Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir and Mishti’s moment

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nannu scolding the reporter. He says we shall take Abir and Mishti to the hospital. Abir and Mishti hold hands, lying unconscious. Saathiya mere….plays…They are brought to the hospital. Doctor says relax, nothing will happen to them. Nannu thinks what if I didn’t reach them on time. Meenakshi sees the news and gets angry. She says Mishti has come back, Abir broke up with her, I thought she won’t come back, none should know about it. Parul comes and asks did you talk to Kunal. Meenakshi says no. Kunal wakes up by Meenakshi’s call.

She scolds him. He asks what happened. She says your brother was trapped in the jungle fire and then the storm. He asks what, I made him sleep in the room. She says we have seen him on the news, you didn’t know about it, like you didn’t know about Mishti being with Abir, my two sons lied to me and hurt me. He says relax, I will talk to Abir. He asks nurse to tell his wife to wait for him, he has to go for urgent work, he will come back. He says Kuhu I don’t want to leave you, but I have to go to Abir. He goes.

Vishwamber worries for children. Jasmeet says I will call Nannu. She calls the resort and asks for Nannu. The girl takes the call. Jasmeet says tell Nishant that its his mom’s call. The girl says sorry, Nishant didn’t return to resort since night, Mishti is missing. Jasmeet asks what, Mishti is missing. Rajshri and everyone get shocked. Kunal asks doctor how is Abir, why isn’t he saying anything. He goes with inspector. Abir recalls Mishti. He says Mishti…. and wakes up. Doctor says you got saved in time. Abir asks for Mishti. Doctor says she is fine. He goes. Kuhu wakes up and says who got me here….

Doctor comes and says you are fine now, someone fed you the walnut. Kuhu says my husband Kunal.. Doctor says I was on rounds, when I came here, you were alone, you can stay here. Kuhu cries and thinks I m alone. She says I have to go. Abir says I have to go… Ward boy asks him to listen. Abir goes. Vishwamber calls Kuhu. Kuhu says Kunal… and sees the call. She answers. He asks is Mishti fine. She thinks everyone is worried for Mishti. She says she is fine. He says really, I heard about the jungle fire. Kuhu says Mishti is fine, Nanchak would have planned a party for her. He asks are you fine. She says yes, my Kuhuness didn’t get less. Vishwamber says Kuhu said she is fine, everything is fine. Abir hears Nannu asking doctor about Mishti. Doctor says patient’s state is critical, we are trying. Nannu says no, promise me, she is very imp for me. Abir sits there. Kuhu cries. Kuch kam…plays…Kuhu goes. Kunal talks to doctor. Nannu thinks of Mishti. He imagines her and goes to hug. Abir asks Mishti to breathe, else even his breath will stop. Mishti holds his hand. He kisses her forehead. Nannu recalls Mishti’s words.

FB shows Mishti saying I don’t like this. Nannu says my idea is good, you have to go missing, I will tell Abir that I don’t know about you. Mishti says then he will come to find me. He says if he loves you, he will come to find you. She says yes, he loves me, I will make him confess he loves me, great plan Nannu. He says call me Nishant, are you ready. She says yes. FB ends. He thinks I didn’t think that she can actually fall in trouble when she goes to jungle. Rajshri calls him and asks him to come home. He says I will bring Mishti and Kuhu. She asks where are they. He says they aren’t here. She asks are you planning something for Mishti’s birthday. He says I will come home and explain. She ends call. She asks Jasmeet not to worry, Nannu is working a lot, he can’t punish himself for his wrong decision always. Nannu says I deserve your punishment, I have no courage to break your heart, Dadi…

He says Mishti, I can lose, but can’t lose you, its my game, its time to end this. Meenakshi comes there. Kunal asks where is my wife. Nurse says she left. Kunal says she wasn’t well, did she go alone. Nurse says I don’t know. Doctor comes. Kunal asks where is my wife. Doctor says she was fine and left, she said she want to go, when I asked her if she wants to wait for you or go. He says she could have waited for me. Abir says Mishti, leave my hand, let me go. Mishti says don’t go anywhere Abir. Abir says I m here with you. She holds his hand and turns to sleep. Abir says I didn’t know I will get afraid, what if anything happened to you. Mishti asks then what, why did you come after me, tell me, I will leave your hand. Doctor comes and says we have to give injection to her. Mishti says Abir… Doctor says go and call Abir. Abir says I m Abir, I m with her. Meenakshi comes and looks on.

Mishti and Abir romance. Meenakshi says its not a coincidence, but a plan of Nishant M and Mishti, I swear I will not leave them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Meenakshi the bi…h.
    Meenakshi ki b.. mein da…
    She should die of her guilt and shame,
    She is good for nothing trying to keep Abeer and Kunal dance to her evil ways.
    She will die lonely and no one will be by her side to listen to her

  2. This story is not going anywhere goes round in circles and stops at a roadblock call Meenakshi Rajwansh how boring & typical ???

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