Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lankesh again sitting and chanting, ganesh says that lankesh you were telling me in your story that there was no discipline in the world and to get that rishi durvasa was born. Lankesh says that yes this is true but yet in the world there was one place where discipline was there and that rishi atri and devi ansuya’s ashram where rishi durvasa was going to get born. Here the two of them rishsi atri and devi ansuya were living their life with strict discipline and for once the sun can get late to rise but they were never late or indisciplined in any daily chores of their life. Ganesh says that rishi dadhichi was intelligent and rishi shailadh also was a great worshipper that is why they got the golden opportunity of getting mahadev’s avatar’s child so rishi atri was very disciplined so was this the reason that he could give birth to rishi durvasa. Lankesh says that it was also mainly due to devi ansuya’s efforts and discipline. In chitrakut there was draught and people, animals, birds, fishes were at the urge of dying but due to devi ansuya’s difficult worship efforts trees, crops were back to life and with those fruits on tree she gave it to each and every needy person. Ganesh says that was this the reason then. Lankesh says that no, the main reason was that she was a dutiful wife and she became avatar of not just mahadev but also brahma and Narayan lord. And also the three tridevi lost in front of her. Ganesh says that what such happened that tridevi had to loose in front of devi ansuya. Lankesh says that I’ll tell you but it is also important for you to know that this story is not just related too rishi durvasa’s birth but also chandrama and dattatray’s birth. Ganesh says tell me quickly as I am eager to know why tridevi had to loose in front of devi ansuya. Devarshi narad had come to visit rishi atri but he saw and got impressed with devi ansuya’s worship and efforts and left and from that time he had only her name on his mind. Narad comes to bhulok and sees the tridevi and greets them and says how come you have come here. He says you came to meet devi ansuya hearing her praise from me. Devi parvati says that we have not come to meet her and we don’t want to hear her praise. Narad muni says that she is the best dutiful wife in the world. Devi parvati says that you remember that what are you doing, devi Lakshmi says that how can you claim her to be the best. Narad muni says that I am sorry but she is the best. Then tridevi say how can you say such in front of us, how can you compare her with us. He says to himself how could I forget that in front of women I should never praise another woman in front of other woman. He then apologizes and says that after you three devi ansuya comes. Then they get happy. Ganesh says that very cleverly narad muni saved himself by praising them but he had yet devi ansuya in his mind. Lankesh says that he is very clever and learnt from Narayan and that is what is narad’s work to be clever. Then narad started planning things and came up with a plan of iron chana to eat. Narad muni went to each devi (parvati, saraswati and Lakshmi) with iron chana and told them that he loves them a lot as mother and they are very important to him so he has come to them as he is hungry. He says please boil chana for me and I’ll have a stroll and come by then. He leaves and they open and see that they are iron chana and get amazed as to how to cook these for him to eat and both devi Lakshmi and saraswati go to devi parvati and say all that happened and then devi parvati says that he said the same to me. Devi Lakshmi says that where is he then. Devi saraswati says that he might be there where his mind is and that is devi ansuya’s place. Narad muni goes to devi ansuya and gives her the same iron chana and asks her to boil chana for him as he is hungry and regards her mother. He says till then i’ll go on a stroll. Ganesh asks lankesh who won this then. Then narad muni is having a stroll and devi Lakshmi comes and says you were on a stroll then what are you doing here, he goes on the other side but devi parvati comes and she says that too near devi ansuya’s place. Then he tries to go from another way but devi sarawati comes and she says that too by saying that I am dearest to you what are you doing here.
Narad muni says I am sorry devi I had gone on a stroll only but, devi parvati says but what, he says but after the stroll and before the stroll ashram’s place came. Devi saraswati says that was this the only place. She says that you told us to give you boiled chana that too which are of iron and that too by not using our powers how can we do that. He says that now these chana’s are not needed and he got boiled chana’s from devi ansuya. They say how is this possible that without any power she made these iron chana, normal boiled and soft chana. Ganesh asks lankesh how did this happen. There narad muni is peeping from devi ansuya’s ashram window and she sees the chana and sees they are iron chana and smiles instead of getting shocked by impressing narad muni. She puts them in a utensil to boil. She takes a plate and small pot full of water and goes out sensing rishi atri has come. She greets him and washes his feet and gives him water to drink and goes inside and puts the water from the plate by which she washed rishi atri’s feet and keeps it to boil and prays that if I am truly a dutiful wife then these chana of iron should get normal for narad to eat. Narad smiles and gets very impressed and happty to sse this. He then tells this to tridevi and eats the chana being too happy. Then he sees tridevi getting angered and says that I have to save myself from their anger and I could see Durga maa in devi parvati.
He falls on his feet and apologizes and says I am sorry I am a kid and that is why I got attracted to devi ansuya’s dutifulness of wife. But you’ll should do a karya/work to test devi ansuya’s dutifulness. Tridevi’s look at each other. Narad muni says that I know that you all are not able to believe me but you all can believe your tridev and ask them to test her. Tridevi go to tridev and ask them to test devi ansuya by asking her for nirvaan daan. Naryan says that nirvaan daan means to give away the clothes (vastra hin) to a bikshuk, he says are you not understanding the seriousness of this and a dutiful wife won’t do this. Lakshmi devi says that this is what is the test. Devi parvati says to mahadev that if she does so then she won’t be dutiful towards her husband but will be dutiful towards her worship, but is she becomes a dutiful wife then she will lose her worshipness. Tridevi emotionally say to tridev that if they are dutiful towards them as wives and have completed all their responsibilities towards them as wives then they must take her test. Tridev get ready. Ganesh says that this means tridev unwantedly got ready for this, lankesh says yes as they had no other option and they left to take her test and even tridevi were going to come to devi ansuya for help. Tridev go there as bikshuk’s and narad muni sees this from a distance. All the three tridev nod to each and ask ask for bhiksha, devi ansuya comes out with fruits. Narad muni is seeing all this from a distance standing tensed. The episode ends.

Precap: Tridev say that we have come here for bhiksha of nirvaan daan, it starts lightning. Devi parvati says that what happened devi parvati and Lakshmi did Narayan and brahma dev also didn’t return? We should go there and check ourselves.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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