Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Ridoy divorces Asmita

Yeh Teri Galiyan 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Moushmi says wow. Now you will divorce this girl so she can marry Shan? Beauty says they have made fun of marriage. They don’t even care about Moni. Nevi says for this disgusting girl.. Ridoy says I am disgusting. She didn’t do anything. She did enough for Moni. NO one can do that. Please don’t speak in between. Nevi says I saved you from death. Now you will tell me about love? He says yes I will tell you if you don’t know. I wonder if you even love me or not. A mother always teaches the right path to her kids. Now when I am finally doing right you are stopping me. Bua says Ravindra you should decide. Shan and asmita love each other. Thaku ma says Shan won’t get divorce from Nanadani. He is her husband. ravindra says asmita how can you do that. What face will we show to people?

Nandani throws asmita’s bag. She says get out of this house. If Ridoy is divorcing you, you can’t stay here. Asmita says shut up. Your marriage is based on lies You will ruin everything. Please understand, I am your sister. Nandani says you aren’t my sister. Go back to where you’re from. Thaku ma says we can’t let you live here and trap shan. You are never satisfied with one man. Nandani says you will get a new man in sona gachi. Asmita is about to slap her. Nandani holds her hand and says get out. ridoy says you have no right to ask her to leave. Nevi says how will she live here as? Ridoy says as moni’s caretaker. If anyone has a problem I can leave this house. Nevi says no. Ridoy says to Nandani dont’ create this drama.
Nevi says Ridoy what happened to you. You doubted your mom for that girl? Ridoy says you used me as a bait for your games. He leaves. Nevi says I won’t Shan and Puchki be one ever.

Scene 2
Thaku ma and NAndani come to Nevi’s room. Nandani says you. Nevi says you listen to me. Never give challenge to asmita again. Nandani says so you would blame us now? It is your fault too. Thaku ma says what are you saying. Listen to her first. Nandani says come to point. NEvi says it was my mistake that I trusted you. Thaku ma says what are you saying. Nandani you have to stay calm. We can’t do anything without nevi. Listen to what she has to say. Nandani says I am sorry. I can do anything for Shan. Nevi says you have to stop changing your moods. Insult asmita, kill her self respect. Get her husband out of her trap. Show me what you cand do. Nandani says you are challenging me? You couldn’t handle your own sons. Well I will show you what I can do. I will do what you couldn’t. I will make my husband mine and kick that Asmita out of his life.

Nandani says to asmita you’re scared to come in front of me? You are only worth being a caretaker in this house. Your father left you and now even Ridoy. Asmita says thank God that father wasn’t in my life. You are using my name, I am not using yours. You are the shameless one here. WHy didn’t you propose Shan as nandani? Nandani is about to slap her. Asmita shoves her hand.

Precap-Ridoy says to Asmita we have to get divorce papers finalized. ASmita says let me get Shan. SHe comes to Shan’s room. He is asleep naked in bed. Nandani comes out and says shan you didn’t get up. Nandani says to asmita he doesn’t need a caretaker like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ka bakwas or frustration wala show Nandini aunty or nivi Mata all time Asmita ko torture,manhandling jar Rahi he. Or koi family member protest nahi karta.even Shaan ka brainless ha kya jo kuch vi nahi bolta

  2. Disgusting character& show ever.shaan ka character ek bechari brainless,heartless lady Jaisi hai all time crying,or criminal. Ni vi mumma,as its ke liye koi dusra male lead lao.sabse alag,ei lady nahi chaiye,rants k Malhar jaisa,kob ABI jaisa,Kabir jaisa,or Karan,Vedant jaisa Lao jo apni legally married wife ko protect kar sake

  3. Atiba thank you so much for bearing this crap and giving updates

  4. Nandini you just wait and watch shaan will surely divorced nandini and ridhoy will surely divorced asmita. And nivedita, nandini, shubhankar and thaku maa will get exposed and bring arindham back.

  5. Leisa s morris

    I give up all expectations on dis serial long time. I’m just reading for finality. D writers continuously screw up gd stories and nothing will ever change day. I really do miss seeing series from long ago when dey made sense

  6. Oh No sense at all. Where is Shaan from all this? Everytime sacrifice himself for this cruel stepmother. I think it is high time for Director to make Asmita wearing her uniform and work on Arindum’s missing case. She can at least bring peace of mind in her head as she is only a police officer at home begging for her lover. Very Shit these days.


    I once heard that blood is thicker than water but this show just wa!! Puchki father can’t see tears in nandani his half daughter! Shan is a idiot a sore loser!

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