Bigg Boss 12 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80
Deepak says to KV that its hook or by crook. He says to Rohit that you did well, I pray you remain in 15th week too, you were cool last day, I changed my words, I felt guilty, you must be guilty too. Rohit says not at all. Deepak says you were scared that you couldnt beat from front. Rohit says I played smart.

Sree says to Dipika that kids are playing for now.

Surbhi says to herself that all are playing for themselves, I kept playing for them and till then I was nice.
Deepak says to Romil that I didnt expect Surbhi playing cheap game but she did, she didnt have guts to tell about her game, she will feel guilty soon.

KV says to Deepak that Romil and all are others double faced, we dont need people like them. He talks about Rohit and says he is double faced but Surbhi is true, she tells what she is doing but even Srishty said to not trust Rohit. Deepak says Surbhi was our own so it hurts more, we tell each other about things we do. Deepak says I will support Surbhi but I wont even tell her anything. KV says I feel like God sent me here to experience all this, success is that someone felt something for me. Deepak says Ifelt bad guilt yesterday. KV hugs him.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that all seasons were different and people remember it for their uniqueness like friendship, animosity, tasks.. this season have reached 12th week so we have to think about how people will remember this season, we have thought a lot and have come to conclusion that this season will be remembered for similarity, every individual have different personality but you all are alike, its like you all have no identity and personality, if two people are shouting then all start shouting, if one inmate gets frustrated and break things then all do it, may it be Srishty, Sree or Deepak. Deepak says sorry. Bigg Boss says this show is about mind power not physical power, so remember shouting and pushing from chest bumping doesnt show your power but shows that you dont have mind to tell your thoughts more nicely.. you all decide how to perform, you have less time so its time to change if you can because then you wont get a chance. Somi says sorry.

Jasleen says thank you, Megha says this show is about winning hearts. Jasleen says they dont know that you have to show heart in this show.

KV says we all react sameway in show.
Jasleen says what Deepak did in bathroom? it was scary. Megha says I cleaned it up. Jasleen says it was his weak time but you have to control yourself, you cant keep following others.

Megha says to Sree and Jasleen that imagine us in top 5, only us. Sree says Deepak can go, he cant compare with me, he did it as he couldnt bear his defeat.. people get frustrated here, I did a lot of hardwork so I cant remain silent when they raise finger on me, if they point at my family then they will have to run away from me.

KV reads task and winning team will get luxury things. Task will be between Sree and Romil, all laugh. They will be given used cars, they are dirty and needs cleaning, Sree and Romil have to make others agree to wash car for them and clean it. Deepak will be referee of task. On third buzzer, task will end and Deepak will tell whose car is more clean and then they have to name a person who performed so well, that person will win used car.
Romil asks KV to support him. KV asks Sree why he should support him? Sree says because you are fast and can clean nicely.

All come in garden. Dipika says will someone pacify me? KV says to Romil that Sree came to me first. Surbhi says in camera that I like them both, so I cant decide whose side to go. Jasleen asks Romil if he will remain her good friend? I will perform nicely. Romil says I will give name by performance. Surbhi, Rohit, KV and Dipika washes Sree’s car while others support Romil. KV is cleaing nicely. Jasleen stands on car roof and cleans it. KV washes Sree’s car, Rohit and Dipika brings water buckets for him. Romil asks Megha to work faster. Buzzer plays, Deepak asks them to stop. Deepak checks both cars and says Sree’s car was cleaner. Sree cheers and says I love you guys. Deepak gives them hamper. Deepak asks who was best performer? Sree says Rohit and Surbhi performed really nicely but lady’s first so he gives car keys to Surbhi. Surbhi is elated.

Surbhi says one task destroys relations and other mends it. Sree asks Jasleen why she stood on car? Jasleen says Megha asked me to go on top, Sree says we dont get TRP like this, your top shot must have been shown. Jasleen laughs.

Sree says to Surbhi that Rohit started provoking me, he was not listening to you. Surbhi says you and Dipika started arguing with me, you could say anything but not point on my dignity. Sree says I didnt mean it, you should understand what I have been through. Surbhi says nobody knows my story. Sree says you talked about slapgate issue. Surbhi says I wanted to make you angry. Sree says I thought you would never listen to me. Surbhi says you provoked me to that point. Sree says sorry.

Somi says to Romil that I know what you want to do, I have self-respect. Romil says what? Somi whispers dont tell me. Somi says I think I need permission to talk, can I talk? Romil says no. He calls Megha to sit with them. Somi leaves. Romil says oh God.

