Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan leaves Krishi


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Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan runs after Chahat. Shikhawat throws money on him. He says take this and go away from Asmita and Krishi’s life. This is more than your worth. If you spend them on your drinks. shan says this is asmita’s worth to you? Shikhawat says go from here. Shan says let me help you. He breaks things. Shan says she isn’t even worth a penny. SHe is a disgusting woman. Shikhawat says enough. Shan says I have no idea to be in her trap. She is downright disgusting. Shikhawat says get out before I kill you. Shan says you’re messing with the wrong person. Shikhwat hits Shan. Shan hits him back. Asmita says enough. What is this. There are kids here. Krishi cries. Shan says tell your husband who Shan is. Shan says Chahat let’s g. Shan says don’t think I came

for your daughter. He holds Chahat’s hand. Shan says I came here for my daughter. I was looking for her. He picks Chahat. Krishi cries she says papa please stop. He leaves. asmita says Krishi please don’t cry. He is no one. Krishi says he is my papa. I want my papa. Nothing else. please mama.

Krishi sits upset. She says I love you papa. I only want you. Asmita comes. She says Krishi.. Krishi says I want my papa. Asmita says he isn’t your papa. I am your parents. She says all kids have their parents. I want my papa. Shikhawat says I am your papa. Nirvan says no I will not share you with anyone. And mummy you’re only mine. Krishi says you are really nice uncle you are Nirvan’s papa. I want my Shan papa please mama. Asmita says enough. She is about to slap Krishi. Krishi leaves.

Shan makes Chahat sleep. He recalls what Shikhawat said. Asmita thinks about Shan. Asmita makes Krishi sleep. she is in tears.

Scene 2
Next morning, Krishi throws food in anger. Shan comes. Shan says such anger. she says I wont eat until everyone listens to me. Shan says get ready. I will get you what you want.
Krishi is upset. Asmita gives her juice. She doesn’t drink. Asmita says I wont’ eat. Krishi says don’t say no to food. Eat please. Servant says she is such a nice girl. You are Baal Gopal. She says our birthday is on same day. Servant says I have to go home for Ganesh visarjan. Nirvan says what is it? Servant tells them about it. Krishi says in heart I know what to do.

Precap-Krishi goes to Ganesh precision and sits with idol to go to Shan’s place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. RivanyaComments

    SO this Sonagachi guy which belongs to the defamed streets of pari mehel is telling Mr Shikawat what “Shaan Mazumdar ” is… Ravindra should come back from the dead and make him remeber the time he brought him to Mazumdar mansion…. Enough is enough! Shikhawat can’t just stand there coz Asmita wants him too! I would like to see Shikawat’s revenge in behalf for Puchki..
    He should rule over Mozumdars and show them their real worth especially it would be peaceful seeing Shaan becoming the servent in order too stay in mansion 🤣 😂 ☹️ ☹️ 😂…. Shikawat is a really good actor who was seen in Sapne Suhane Ladapan ke… he did extremely well so pls don’t waste such good talent and decrease Shaan’s screen space and give more to Shikhawat also pls change his indina style sherwani to modern style suit! Shaan needs to be taught a lesson for good

    1. Having read your comment yesterday, didn’t get time to reply …no matter what we say or how much we protest, writers are gonna reunite Shamita someday, so no need to castigate my opinion…. I took your reply in good faith though..always need to be reminded of how both lead protoganists screw up from time to time but Shan takes the cake!! What a weak character he is, all the wretch Nandini has to do is open her trap, spew cock and bull stories about Asmita and wham, Shan believes her!! You know what, I too wish this couple never reunite but we know that not going to happen…so we have to put up with Shan thinking he’s a perfect man when he can’t even be like the dust under Shikawat’s feet!! Shikawat looks so great standing next to Asmita, perfect couple….do you think that he’ll remain as nice as this till the end of his character in the serial? We all know that with a stroke of the hand, writers can make him villian in no time, such is their dirty convoluted, sycophantic minds!! They don’t like to see happy people living happy lives, they prefer torture and mayhem!! One thing I think is too overboard, is the quick acceptance by Krishi towards Asmita as her mother and Shan as her father! That’s not normal nor logical but then again, this whole serial got screwed up a long time ago, nobody cares about logic anymore.. Maybe writers don’t care about bonding between parents and kids…coming back to Shan, he didn’t get enough thrashing from Shikawat, he really needs to be reminded where he came from before saying Asmita is trash! Shame on him, I hope he dies from it when he gets concrete proof that Krishi is his own daughter…it would be satisfying if the brat chahat is another man’s child!! Shan doesn’t deserve anyone in his life!!

      1. Leisa s morris

        Naz to ur comment of krishi accepting asmita and Shan as her parents so soon I have an explanation for dat. Remember dis is a lil girl who grew up being victimized and tortured by her so called father and not being protected by her so called Mom. Can u imagine how many times she must’ve wished dat they weren’t her parents and hers must be out there lookin for her and wham up comes this loving woman he treats her as a princess and who tells her that she’s her mother and loves her very much. As for Shan she met him before even knowing he’s her father and he was so nice to her dat she wished he was her father and now she has found out he is. I can surely understand how someone abused like krishi could readily accept them as her parents given her past experience.

  2. Hi Pooja… Saw your comment yesterday.. Nice touching base with you.. Hope all is well on your end, mines good here..

    1. Hey, whose daughter is Chahat?

      1. Hi Ruchi… Chahat is Nandini and Shan’s daughter, he slept with Nandini in order to save his baby with Asmita… Have you ever heard more crap than that in your life? Bear in mind, Asmita has police connections, but she doesn’t have much common sense, so outwitting Nandini was moot!! Hence the situation we see… The writers are sicko, psycho and unbalanced all in one…

    2. Hi Naz

      All good here.. coming up to the end of summer in the UK. I love Autumn season. No decent serial at the moment. I have just been flicking through channels. Looking forward to my holidays. Going for 3 weeks to Mauritius in November. 😀

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