Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir pacifies Kunal’s broken heart

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti coming to the police station and meeting Naman. She scolds him for harming her family. She says last time, I took 5 lakhs back and left you, this time I won’t leave you, you have snatched my childhood, I will not let you snatch anything else from my family, its my promise. She leaves. Kuhu asks where did you go. Mishti says I went to meet my dad, he has hurt Rajshri. Kuhu says you have troubled my family, you have become a disaster queen. Mishti says sorry. Abir gets the balloons and does shayari. He leaves the balloons in air. Meenakshi plays sitar and misses Parul. She says all the relations are shattering. She prays. She hears Nidhi talking on call and telling about her mistake.

Nidhi gossips. She says I like Kuhu, she would have not rejected Kunal. Meenakshi shouts Nidhi. She scolds her. Nidhi says I felt bad for Kunal, another girl rejected Kunal. Meenakshi shouts. Kunal looks on and gets upset. Nanu comes to wake up Abir. He says Kunal went on the bike. Abir says just sell the bike. Jugnu says Nidhi stopped me from selling it. Meenakshi says I don’t know what Kunal heard. Nidhi says I said two girls rejected Kunal, he heard it. Meenakshi asks Abir to go and find Kunal.

Mrs. Parekh comes to meet Mishti. She taunts Mishti for breaking engagement. Varsha comes to defend Mishti. She answers Mrs. Parekh. Mrs. Parekh asks are you supporting Mishti, you think Kuhu will get a line of alliances after this. Kunal speeds up the bike and recalls Mishti’s words. Mishti thanks Varsha. Varsha asks Kuhu to have breakfast. Kuhu goes. Jasmeet asks what shall we do of the jewellery. Varsha says I can’t decide on that. Abir follows Kunal and asks Kunal to drive slow. He drives ahead of Kunal’s bike and stops the car. Abir gets down the car. Kunal stops the bike. He asks what’s wrong, what’s this madness. Abir slaps him. Meenakshi shouts on Nidhi. Nanu says we got Kunal, everything is fine. Meenakshi gets calm. He asks her to calm down. She says explain Nidhi, Kunal’s alliance broke twice.

Nanu asks Nidhi will she go to her Maayka for some time. Nidhi says no, don’t make me out of here, I was talking to my mum. Meenakshi says none will take Mishti’s name in this house. Nanu recalls Abir’s words. Nanu asks Meenakshi and Parul to take Kunal out. Meenakshi likes the idea. Abir and Kunal say sorry….. Kunal says I m just saying sorry for the bike. Abir says I m saying sorry for yesterday, not for the slap. Kunal says you still think it was your mistake. Abir says this relation was wrong, why do you have this problem. Kunal says you are blaming me. Abir says find the solution of this problem. Kunal asks how, shall I beg Mishti not to break this alliance. Mishti meets Ketki and says sorry to come here. Ketki asks how do you know about my classes. Mishti says you told me, I didn’t come to give any explanation. Ketki says I like you, I love Kunal a lot, if anyone sees you…

Mishti says relax, I will go, just give this jewellery to your family. Abir says Mishti didn’t wish to hurt you, but to explain that your match is not right, forget it. Kunal hugs him. He says why shall we fight for a girl, its better to forget Mishti, she will not come back in our life. Mishti drives the cycle there. Abir says I didn’t mean that. Kunal says Shweta was a gold digger, I don’t know what was Mishti, you are my brother, I won’t let Mishti come between us. Abir says its okay, don’t touch this bike again. Kunal says this bike and Mishti out of our lives, I promise. Kunal leaves on his bike. Abir turns and sees Mishti coming. Mishti sees Abir and stops. She drives away. She recalls Kunal’s words. She stops and sees Abir.

Abir holds his ears. Dheere dheere….plays….She leaves. Abir leaves in his car. He says Kunal wants to make Mishti his history, I want to make her my future, I just want to see her, Kunal and Mishti are upset, where shall I go. A red chunri flies over his car. He stops his car and gets off the chunri. Flowers fall over him. He does shayari and smiles with the sign. He sees a man parking his cycle. He thinks its a sign. He takes the cycle. The man says thief. Abir says I will return it. He drives the cycle and follows Mishti. He thinks this story won’t end this way, I won’t let anyone come between us. Mishti sees him and stops her cycle.

