Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Raju enquires with Gudiya about their jewellery and money


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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raju waking up again in the night and find Jia standing infront of him. He pretends to be asleep again. Jia turns and laughs, before going to her room. Raji gets scared. In the morning, Sweety slips and Pappu holds her. Jia smiles. Pappu drops Sweety. Gudiya comes to Jia. Jia asks her to go and asks about her Amma. Gudiya says she went to temple. She finds Raju in her room and asks him to play snake and ladder game. Raju says how do you know that I like this game. Gudiya says everyone likes it and laughs. Raju says you smile so nicely. Gudiya says she smiles always and asks him to smile too. He asks her what is kept in this suitcase. Gudiya says her dolls and other stuff. Raju says my mum keeps jewellery in suitcase. Gudiya says my Amma keeps jewellery in

different places and is very clever, sometimes she keeps jewellery in her almari, sometimes in Sweety’s almari and sometimes under Jia’s bed. She says Amma said that she is going to temple, but she goes to many places.

Nanhe lal sees Sarla coming to Police station. Sarla tells that she saw the neighbor Lalita crying on the stairs. Lalita tells that her husband is talking about leaving her. Nanhe lal asks Constable to file the case. He asks Sarla to sit and asks her to have something. Constable keeps the snacks and tea. Sarla drinks tea and says I will leave now. She says I want to talk to you and tells that Raju is a good guy, but can you enquire about his family, says world is bad now. Gudiya tells Raju that he has to make her eat golgappa. He says for that you have to play hide and seek game with me. He asks her to keep hand on her eyes for 5 mins until he hides. She says she will count till 300. Nanhe lal says I will enquire with Raju himself. Sarla gets upset and says I will enquire myself. Raju goes to Sweety’s room and checks for the keys. He finds the keys and opens the almari. He gets the jewellery bag, but hears someone coming and hides, keeping back the jewellery. Sweety and Pappu come there and start romancing. She asks why did you make me fall down? He says until when I would have held you. He says lets dance. She plays the song and they dance. Raju is surprised. Pappu finds Raju and shouts. Sweety hides her face. Raju says I was playing game with gudiya and hid here, but you both came and started. Pappu says I didn’t do anything. Gudiya comes and asks Raju to take her to have golgappa. Pappu sends her with him.

At the golgappa shop, Gudiya tells Raju that everyone loves her. Raju tells that his stomach is upset. She asks him to eat and says your stomach is already upset. Raju eats golgappa. She asks the seller to give more. He says no, else Sarla will scold him.

Neighbors see her and ask if she came alone. Gudiya says she came with her legs and hands and teases them. Raju asks her to come. Gudiya comes home and asks Sarla if she came what happened? Sarla says she came just now. Sweety tells Sarla that Gudiya went to eat golgappa with Raju. Sarla asks with whose permission? Sweety looks at Pappu. Pappu says Sweety was with me. Sarla scolds him. Jia gets upset with Sarla and taunts her. Radhe asks her to talk with respect. Nanhe lal comes there and sits. Radhe says Sarla is doing tandav. Nanhe lal says I shall be scared of her now. Sarla says she didn’t say anything. Jia says Gudiya didn’t come till now. Sweety asks what wrong did we do by sending her with Raju. Pappu says I think this alliance is not bad. Sarla says problem is that her stomach will get upset and I have to suffer. Jia has a gastric trouble. Sarla gets up and goes from there.

Raju and Gudiya are coming back. He gets a call from the goon asking him to give money else he will go home. Raju says I will make arrangement in the night itself. He turns and hears Gudiya standing. Gudiya says so this is the matter?

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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