Kaleerein 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Protects Amar From Villager’s Insult

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Dolly confronts Amar and asks if he told he will keep their relationship only if Vivan breaks up with Meera. Amar shouts what rubbish. Dolly says Prince told her everything, now he is speaking to a dead person, she is not related to anyone except Meera. She tells Meera that she wants to break up with Vivan as he did not value her, did not she see how her papa broke their 25-year-old relationship in 1 go and did not even think twice, she should respect Vivan’s feelings and patch up with him. She asks Vivan not to go from this house and asks Meera to find out who stole god’s golden idol.

Laali panics hearing that and rushing to her room asks god’s idol what she should do now. Sweety walks in and asks what she is planning. Amar’s friend returns with his team. Dolly tells Meera she has to find out thief and idol now. Meera asks Vivan to describe in detail what happened after Amar gave him keys. He describes whole story and says he had dropped keys on floor in anger and left it there for sometime. Meera says she realized it is family member who stole idol and asks Amar to call whole family down and search idol in whole house. Dolly says someone is trying to trap Vivan. Vivan tells Meera he will accompany her. Silky rushes to Laali and Silky and informs what is happening downstairs. Laali asks what to do now. Prince enters. They all 3 stand in front of cupboard. Prince asks what happened to them. Laali yells if his mother did not teach him not to enter woman’s room without knocking and asks why did he come. Prince says papa is calling everyone downstairs.

Laali hides idol in Sweety’s room and joins family. Meera and Vivan search idol in rooms. Vivan thanks Meera for taking his side and trusting him. She says she is doing it for her family. Vivan says thank you for considering him as her family. On the other side, Amar shows his friend each room. Sweety returns to her room and is shocked to see idol in her room. She yells that Laali thief showed her true colors, now she will keep idol where nobody would doubt. She keeps idol in someone’s room and returns to others. Amar with his friend continues searching idol and walks into his room and is shocked to see idol in his room. His friend asks how did it come in his room. Meera and Vivan enter and are shocked seeing idol there. Amar says he does not know. All villagers allege Amar that he stole idol and is acting. Vivan takes Amar’s side and warns nobody should dare to insult his family. Villagers ask who is he. Vivan says he is Meera’s husband. Amar yells he will be divorced in 5 months. Friend asks Amar to sort out his family issues calmly and takes villagers away.

Vivan returns to his room fuming. Amar barges in and alleges him that he kept idol in his room and then acted as supporting him in front of villagers, so that he can get forgiveness and Meera. Vivan agrily says yes, he is famous Jewel thief Vivan Kapoor and he stole idol. Amar stands silently. Vivan asks if he does not believe him now, he will not do anything which will harm his family. Amar shouts it is his family, dare not to call it Vivan’s family. Meera watches everything from a distance.

Amar meets his friend and says he does not know how to handle his issues, sometimes their good upbringing backfire on them. Friend says he can understand and suggest to get Meera remarried.

Precap: Amar tells Meera that he wants to get her remarried. Silky informs Vivan same.

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  1. Amar is increasingly becoming irritating and Meera is no way less..she knows that she loves Vivaan ….she can see that Vivaan has finally changed for good…no egoistic ,hot headed billionaire business man would tolerate her father’s tantrums unless he thinks that winning back Meera’s love is more important than all this humiliation….if she wants to test him further for her father’s false prestige ,then fine…she should go ahead and get married to a person of her father’s choice….

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