Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayu advises Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik pacifying Naira. She says I m scared even now, the difference is that, I understand the make believe game. Naira goes for MRI test. She recalls Kartik, family and the baby she met. Doctor says no growth and no blood clots, everything is fine. Kartik hugs him and says I will inform the family, they would be waiting. Naksh wakes up and sees Kirti. He says when did you come back without informing. She says I missed you and came to give you surprise. He hugs her. She says sorry. He says don’t go anywhere now, I missed you twice, I mean, I missed you and baby. He talks to the baby. He says this is not fair, let the baby have some respect for me. She laughs. She says I feel a lot, but don’t know how to express, there is much time for baby’s coming. He says I used to pester Akshara and ask her the same question when Naira was about to get born. Manish says Naira’s reports have come, everything is fine.

Dadi says I will have my green tea, now Gayu can return with peace. Gayu says yes, I have few exhibitions left. Samarth says wow, great designs, did you make this. Gayu says yes, I started it as hobby and now its my profession. Dadi sees them. Kartik hugs Naira and says no clot, nothing can happen wrong. Doctor comes and jokes on them. Kartik gives him sweets. He gets a friend’s call and says I will just come. He says our manager got a mild heart attack, he is admitted in nearby hospital. Naira asks him to go, she will go home. Doctor says yes, Naira and I will have a coffee. Kartik says I will send car for you. He goes. Doctor says coffee is on me today, come. Nurse says doctor, there is some emergency. Doctor says sorry Naira, I have to go. Naira asks him to go. He goes. She sees smiley on the coffee.

A lady comes with a baby. Naira holds the baby and asks about reports. Lady says I had a clot in brain, I had a baby before that, my Bhabhi had the same problem, it seemed everything is normal, the clot re-occurred, but doctor said she can’t think of planning baby, I was lucky to plan on right time, I hope you are fine, such things are unpredictable.

She goes. She thinks of baby. Kartik comes to her. She tells about the lady’s sister-in-law, whose clot reoccurred. She says but my reports are normal as of now, she said anything can happen anytime, we should plan a baby, doctor had said there are 5% chances, we need a baby, the chances will get less. He says we have already spoken about it. She says you love me a lot, fulfill this wish of mine, please agree. He says fine, we will think about it, okay done. She smiles and hugs him. He says don’t daydream, we can’t compromise with your health, no means no. He disappears. She goes out and sees some baby pics. She thinks Kartik never refused to me before, what happened this time, how shall I convince him.

Everyone feeds sweets to Kirti. Kirti says I love it. Naira comes. Dadi says you have a long time, I just took your name. Kirti says your reports are good, why don’t you look happy. Naira says no, I m happy. Kirti says I m not happy that I missed Rishton ka utsav, I m so proud of you, my baby shower is coming, you will plan a big get together. Naira says sure, why not. Everyone talks about Kirti’s baby and laughs. Naira sees them. She gets Kartik’s message that manager is fine, he is coming home. She replies I will be waiting. She sees kanha idol.

Gayu comes to her. She asks what happened, tell me, don’t try to act in front of me. Naira says I don’t know how to tell. Gayu says let me guess by asking you ten questions, answer me right, this is something related to Kartik, did you have a fight with him, misunderstanding, or any demand. Naira says yes, but my demand is justified, there is no medical issue. Gayu says he would be refusing thinking of some reason, you should prepare him mentally, give him some time. Naira says I have already told him. Gayu says its fine, there are many ways to express our point of view, my friend got a puppy home to prepare her husband, don’t worry, Kartik will understand even this.

Naira hugs her. They see something and get surprised. Dadi says you will also need a life partner. Samarth says I m still young. Dadi says you are younger than Akhilesh and Manish, but you should get married. Naira says Kartik got a puppy. Gayu says see we were talking and he got a puppy. Kartik says puppy was under the car, it wasn’t ready to go, we will make it fine and then leave it. Manish says then leave it somewhere. Lav and Kush say we want it. Naira says its so cute, we will keep it home. Kartik asks Dadi to explain Manish. Dadi says fine, keep it, Manish I can’t refuse to my grandsons. Manish says you always take their side. She says parents’ happiness lies in their children’s happiness. Naira smiles seeing Kartik.

Naira asks why don’t we plan a baby. Kartik says your health is most imp, even if we didn’t had this talk and you were pregnant, I would have not wanted you to continue it.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What the hell is happening? Isn’t samarth younger than Manish and older than Akhilesh? Even if he was younger than both of them, he’s way too old for gayu. What do makers think? Gayu loved someone before, she couldn’t move on from another boyfriend, so she has to compromise?

    They’ll turn this into one of those surrogate stuff. Gayu being the surrogate mother, and then no one will want to marry ehr, so samarth will marry her. Why are you guys spoiling gayus life? She had gone out of their lives happily in reel and real ja, let her enjoy her life than again mingling with these people. Don’t drag it for unnecessary plot twists. It’s going to be super awkward.

    I think Priyanka will be best for samarth. They both are younger but not too young and I think they’ll look nice too.

  2. Neha Chandra

    Naira wanted to dance, naira wanted to start dance school, naira wanted to divorce,naira wanted to separate, naira wanted to join college .now she wants baby. Again naira and daadi fight ,kaira fight Karthik getting angry bla bla bla

  3. Who is Priyanka? I didn’t heard her name earlier.

    1. Priyanka is kartiks biological mother’s sister.

    2. Ohh I see:)

  4. And she won’t even complete one goal properly. Left her dance school midway, left Mumbai college midway, didn’t join course in Jaipur. Now wants baby. This woman doesn’t have a brain and this serial is getting cringeworthy.

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