Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Abir decides to tell the truth

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu calling out and asking what’s happening here. Abir asks what are you doing here. Kuhu asks what was happening here. Mishti says this was not true. The ladies praise their pairing. Abir says I will explain. Mishti says Manju wanted to learn how to propose. Kuhu asks will you do suicide if she wants to learn. Mishti says she is my sister and Kunal is Abir’s brother. Kunal talks to Abir. Mishti says Abir was just teaching Manju, why will he propose me, he knows my relation broke up with his brother, he knows I m not ready for any relation yet. Kunal goes. Abir says he is upset, I will talk to him, come, I will show the school. Mishti says I have some work.

Jasmeet says I want to have icecream. The man says icecream is over. Nidhi meets her. They get sweetly

arguing. Varsha sees them. Nidhi says you would be regretting to refuse to the alliance. Jasmeet says we are going great, we are shopping. Nidhi says I heard about IT raid, Abir went for trip and Kunal went at farm house. Jasmeet says our girls are also busy, Kuhu went in re union. Nidhi says our children have many awards, where are the girls. Varsha says Jasmeet come with me. They leave. Mishti says we have kept the grocery. The lady says who is Kunal to talk in between. Mishti says calm down. Manju says I felt Abir said that by heart. Mishti says its nothing like that, Abir and I were friends, you two are very cute but focus on work now. Kunal comes to her.

He says I want you to leave my brother alone. Abir says Mishti and everyone helped me, why did you come here. Kuhu says we youngsters have road trips. Abir says we also came by road, why did you decide to come here. She says Kunal helped us and learnt that Mishti is here, he thought your mum will be angry, so he came here to pick you, Kunal and Mishti don’t like each other. He says I know. She says how can anyone dislike Kunal, he is so perfect, Mishti is sick. He says everyone has a freedom to choose life partner. She says they were never meant for each other. He asks who were meant for whom, you and Kunal. He sees Mishti and Kunal and goes out. Kuhu says yes, that jodi was perfect, made in heaven. She turns and sees Abir gone.

Some paper falls off her bag. Mishti says I m not after Abir, it was a joke. Kunal says I know my brother, he talks to everyone sweetly and helps, he fought with me for you, we will have fights until you are between us, just leave, leave this job and place. Mishti says but I can’t leave, I have come here to work, how can I leave this project incomplete, this school is imp, some kids will reach here tonight, its my job to set up things for them, I will go when work ends. Abir comes. Kunal says Mishti is saying she will handle work, come with me. Abir says I have work, you go home. Kunal says then I will also stay with my bonfire. Kuhu says then we can have fun here. Abir says I have to complete the work. Kunal says I will stay here. Abir jokes and asks will you stay here in this heat and eat unhygienic food. Kunal says yes, I decided, I will stay here, I will take care of everything. Kuhu says I told at home that I will come back home by evening. Mishti says I will talk to Rajshri. Kuhu says its my family, I will decide what to tell them, stay away from Kunal. Mishti says fine. Kunal sees Mishti and thinks I won’t leave you alone with Mishti and can sleep even on ground.

Nanu calls Abir. Abir asks Kunal to rest. Kunal says you have a phone. Abir says yes, I will just come. Kunal says Abir got a phone, how is he changing so much. Nanu asks what’s up bro. Abir says Kunal has come here, you should have informed me. Nanu says he said he is going to farmhouse, he is really upset, handle him carefully. Abir says I should tell truth to Kunal, he is most imp for me, don’t let Meenakshi know that he is with me. Nanu says if Meenakshi knows that you are there where your dad used to be… take care. Mishti asks why as Jasmeet asking about my certificates. Rajshri says you know her, how is the work going on. Mishti says good. Rajshri asks for Sanjana, the college reunion, Kuhu went to Sanjana and is staying there tonight. Mishti says don’t worry, Kuhu is safe. Rajshri says come back home after finishing work.

Mishti reads the horoscope. Kuhu snatches the paper. Meenakshi worries for Kunal. She asks Parul to call the caretaker of the farm house. Nanu says he must be asleep. Meenakshi says then who will take care of my son. He says Kunal would be sleeping. She gets Kunal’s message. She says he has reached safely. Nanu coughs and says water…..

He jokes and says I look good when I frown. Nidhi says I have imp work. Ketki says its my medical certificate. Nidhi says I can’t give this, its imp, Jasmeet challenged me and said Kuhu and Mishti have many certificates, I thought I will do anything it takes. She gets a box. Parul asks where did you get this box. Nidhi says from storeroom’s blue cupboard. Nanu snatches the cupboard and says no one will go near that cupboard. He gives it to Meenakshi. She says thanks, its not for Nidhi.

Kunal asks how do I look. Abir smiles seeing him in his clothes. He says truth is you lied at home. Kunal says you also lied to them. Abir says I didn’t know Mishti will come. Kunal says you didn’t tell them about your phone, you didn’t give us your number. Kuhu says Kunal was angry knowing you came here with Abir. Mishti asks how did he know, since when are you lying at home, answer me. Kuhu gets a bracelet and smiles. Mishti asks will you hide truth from your parents. Kuhu asks where were you when police was arresting my dad. Mishti asks what happened, why would police arrest Shaurya. Kuhu says there was a raid, I went to their house and called Abir, Kunal came there to sort out things. Abir says we can talk to each other clearly.

Kunal says I didn’t like it, I m sure mum would feel bad, so I lied to her, I can lie to everyone but not you. Abir says likewise, but this truth can be bitter. Kunal asks him to say truth. Abir says I have to say it, I was about to tell this before engagement, I love you a lot and no one can come between us. Kunal says no one will come between us. Abir says but someone has come between us. Kunal says I know Mishti is coming between us. The lady calls Abir and says kids have come. Abir thinks Kunal isn’t ready to hear the truth. Kunal thinks thanks for agreeing that Mishti has come between us, I won’t let her stay with us

Kunal and Kuhu dance. Ishq wala love…. Abir and Mishti dance. Abir and Mishti read the message. Mishti says Sapan has kidnapped Kuhu and Mishti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kunal has devious intentions against Mishti ? and Kuhu is blinded by her infatuation for him… I really hope Abeer catches on to Kunals motives and not let Mishti get hurt by his brothers actions ? why can’t he just move on and try again, after all there is bambi Kuhu who dotes on him… hmmm, still, I’ve had enough of this side story…

    I wonder what Rajshri will do if she finds out about Kuhu, and how Meenakshi will react to Kunals lie ?

    1. Hope rajashri gives nicely to kuhu. She just lost her honesty . Blind in love that to to a person who doesn’t care about her existence..

  2. Hate kuhu??. She is irritating..I just skip her part of the story always.
    What’s wrong with kunaal. Why is he behaving like a kid..??
    Love mishty. ❤❤mishbir.

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