
    Love you Kabir anyway??
    Btw not she will be Sanchi Mishra????????????
    Joke of the era????

    1. Dhruti

      Sahi me ??????

  3. Loved the part where Kabir said ” Ye mahaan ban’ne ka drama band karo Sanchi” like seriously dil ki baat keh di sir ap ne… Thank God Kabir got saved from our mahaan Sanchi mata.. I just hold that Kabir is not the killer..

  4. Priyanshipp

    ???? finally kabir ne wo kaha jo ab tak hum kehte the..waise ghum phir ke sab wahi aa gye …. Sanchi mishra se Malhotra bani phir kapoor aur ab wapas mishra???? anyway let’s see what more crap we are going to see????

  5. RuCh23

    Thank God it’s not Kabir ???. Proud of you Kabir! Today you too spoke like any normal person would. Bravo ???. What’s this Sanchi Mishra case btw? Did they came this long, removing Pragya and Isha’s roles as bffs, introducing Mishri… only to make Sanchi go back to be a Mishra? As far as I remember Jaya disowned her ???. I for one really don’t mind if she leave both boys and be alone coz both boys will be happy then. But it really seems stupid. Not that anything made sense here anyway ??? but still!! Seems like there’s a new unseen villain or do we know him ????? Heard this is going off air. Is it true? If anyone know please be kind and tell me ???

  6. Its vikrant the killer and i think he will be helped by gayatri

  7. I have heard that sdch got 6pm slot so it means this crap is not going to end. Me too loved each and every dialogue of kabir seriously man you spoke our mind. And I m happy today kabir will be free from sanchi mata at least he will get some happiness. Plz sanchi go and destroy veer’s life plz leave my kabir. Dr. Kabir and all kabir fans will be saved.what I feel leap is ahead and after leap I want kabir to forget sanchi forever bcoz this selfish lady will never understand his love.

  8. Anee

    This is RS’s show… Rs ke show main kab kahanni kahn change hojatti hai kabhi kuch pata nahii chalta.. i saw many of her shows… like SSK, Santoshii maa, swaragini and now this SDCH… swaragini main har episode main ek nayii kahannii viewers were confused….. now this same she is doing with this crap…. hum joh bhii expect karte hain woh kabhii nahii dikhaatii yeh Aurat….. I don’t understand what she has problem?? why she can’t stay on relevant track…. viewers were happy with kaanchii and Mishveer but no this lady is obsessed with sanveer…. U know sometimes I really feel that Kabir’s character is very unlucky…. cos the creators who create this character now the don’t like kabir… but they know very well that this serial will not run without kabir.. that’s why they are playing with this character….. but as I said earlier the makers are obsessed with Sanveer. now I feel really happy that finally saanchi will leave him. but somewhere I still have feelings that mishrii is alive somewhere and this is all kabir and mishrii’s plan to unite sanveer…. don’t know what going to happen next… but I truly saying you this is my last episode that I seen.

  9. Iss show ki kuch batein meri samajh main bilkul nahi aa rahi jaise aaj kA episode main divorce k time sanchi and kabir ne same wahi dress pahani hai Jo shadi wale din pahani thi isaka kya Matlab hua makers ne shadi wale din hi kanchi ki Jodi todane kA man bana liya that Kya? Aur agar break karna hi tha to mishri ko kyun laaye aur mandir main pandit ne kanchi andmishriveer ki Jodi k liye pray bhi kiya. Itana drama karne ki jaroorat Kya thi? Aur Kal k episode main kabir kA behavior kuch ajeeb that pahali bat to jab would car parking main hi behosh ho gaya that to use kaise pata ki mishri kA murder ho gaya hai sanchi and veer ne to use murder wali bat batai hi nahi thi usane to khud hi mishri k murder wali bat boli. Aur abhi kal Tak jo kabir khud ko gunahgar man raha tha aur ye janata tha ki sanchi veer aur Mishri ko milana chahati hai wo achanak se sanchi ko bhi mishri k murder k liye blame karne laga kyun? Kahin aisa to nahi hai ki mishri is alive and both kabir and mishri r playing game and sacrificing their love so that sanveer can get back together.

    1. Anee

      yeh baat toh mere bhi samjh nahii aayi ke kabir ko mishrii ke murder ke baare main kaise pata chala.