Abir says Mishti won’t go anywhere for our work. Nanu says she will come. Abir sees Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I can’tolerate this kuhu anymore.. at least now she should support mishty. Hate their bond.. I love misty.. ❤❤
    Waiting for abhishty love story..

    1. kuhu is the jaan of the show you not have to watch her but to get inspiration from her girls are you are always complaining about your own problems but never dare to introspect how foolish you have been criticising kuhu she is best and her beauty is the charm of this show # abeer and kuhu will get married and their kids will call misti massi hahaha

      1. Yuck… she is not beautiful.
        Anyway I don’t care.. she is just mean.
        I believe in simplicity, caring nature than hating others Or typing bad about lead role just to b recognised by the crowd…

  2. Shaheer is not any actor…his work is not to act but to to do everything which is being natural. Who will believe that by profession he was once a lawyer?????awwwww….so cute??????He’s behaving as if it’s his real life why, this man paired with anyone looks so cute. And that shayari with a smile is unbearable and unresistable?????MishEer when come face to face is enough to lighten the frustrating mood which kuhu brings. People r not wrong, it’s their surrounding people that make ur life miserable. When he scolded jugnu ??????????????????????????eveneenakshi was looking way natural while scolding nidhi today. If compared in terms of perfection rajvanshs’ r way better than maheshwaris’. Although they were a part of YRKKH for many years. Even nidhi does over acting but she never makes me feel disgusted like kuhu and sometimes jasmeet. I think Mishti should start a revolution about independent women in Rajkot…this will be an answer to all the mothers who think bahus should be docile. We women r not able to understand each other pain, what to expect from manhood. Hn abeer jaise log mutthi bhar bhi nhi milte Hain.

    1. Absolutely true RV… Shaheer just nails it… But was he a lawyer??? As far as I know he started acting in a very young age in navya… Then how comes he be a lawyer… May be he was doing acting part time at those days….? And I agree about nidhi, she always overacts… But that will be funny and not irritating as kuhu?…

  3. Kunal’s hate for the girls is just because of Meenakshi hoping that she gets exposed fast so that Misthi cannot creat rift between the brothers.

    1. kunals hatred for girls coz some stupid girl had broken his trust and love # gals like kunal ex are always cunning getting things done and after that they stick on another partner

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Lol… I did mention Kunal and that suicide thing ? lucky for him that Abeer slapped some sense into him ? seemed as tho someone else needed a slap from Mishti (mrs. Parekh ?)

    Auntie Mishti thinks of everyone, it’s just that circumstances seem to have a way of getting misinterpreted ? still tho… sry Kunal, cause u don’t know what you lost… now, excited to see love story of Mishti and Abeer ?

    ps. Meenakshi was not worthy of words today ?

    1. yes meenakshi was superb with her acting skills she made it clear perform or perish !!!

  5. The episode was too good…. Just loved it… ☺️Oops! That slap… ? Loved it too… The way abir said sorry and it wasn’t for that slap?… Kunal’s reaction when abir slapped him was like when a chocolate is snatched from a child… ??? #cutenessoverloaded… This brothers bonding… It just kills me… (Kuheer – Kunal+shaheer)? I can bet u guys even if there comes a between the sisters, ( seems that’s gonna happen) it can never beat these brothers… I’m very sure?… This kuhu, she’s not gonna change… She never even tries to understand someone #stupidnessoverloaded… Why this Nidhi always everacts??? And meenu, just can’t understand her… Worries so much for one son and not even bothered about the other?… And what about precap? I can’t understand what’s happening? What is it?

    1. # fuddu overloaded # mishti yucks

  6. #comebacknaruto #comebackibfan

    1. bhag bdske chuttiyappa karega to pel dunga mc

  7. What will happen next????

    1. naruto uzumaki

      soon mishti will tie rakhi to his brother abeer who saves him from devil naman lol hahahhaa

    2. naruto uzumaki

      mishti will get blind and kunal will get her eye surgery done

    3. And you are going to donate your eyes that’s why you know all about the upcoming.How charitable you are Modiji!

  8. i love the bond between abeer and kunal❤

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