Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rana shoots Puchki

Yeh Teri Galiyan 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki is in rest room. She runs from there. Beuty and Rana break the door but she has ran. Beauty and Rana look for her everywhere.
Thaku ma hits Chanda and says where is Puchki? We will kill her. Chanda says I dont’ know. Even if I did I wont tell you. Chanda says to Rana kill her wherever you see her. Chanda says no please.

Puchki runs on the roads. There are thugs looking for her everywhere. She hides behind plants. Puchki says i can call Shan. She brought Chanda’s phone. Puchki calls on Shan’s phone but he is getting ready for school.
Puchki sees thugs.
Thaku ma slaps Rana and says you are all so useless. she is just a kid. They are of no use. Go and find her. Show your power. Beauty says aww. Rana says I know where she is. I will find her.

Puchki hides behind the cars. rana is there. Puchki sees Shan sitting in the car but he leaves. Rana says if he left look for puchki.
Puchki is hidden. Rana is looking for. Puchki calls Nevi and says i am stuck in a problem. Please let me talk to Shan. Nevi says that is not our problem. She turns her phone off. Puchki says what will i do now.
Shan comes home. Nevi says why is your mom calling us. Why is she annoying us. Did you not break the relationship with her? Check this phone. Shan says why is ma doing this. Can’t she understand. Shan calls in bari. He hears beauty saying if it is Rana tell him kill Puchki wherever he finds him. Shan is dazed. He says Puchki ran from bari? Where would she be? Ma would know.

Shan calls on Chanda’s phone. puchki has it. She hides behind a car. Rana stops. Puchki picks but the phone turns off. shan says where could she be? The river. She said she will always go there.
Shan comes to the river and looks for Pucki. Puchki runs on the road. She falls. Puchki hides behind a stone. Shan says where is she. Puchki says wont you come even when I am in trouble? Rana sees Puchki and puts hand on her mouth. He laughs and says you wanna run? Puchki says God is seeing. He says thaku ma has asked us to kill you. Winds start blowing. Dust is in eyes of all the thugs. Puchki tries to run but Raha shoots. puchki falls down.

Precap-Will Puchki die?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nyc epi lekn plz manish ko show mai jaldi lao hm sb unka wait kr rhe hai


    Today epi is not bhagam bhag .
    I don’t understand why stupid makers Take not leap .
    Only dragging .
    I m Dem sure tomorrow epi is also dragging .
    Plzzzzzzzzz take leap soon plzzzz .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Waiting for Manish goplani

