Spoilers 10th December 2019

Shiv and Ananya have a romantic moment. Shiv wears the saree when she teases him by making his clothes away. Ananya laughs at him. They have a romantic moment. Shiv and Ketki’s marriage gets fixed. Ketki happily dances with the family. The family blesses Ketki. They are happy that Ketki is getting a nice groom. Shiv loves Ananya a lot, from their last birth. He wants to overcome his inner devil and secure Ananya’s life. Ananya learns the shocking news of his marriage.

Mohana thinks she will get saved from the Serpvanshis. She is sure that Pari will never come back, and Ansh and Piya won’t be able to find her. Ansh and Piya follow Mohana’s footprints. They find the foot prints missing, since Mohana got wings to fly. They start losing their powers. They get attacked by the enemy clan. They struggle to save their live. Ansh and Piya will be convincing them that they are also finding Mohana to get their daughter Pari back.

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