Pyaar Ke Papad 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Suhana spoils Omkar’s plans

Pyaar Ke Papad 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalu messaging Omkar that she is in the class. Omkar thinks maybe I saw someone else. Suhana calls Omkar home. He says I will be home in some time. Suhana serves food to everyone. Shivika stops Omkar and says Suhana made the Lauki dish so I have made Bhendi dish for you. Omkar says I don’t eat Lauki dish. Shivika smiles. Gupta asks Omkar to taste the dish. Suhana asks him to have some. Omkar likes the dish a lot. Suhana says everything needs a good presentation. Maya says yes, she is right. Suhana akss Omkar to taste halwa. Jagat asks for halwa. They like the halwa.

Omkar says you didn’t know cooking before. Suhana says I read that husband’s heart can be won by cooking good food, so I learnt cooking. Omkar says its good. Shivika says I have to make call to Shalu. She goes. Alankar smiles seeing Shalu. He says my friend called, he wants to make you a heroine in his film. She thanks him. Deenu comes and asks why is she talking to Alankar. Shalu says he isn’t so bad. Alankar says become my friend and then you will know how I m. Deenu asks him to stay away from Shalu. Alankar goes. Deenu asks what happened to you, he is a very bad man, stay away from him. He goes. Shalu says I have to become an actor.

Mikki misses Jaya. Shivika consoles Mikki and feeds her the food. Jagat gets angry on Mikki. Omkar comes and looks on. Shivika and Omkar say even Jagat is missing Jaya, don’t cry now. Omkar cheers up Mikki and gives her a chocolate. He asks her to feed the chocolate to Jagat. Omkar gives the chocolate to Shivika. Suhana takes it and says thanks, you got this for me right, you know I like it a lot, did you get this for Shivika, sorry I can leave Omkar but I love chocolates. Shivika says let it be, keep the chocolate, Omkar will be mine. Omkar says I m getting late for office, lets meet in the evening. Suhana thanks and hugs Omkar.

GST says my business isn’t working, why are people not working in this romantic season, I think next booking will happen on our marriage. Dolly smiles. GST says I mean, your and my marriage, differently, I m not saying we will marry. She says coward. He says take your time, think well, how will it be if we get married. She gets an idea and says we should organize the party. He says I will book the restaurant. She says we will have a house party, Omkar and Shivika will get some time together away from Suhana. GST says yes, nothing is happening in my life, your idea is good, call your friends. Omkar calls Shivika. He says I was thinking we should go out tonight, you can wear a saree of your fav color and come, you will look beautiful. Shivika smiles. Mikki goes to Suhana and takes selfie with her. She likes Suhana’s hairstyle. Suhana makes her hairstyle. Shivika looks on. Maya likes the hairstyle. Mikki likes it also. Suhana says I learnt this from internet and will teach you also.

Mikki comes and comes to Shivika. Shivika gets ready. She sees Mikki and asks what happened. Mikki says you lied to me, mum fought dad and left, she will never come back, Maya and Mangal were talking and I heard everything. Shivika consoles her and says Jaya will come back soon. Mikki asks her to be with her. Shivika agrees. She calls Omkar. Omkar says I m leaving from the bank. Shivika says I have to cancel the plan, Mikki is crying and missing Jaya, she has come to me and I can’t leave her alone, we will go tomorrow. He says fine, I will also come home. Omkar calls GST and says Shivika is refusing to come.

GST says you come soon. Suhana comes to Omkar and asks him to come for a party. He says I had a plan with Shivika, there is a house party at GST house, its couples’ party. Suhana says you are avoiding me, we will have good food and fun. He takes her. Dolly calls Shivika and says Omkar told me that you aren’t coming in the party, GST and I kept the get together. Shivika says Omkar didn’t tell me anything. Dolly says maybe he wanted to give surprise, you come fast. Shivika says Mikki just slept, I can’t come, I will ask Omkar to come, family is imp than party. Jagat comes there. Shivika asks Dolly to hold. He asks her to go to the party, he will manage Mikki, she will wake up in the morning now, drop Mikki to his room. Shivika says Dolly, I will meet you there.

Dolly and GST see Omkar with Suhana. Suhana dances with Omkar on humma humma….Shivika comes there and looks on. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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