  10. P.S.T

    What the hell is happening we want our couple Sanchi & Kabir. Please don’t break them up. Sanchi don’t do this, because u will lose Kabir he didn’t do anything it’s someone else. Please write we want our couple Sanchi & Kabir ?❤️

  11. Once when swrda came live on ig which happened last year after truth revelation of sanchi agrwal .. she said ki koi final pair nahi .. so i m seeing this happening.. last me aisa naa ho ki kabir sanchi veer teeno single rahe or hospital manage Kare as a friend

  12. Guys someone wrote on YouTube then I also realized that kanchi got married on 24of July episode and it will be one month of their marriage tomorrow and today only they will separate. Wow how CVS Care for kanchi fans seriously just a one month and they completely changed the story again. And I was thinking why mugdha signed this show just for few weeks? Seriously itana jaldi jaldi to weather bhi change nahi hota jitana jaldi iss show Ki story change hoti hai.

    1. Sach season2

  13. Wow season 2 of sdch I must say writers of sdch r so much courageous after writing such a cheap nd worst script of season 1 they r daring to present season 2 like seriously!!! I still regret to watch season 1 I m sorry to say I don’t have much courage left to tolerate season 2 so I’ll only say ????? for season 2 of sdch

  14. RuCh23

    Anyone know what happens today? I don’t want to watch it. But I wanna know what happened. ?

    1. Sanchi left kabir

    2. RuCh23

      Thanks pia

    3. Yes. Sanchi and Veer were trying to search the proofs for Veer’s innocence. Suddenly, the blackmailer messaged Sanchi to sign certain papers and leave her position in Sdch and gives her an address to handover the papers and collect the proofs against the killer. Sanchi and Veer go to place. Sanchi keeps the papers there. Then the blackmailer comes to take the papers then suddenly a net falls on blackmailer and he got trapped. Sanveer removed the master it was Dr Malhotra. Dr Malhotra said he’s no the killer he was just taking advantage of the situation. He shows them a video in which Vikrant was killing Mishri. Then Vikrant was arrested. Sanchi tried to call Kabir to tell him about Vikrant, but he rejected the call and messaged her to do everything on her own. Kabir watches Sanveer on Tv and got the news. Sanchi comes home. Kabir had decorated the room with flowers and apologized her. She returned him mangalsutra. She packed her bag and said that she is leaving and she is now Sanchi Mishra. In the precap, Sanchi is shown decorating her hostel room with photos of her with and Pragya Isha. Veer is shown riding on a hoverboard and asks Sanchi if she will become his friend.

    4. RuCh23

      Thanks kanchian

  15. I just saw some of the glimpse and after watching precap I m sure of one thing mishri is alive. And if I m not wrong it’s all a game played by kabir. Vikrant got arrested. Kabir called sanchi characterless that’s why sanchi left him. Precap sanchi back to the hostel and veer will come to her in the same way as he came in first episode on skate. Now I got it why mugdha said that mishri’s character Will give a u turn to the whole story. If I m not wrong soon we will witness to see mishri as an intern in the hospital. Well it’s just my guess let’s see what happens.

    1. How r u sure about this and plzz anyone tell me did SDCH ended? And it’s 2nd season is coming ?

  16. I thought you guys say there will be season two of show , I hope it not the same crap as season one. I did watch the show since last week so I don’t understand is season one and two link together or we will have two wait for some time for season two to be air? .

  17. Ok so CVS r going to start the story of season 2 from the same point where season 1 started so again sanveer love story is going to start. I think yesterday it was Kabir’s last scene we will not be able to see him again. But there are so many things still pending in season 1 how can they start season 2. Anyways for me no Kabir no sdch. Let me see how much trp this ma beta pair is going to bring. All I want to say byeeeeeeeeeeeeee sdch. Now I can fully concentrate on my studies.

  18. Ok I watched the episode today and was wondering how stupid these CVS r? Just to degrade Kabir’s character and bring sanveer back they introduced such a stupid track
    1. It’s not been shown anywhere that mask man is vikrant.
    2.why will vikrant kill mishri? What’s his motive if vikrant wants to kill any one if Will definitely kill Priya why mishri?
    3. Clap for sanchi matA veer did so many mistakes and whenever he made puppy face and said sorry sanchi mata forgave him this time when kabir said sorry she not only left him but again taunt him for his past doings and reminded him that she did ehsaan on him by choosing him over her love. Such a pathetic lady.
    So all this is done to degrade Kabir’s character and to start sanveer love story again. I only wish kabir to leave sdch and forget sanchi.
    And for CVS I’ll only say bring season 2345 and so on after watching ur first season I can’t tolerate ur show more. I ‘ll only remember Kabir’s character and also a character who was suffered alot in this show just bcoz he loved a girl who never cared for him nor for his love.

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