Spoilers 16th December 2019

Kartik and Naira get worried for Kairav. They have an argument. Kairav wants them to fight in the dance competition. He wants them to be united. Kartik and Naira happily get ready for Sangeet. Naira learns about a problem at her academy. Vedika informs her the matter. Vedika tells her that she will go to handle the matter. Naira wants to take charge. Naira and Vedika face hurdles while they reach the dance academy. Vedika gets trapped inside the academy. She stops Naira from going to the Sangeet by seeking help. Naira gets worried for Vedika. She wanted to be home on time.

Mohini/Sunanda manipulates her husband to bring back Shiv home. She wants Shiv to marry Ketki. She sheds fake tears and shows her concern towards Ananya. She tells him that though Ananya loves Shiv, they can’t forget that Shiv’s marriage is fixed with Ketki. He wants Ananya to fight for her love.

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