Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi tries to find the truth

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushal saying doctor would be saying wrong. Ketki says I m sorry. Kuhu says Nirmala broke the alliance, what will we do now. Nidhi scolds Ketki. Meenakshi says our love has spoiled the children. Everyone cries. Nidhi asks Ketki to be happy now, they all are crying. Parul asks her to calm down. Nidhi says everything got finished, we will have to bow down and live now. She slaps Ketki. Abir asks what are you doing. Meenakshi asks him to ask Ketki, why is he fighting with him. She says you will say our thinking is orthodox. Abir says Ketki is scared and crying. She says she is crying as she has written these tears in her fate. Nidhi and Kaushal scold Ketki. Varun looks on. Abir says enough, no use to think of it, we always supported each other, I m with her. Meenakshi says Nirmala broke this relation. Varun says I will talk to mum.

Meenakshi asks what will you talk now, you think Nirmala will get calm on knowing this. Mishti cries and says Varun, I will come with you and apologize to Mishti. Nidhi says no. Abir says I don’t think you should go. Mishti says I have to convince aunty, I will try hard, this relation broke because of me, I will accept her condition, give me one chance, Abir, if she asks me to never come in front of her, then I won’t come. She asks Varun to stay with Ketki, she needs him. Varun says I also want this to get fine, mum is upset, I don’t think you should come, I will talk to her. He goes. Abir says times have changed, but girls’ lives are still tough, if a girl is involved in something, then she gets blamed. Nidhi says Nirmala will blame Ketki. Abir says its good Varun is different, Mishti and I will try our best that aunty gets convinced. Kaushal says fine, I m also with you and Ketki, come, we will talk to her. Meenakshi asks Abir to talk calmly, its about their respect. Abir says its about my sister’s life. He asks Ketki to stop crying, he will fix everything. Kaushal says you always say that even a big problem also has a solution, what to do. Abir says Nirmala is angry, I m with Varun, I will help him, he will handle his mum. Kaushal says when you are here, I feel everything will get fine. Abir goes. Laxman hides from them. Abir signs Mishti to relax. He leaves in his car. Mishti prays.

Meenakshi says I m fulfilling this responsibility to keep the family united since years, I was doing it. Mishti says sorry. Meenakshi says Abir is leaving the family because of you, Ketki is pregnant, you can’t change your decision. Mishti says I don’t want to leave this house, I m trying to convince Abir. Meenakshi asks what’s the problem, tell me, I request you. Mishti says nothing, my health isn’t fine, Abir will handle everything.

Meenakshi says then he will leave the house, I request you, tell me the matter, I have told you that a girl who had come from broken family can’t keep the family united, you tried to prove it wrong but now you proved me right. Mishti says no, I don’t intend to break the house. Meenakshi says I know, that’s the common thing in me, tell me, we can stop Abir, why do you want to go away from the house. Mishti recalls the incident. Meenakshi says our thinking can be different, remember, I have given you chances when you made mistakes, can’t you give me one chance, tell me the truth. Mishti cries. Meenakshi asks her to say it. Mishti recalls Abir’s promise. She says my health isn’t fine, there is nothing, I m sorry, Ketki’s marriage will happen smoothly, I will try my best to stop Abir, but his decision will be final. She goes. Meenakshi says I will find the truth.

Abir and Kaushal come to meet Nirmala. Nirmala taunts Ketki. Her husband stops her. She says Ketki didn’t think of their respect, how does it matter. Varun says please Maa. She says we have seen Mishti’s values and now Ketki’s bad character. Abir says I won’t say you are wrong, if any eve teaser troubles a girl, then the girl is blamed. She says you can’t change the truth, girls are respect of the house. He says some people forget to teach their sons to respect this. She says you came to teach me, why didn’t you teach your sister. He says limits, respect, character and everything, why does a girl get burdened with this, its unfair.

He asks Varun to share the load. Laxman says its Varun Soni’s landline number. Meenakshi asks are you sure, Abir had this number since a long time. Kaushal asks them not to punish Ketki that she gets defamed. Abir says careful, you were insulting Varun, the words won’t be used for just Ketki, but Varun as well, he will be defamed as well. Varun says yes, he is right. Nirmala says you are supporting that girl, think again. He says that girl’s name is Ketki, you chose her, I was sure about her, I want to marry her, I know you aren’t happy, I can’t leave her, we already lost Karan, don’t create the situation that I leave the house. Abir says its not true that what we see is true, Ketki and Varun are ready to take up the responsibility, if you say yes, then everything will be fine, Varun loves Ketki and respects you. Kaushal asks her to agree. Nirmala gets a call. Kaushal asks them to agree for Varun’s sake. Meenakshi hears them. She says Varun Soni…. what’s the matter….. Laxman disconnects the call. Meenakshi says I will go to the root of this problem.

Abir and Kaushal come home. Nidhi asks did they agree, tell me. Kuhu and Ketki also ask. Abir says aunty refused. Kaushal says its a joke. They smile. Kaushal says problem got fixed, they want to keep engagement tomorrow. Kaushal and Nidhi dance. Kuhu hugs Ketki. Mishti thanks Abir. Meenakshi stops them. Nidhi says we are doing Garba, its Ketki and Varun’s engagement tomorrow. Meenakshi asks is this true Abir. Abir nods. Abir asks Ketki to talk to Kaushal and Nidhi. Ketki apologizes to them. Parul says Abir fixed everything again. Kaushal says our Abir is a star. Parul says if Bapu ji was here, he would have asked us to play garba. Nidhi and Ketki thank Abir. Abir jokes. Mishti smiles.

Varun says there is a surprise video for our parents in this. Mishti plays the video. Abir tries to stop her. She sees Karan and faints down. Abir shouts Mishti….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ok seems episode is good. There is some positivity. But still I can’t believe how can Ketki do all this. She was not like this earlier.

  2. Both brothers Karan & Varun are notorious If only the mother Nirmala knew what goody two shoes they are she will have her tail between her legs and fall of that high horse of hers Wow Meenakshi was really trying hard to get truth out of Mishti but failed

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