Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti reminds Abir their love

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kuhu and Nannu giving costumes to the people. Kuhu thinks why is Nannu so happy. Abir gets a pagdi and recalls Mishti’s words. Mishti says wow, its your idea right, you knew what exactly I want. Abir says yes Nishant, no one can think this. Nannu says I wanted to do something special for you than cakes and candles. Abir recalls her words. He says you alone won’t give all the surprises, we also have a surprise. Kunal says I know it, none knows my brother better than me. Abir says yes. Abir dances on Dil Laga na…. Nannu and Kunal join him. Meenakshi tracks Abir’s phone. She instructs driver. Abir sees Mishti and Nannu dancing. They all dance. Mishti hugs Nannu. Abir gets angry. He drinks. Meenakshi reaches there. Abir goes away.

Mishti follows him. Meenakshi sees a girl wearing the black earrings. She stops him and says actually, your earrings are pretty, I wanted to buy it for my would be bahu. The girl says thanks, these earrings… Meenakshi says I m finding my son Abir. Kunal sees her and stops. He says what will I tell her, Abir is drunk and Mishti is here. Abir sees Mishti and asks why are you following me. She says you are following me. He says I want to get away from you, go to your BF. She asks why do you care. He sees some dinner arrangements. He says I don’t care, but you care, we make new relations to make new memories, you are mixing old memories with new ones.

Mishti says I wanted to celebrate my birthday this way, I don’t care for you coming or leaving, I can prove this. He asks don’t you care. She says no, maybe you care, so you can’t talk to me normally, you are scared to come close to me, because you are jealous. He takes the stick from her hand. They fight. They recall their moments. Dono milke….plays…

Abir says I m not jealous and pushes her. He goes. Kunal asks how did you come here. Meenakshi says I was worried for Abir and you,I feel he isn’t fine. Kunal says he is fine, he is just stressed about imp meeting. She says I want to see him once. Nannu asks did you see Mishti and Abir. The girl says no. He says its happening as per my plan. Kuhu comes and says you were finding Mishti, what’s happening, I know you since childhood. Nannu asks what’s the big deal, I also know you since childhood. Kuhu asks do you like her. He says of course, I do. She says that way, tell me. He says ask Mishti. Kunal says no, Abir was with Kuhu, this is her next event, its a surprise. Meenakshi says fine, once I see Abir, I will be relieved. She calls out Kuhu. Kuhu thinks what is she doing here. Meenakshi asks where is Abir. Kuhu says don’t know. Kunal signs her. Kuhu says Abir was with me, I will find him, sit. She asks Kunal to be with Meenakshi. She orders coffee for her and goes. Abir walks in the jungle. Mishti shakes the tree. The flowers fall on Abir. Yeh rishte….plays… Abir goes. Mishti thinks Nannu thanks for giving this chance to us, I hope Abir reacts. Abir sees Mishti’s birthday cake. He says sorry, I hope your BF did this for you.

Mishti says it means I was right, you do care, accept it. Meenakshi says I will go and find Abir. Kunal says I will go. She goes. Abir cuts the cake and says I don’t care. He feeds the cake to Mishti. She says you forgot to say, happy birthday Mishti. Dheere dheere…..plays…. He holds her close. Meenakshi calls out Abir. Mishti turns. Abir holds Mishti’s face to kiss her. Abir turns to see. Kunal says wait, there is nothing. Abir hears Kunal. He recalls Meenakshi’s words. He leaves. Mishti smiles.

Mishti says you still love me Abir. Abir says Mishti, I m not the Abir you loved. Mishti says I will make Abir accept that he loves me. Kuhu asks did anyone see Mishti. Mishti falls down. She loses her phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Today episode was about 2 crazy women chasing Abir???Mishti is looking desperate running ?‍♀️ after a drunk Abir waiting for his confirmation and Meenakshi getting all worked up like Abir is a 5 year kid who is lost Abir is a wooz ?‍♀️ with his tail between his legs be a man Show has lost its lust one obsessed & one crazy & controlling

  2. Yeh Kya hai yaar. Abeer kabhi nashe mein hota hai aur kabhi bilkul theek ese kese. Abeer lab confess karega misthi se ki usne yh sab Kyu kia. Misthi will understand as she know everything about Kunal’s birth.

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