Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shantanu comes to his new house

Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki cries Shantanu.. But the car drives. Chanda is crying too. Nurse takes Puchki inside. Puchki is crying. Chanda says please dont’ cry. She says shantanu said he wont go.
Shantanu comes to his news house. His dad says you know what to say here right? He says yes ma told me. He looks at the house. Its huge. A woman welcomes them. She does his arti. She says you are nice. Whats your name? Where did you come from? He says Shantanu. The man says he is from an orphanage. Shantanu says you are my mom from now. She hugs him in tears.

Puchki comes back with Arpita and Chanda. Chanda says how would his new family be. How would he be?
Thakur says chanda.. Beauty says she wont listen to us. Chanda goes to her room. Beauty says she doesn’t even respect you now. She sold her son she doesn’t have to worry about anything.
Shantanu comes to the house. An old man says what is this drama? We know that Anita can’t be a mother and you adopted this kid. I permitted you but for a born baby. You got this 10 yaers old kid even when your sister is going to get married? How will you teach our family values? He is used to of his old life. How would you make him fit in our family? Send him back where you got him from. He says don’t you listen. I have decided.
Shantanu says in heart will I go back to my Puchki?

Puchki is walking in the street. Shantanu says Puchki.. She says shantanu.. Shantanu says walking and eating alone. She makes him eat but no one is there. Puchki recalls her moments with him. She syas sahntanu.. Thakur ma takes her inside.

Shantanu’s foster father says to his dad please let that kid stay here. He says you only have five minutes. Rindham says shantanu wont disappoint us. He says whats the guarantee? Rindham says we can mold him the way we want.
Arpita sees Puchki prayin. She says lets go inside. Puchki says where is shantanu? Arpita says he wont come back. Puchki says why wont he come back. I want him back. I wont eat until he comes back.
The man says send that boy away from this house. He isn’t bad but doesn’t deserve to be part of our family. Give him book and chocolates when he leaves. He comes out. Anita hears all this.
She says to Haru what will we do now?

Puchki says we are all here. Who is he with? He will come back. Arpita says they adopted him. Puchki syas why did bari ma give him away? Puchki says shantanu will have to come to me. She leaves in anger. Chadna stops her.
Precap-Puchki keeps sitting outside and waits for shantanu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It feels like the foster father is Shantanu’s biological father. Otherwise in reality no one would adopt a 10years old boy from a brothel & then lie about orphanage.

    I am not saying against the unfortunate victims here. Even if he was a good human being with good intention, then at least his wife would know about it. Looking at the strict patriarch & the father’s insistence, it certainly seems like Shantanu is his son.

  2. As per the spoilers ,Arindam ,who is issueless somehow convinces his strict disciplinarian father that Shantanu is the right choice for adoption .So Shantanu stays back to grow up in this aristocratic family with his foster parents showering all the love on him but the family doesn’t know that he was brought from Sonakachi..And Puchki is left behind and grows up in Pari Mahal only waiting for Shantanu al these years….the most disturbing part of the spoilers is Shantanu,a successful businessman now,comes back for his Puchki but misunderstandstands her to be into this profession….A guy born and brought up in that very place ,repulsing his childhood friend later and misunderstanding her just because Puchki’s mother ,like his own mother ,could n’t manage an adoptive family ,is very painful…I hope Shantanu won’t be that changed man as the spoilers suggest…Coming back to Arindam opting to go to a brothel for adoption rather than an orphanage shows clearly that he is related to Shantanu …Anyways Puchki ‘s ordeal was heart wrenching ..She was the stronger of the two but without Shantanu ,she looks aloof and silent ….Shantanu seems to be coping up well….

  3. Happy Independence day Lakshmi ??…I’m sure you will be participating in an activity or two in your circle of friends…enjoy the celebrations..

  4. Lakshmi, what do think about Chanda? She loves both Arpita and Puchki but when it comes to wanting the best, she wants it only for herself. There are people who do think like Chanda…. I’m giving this character life because it’s a personification of the mind of the writers as they have to draw inspiration from someone in order to give life to the character….they live in perfect harmony doing mundane things together, eating ,laughing, offering help in times of crisis BUT when there’s personal or materialistic achievement or gains in one’s favor, no one likes to share, they want what’s best for themselves, if they have to pull you down, they would do this is the case of Chanda, her son’s luck is off limits, her love for wanting the best for her son outweigh the love she has for Puchki or Arpita. Her look yesterday says…how dare you…and Arpita is a beggar, has zero power to do anything so she puts her tail between her legs and thinks it’s best that she apologises because she need a Chanda as a friend. Lakshmi, I’ve watched very very closely, the performance of the actress who’s Beauty and I salute her for her stellar performance, her mannerisms, body language, her speech and voice modulation, is how I think a woman in her capacity as a brothel individual should be. Yesterday while watching the episode, my tears fell like rain and you do know that i cry for things which touches me, so when Nafeesa came home , I had now done look at the episode and my nose was stuffy and eyes red and swollen and she said, I don’t know why you watch these serials if they make you cry so….but that’s it right there, if these actors could elicit a performance and bring forth a myriad of emotions, then the writers have done their job BUT it’s the actors who give life to these characters…so far, well done to the casting team, they did well. I echo your comment above, it’s what I would have said too…I think Puchki would not forgive Shantanu easily and knowing that he would be misunderstanding her presence in Sona Kachi, would’nt help heal their rift anytime soon when they meet…we are in for fireworks and lots of tears too…

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