  3. Cathy

    LAKSHMI!! Did Mir Hadi kidnap you? 😉

  4. Certainly Cathy,I am still in a daze…when I gave my first comments ,I had never imagined that the story would turn out this way….You know I am a die hard romantic and that romantic in me is certainly disappointed and Ofcourse the comparison between Bashar and Hadi ended there only at the 7 th episode.What followed was just an emotional roller coaster for the viewers….I am still analysing Hadi’s character ….is he a hero or villain …In the very beginning itself ,even as he shot dead Khaani’s brother ,he struck me as a simple and sensitive person whose only mistake was to be born to a selfish ,highly ambitious and cold blooded politician and Ofcourse his high society mother ,who did everything to support her husband…..with parents like that ,it is nothing surprising that he became a spoilt brat who would think about just himself ….whatever he desires ,iit should come ,including Khanni….But Cathy ,all along I could see that this rather rough ,self centered and careless facade of him was hiding a lovely person …No ,I could n’t imagine that his initial obsession with Khanni would change into a selfless eternal love that would eventually take him nearer to the almighty himself where nothing bothers anymore…..neither love ,nor hate nor grief .My god ,Cathy ,but how is it possible….When Hadi travelled all the way to some far away city and kidnapped the all decked up Khanni ,I expected him to take her somewhere like all the love sick heroes normally do,keep her somewhere and win her love….that s how our mindsets have been moulded by watching the routine Indian serials..I have to say I was a bit disappointed when Khanni came back…and even heartbroken when she got married to Aseem..After that ,believe me Cathy ,I couldn’t just stop crying seeing him completely broke ….Really Khanni’s words that time were so harsh that they couldn’t stop but ringing in Hadi’s ears….Thank God ,at last he found peace in the Masjid and the end of the torture last he was at peace with himself and helped his father and mother to find their own peace as well….After that fateful encounter,he sees Khanni just three times….twice in the court and one last time in the jail….how cool and peaceful he was….For me Mir Hadi is not just a hero but a super human who has taken a woman’s rejection in his stride and used it to reform himself in all aspects and reached a point where nothing ,not even death ,hurts anymore…..Cathy,Khaani thinks that she has won the case by getting him life sentence…she is the biggest loser as her heart still stinks with hatred ,vengeance and other negative emotions…She should thank her parents and husband for giving her the right advice to forgive Hadi…I accept that till the kidnapping ,Hadi deserved to be hated ..but later in the court she could see that the man had changed for good …he was almost saintly …nothing but the truth and devoid of any negativeness…true she was not expected to feel love for him….that phase was over…But how could she still want death for him …my god ,this girl Is certainly stone hearted..In short ,i love Mir Hadi and his friend …a true friend and Mittal ,a father figure who explained the difference between ‘pyar and ishq’ that had changed Hadi’s life forever…Regarding Khaani ,I don’t like this girl much for her insensitiveness in the end..She couldn’t even forgive gracefully and wholeheartedly…Anyways ,watching this rather unusual story line is an experience I will never forget..Kudos to the director for portraying brilliantly the various facets of Hadi’s personality and his gradual transformation from a beast to a saint in just 32 episodes….Thank you Cathy for this beautiful experience…..will be waiting for your views…

    1. Cathy

      I was Totally riveted to this show, I think initially i wanted a true romance from this show but deep down i would have been angry if they made Mir Hadi a hero or anti hero in this case, for me he sealed the deal when he shot the brother and i would not have accepted Khanni’s love for Mir Hadi…but i love how the story incorporated a love story of sorts between Hadi and Khanni through Mir Hadi’s obsessive fantasies, i also like how the actress made herself two dimensional in those fantasies. i found that it was enough to get insight into the true MIr Hadi a simple romantic that didn’t know how to love properly in the real world. a His flowery courting of Khanni was all internal i found that a refreshing story line….

      I wasn’t so much mad at Khanni for becoming distrustful and mad at the world, i think they made her to hard to remote so you couldn’t really sympathize with her plight, perhaps that was Intentional to highlight what trauma does to someone, and i don’t believe she truly loved her husband but i think she liked him very well and adored her step daughter, funny enough it was Khanni’s mother that irritated me the most in the latter half of the series, she just became a desperate mother trying to marry her daughter off in the midst of something horrible like the kidnapping and NOT making sure your traumatized daughter is mentally sound instead of flapping her mouth about not telling the truth to her husband..i kind of lost my like for her then. I have said this before i really like good endings, they don’t have to be happy endings they just have to be good and this one was in my opinion i especially liked the little update at the end, Khanni with her new baby and happy family and Mir finding his place in the universe bring a bit of hope to others in a hopeless place like prison. I am slightly confused with Mir Hadi’s mother though Perhaps it was the translation but the advice she was giving to the mother of the little boy was sort of weird, can you tell me what she said, the subs said something about scolding the child would be bad?


      I wouldn’t be adverse to a sequel where perhaps sometime in the future the meet again. 🙂

  5. Yes,they can go for the leap now as the stage is already set for the future story,,, Shan is already alienated from Bari ,Puchki seems to be destined to live in Bari in spite of Chanda’s best efforts and the uneasy calm between Arindam and Nivi … Whatener that is going on now like Beauty conspiring with her boy friend to kill Puchki , Thaku MA torturing Chanda,Ravindra planning to eliminate Chanda as well as Puchki…are they adding any value to the story ????? Before we stop watching this show altogether ,better the leads be brought in,,…

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