Udaan 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj marries Chakor again

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor to beg to her. Chakor begs to her. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Imli laughs. Chakor asks her to say about her daughter. Imli says I m so happy today, your daughter is Anjor. Everyone gets shocked. Imli asks what happened, I m saying truth, your Saanvi is alive, she is Anjor, I just changed her name, Anjor is your daughter, you are her mum. Chakor smiles. Imli says I didn’t throw Saanvi, but just threw a dummy, you killed Vivaan and snatched my love, I thought to ruin your fate, I gave your daughter to Sugna and asked her to hurt Anjor, you couldn’t find out that Anjor is your daughter, I will kill you and make your daughter’s life hell too, she will suffer like you. Chakor says Saanvi is my daughter, she has my blood, whenever you attack on her, she will face

you, she won’t lose, you can shoot me.

Kasturi and Bhuvan ask her not to do this. Suraj comes and stops Imli. He slaps her and points gun at goons. Chakor says this is my game and I will end it, I explained Suraj to follow me so that he can reach truth, I knew this will happen. FB shows Chakor asking Suraj to follow her all the time. She says this has happened, Suraj reached here, you got trapped, when your men attacked me, police didn’t defend, I told them not to do this, I wanted to reach here and know where are our parents. She says Suraj, you have seen the truth, I m Saanvi’s mum, Imli is the real culprit. Police comes there. Suraj recalls Imli’s lies. He stares at Imli and catches her neck.

Suraj says you are not a human, but an animal, I will not leave you, I will punish you, I will get justice today. Chakor stops Suraj. He says I won’t leave Imli today, you have given her many chances and said Imli will change, she will never change, she can’t become like you, I will make Imli past today. Chakor asks them to stop Suraj. Bhuvan says Imli made Saanvi away from Suraj, I won’t stop him. Chakor says Suraj, if you kill Imli, you will go jail, I will lose you, we will get happiness, think for our family, leave Imli for Anjor’s sake, Anjor is Saanvi. Suraj leaves Imli. Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj asks Anjor is Saanvi. He recalls Anjor and smiles. Imli gets arrested. Inspector thanks Chakor. He says don’t worry Suraj, Imli will get punished. Chakor says Gumaan should also get punished for this crime. Imli says Gumaan is innocent.

Chakor says you are lying, you know Gumaan will come to save you. Imli says I did everything alone. Inspector says we don’t have proof, we can’t arrest Gumaan, sorry. Kasturi hugs Chakor. Suraj feels ashamed. Chakor says our relation is of seven births, I have forgotten everything and want you to forget it, Imli did this, its not your mistake. He says its my mistake, I didn’t trust you, you cried, shouted and explained, but I didn’t understand, I m very bad. She says you are not bad, I have stayed away from you for seven years, I don’t want to stay away. They hug.

Suraj says our relation fell apart, today we will have that relation again. He lights fire. He says we will take marriage’s seven vows again to end the pain of seven years. She smiles. They recall their marriage. Mahiya….plays….. Suraj shows her mangalsutra. He makes her wear it. He hurts his finger. He fills her maang with his blood. She cries happily and hugs him.

Sugna says Chakor is your real mum, Suraj is your dad. Anjor runs and hugs Suraj and Chakor. Imli asks Gumaan to ruin Chakor and her happy family, and Aazaadgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What about when Chakor killed Suraj’s father? He did NOT stop her.
    Now why does she stop him? She loves her little sister Imli so much? She is such an hypocrite, I hate Chakor’s stupidity, and her irrational love towards Imli. I think even if Imli killed Suraj and Sanvi in front of her, Chakor would still forgive her.

    1. Safiya Hosein

      If Suraj kill Imli, he would go to jail and Chakor doesnt want her family to be apart again. She faced the consequences o be killing Kamal Narayan.
      That’s why she stopped him from killing Imli.

      1. Ok, so it doesn’t matter how many people Imli kills, she would never go to jail, but by killing a criminal like Imli in self defense suraj would instantly go to jail. I get it, that is the logic of these serials.
        But I still think that she only stops him because chakor loves imli more than anyone else in the world, even more than her daughter.

  2. I liked the wedding but wished they used footage from the camp wedding, it was the best and most heart touching.
    There is too much Imli. Wished the episode focused more about Sukor. Suraj should say that he never stopped loving Chakor or that he could never forget her and move on.

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