Somi says to Romil that you are not a good friend, I keep trying to talk to you but get lost, you are not interested. Romil says I didnt misbehave with you, I am in tension. Somi says you are mean, you dont think about others, you use others emotions. She goes to lounge. Surbhi laughs and makes fun of it. She goes to Somi and laughs at her, she says you act like choti bahu.

Somi brings milk for Deepak, he thanks her, she leaves. Deepak asks Romil if she is angry with him? Romil says she is not talking to me. Deepak bursts out laughing. Romil laughs and says she promised on bubble this time. Deepak says she promised on a dog.

Surbhi says to Deepak that we planned to eliminate Somi from bus task and then play our game. Deepak says no you took me in trust. Surbhi says I talked to KV, he was like all are playin for themselves and KV said that you wanted to eliminate me. Deepak says KV had twist in plan, we were not trying to cheat, I just didnt tell anything to KV. KV comes there and says I told him to take out my bag but lets decide in bus. Surbhi says you were still not sure? KV says I understand Deepak having soft corner for Somi but why you Surbhi? Surbhi says I had a bond with her, you all went against plan so I played for myself. Deepak says I said to take out Somi first. Surbhi says but then KV was out before her. Deepak says nobody gave me proposal. Surbhi says first proposal failed, my trust broke when KV was out, I didnt want to look bad infront of Somi too. She asks KV why he didnt take Somi’s name? KV says no I didnt, Surbhi says then trust between us was gone.

Day 81
All inmates dance to aowa aowa.. Sree dances.

Megha says to Jasleen that Rohit misbehaves with us so we will not spare him now, he sings for Deepak that he didnt get anything in captaincy task. Rohit comes there. Megha says you didnt get any captaincy. Rohit says I will miss you. Jasleen says someone is angry. Rohit says you both dont exist for anyone here.

Somi says to Surbhi that I am noticing Jasleen copies me, I wore indian dress so all are wearing indian now, I feel like she competes with me, she brags about her bonding with Romil. Surbhi says you are assuming. Somi says I am not an idiot. Surbhi says talk to her. Somi says I dont feel like talking to her, I used to talk to her but not anymore. Jasleen comes there. Surbhi says Jasleen you are wearing indian too, she nods.

Captaincy task is announced, Rohit and Surbhi will be stage manager. There are two stages in garden. Deepak will sing for Surbhi, Jasleen will sing on Rohit’s behalf.. buzzers will play, one inmate will sit on chair infront of stage at time of buzzer, then singers will perform, the contender which gets to perform three times will win task.. contenders have to make sure that inmates sit on their chair and stage and their performer is able to perform. KV will be referee.

Rohit says to Romil that I performed well in task.
Surbhi asks Somi to support her, she is close to her heart. Somi says you betrayed me.
Somi says to Rohit that you will support me if you become captain? He says yes.
Sree says to Surbhi that you dont need to ask me, I will support you.
Rohit says to Megha that give me a chance. Megha says you keep insulting us, Rohit says I will be improved. Rohit tries to talk to Sree but Sree says no.
Romil says to Deepak that I didnt talk to Surbhi but she is my sister. Deepak says I am with her too.

Buzzer plays, Sree runs and sits on Surbhi’s chair. Sree says Surbhi is my good friend, I shouldnt have said those words to her, I cant make up to her but I will support her from now on. Deepak comes stage and says I dedicate it to Sree for his wife. Deepak sings oh meri bhuvneshwari.. Sree enjoys his performance and hugs him.

Rohit tries to convince but Somi goes and sits on Surbhi’s chair, she says Surbhi is a strong contender. Deepak sings tumhe koi or dekhe toh jalta hai dil.. Somi blushes as he sings for her. Deepak doesnt look at her and sings yeh dil bekarar kitna. All clap for him.

Megha asks Romil whose side are you? Romil says I am divided. Megha says he broke your group. Romil says he did play for me. Megha says let me go, I am support Surbhi.

Buzzer plays, Megha runs and sits on Surbhi’s chair, she says she is way better than Rohit, I dont want Rohit as captain because he is not ready for captaincy. Rohit says only three weeks are remaining. Megha says let me talk, you dont know how to respect girls. Rohit says you dont know how to respect boys. Rohit says they will cut your talk. Surbhi says Megha is Bigg Boss Marathi winner and we respect it. Deepak sings oo re piya re. Sree takes mic from Rohit’s stage and laughs. All clap for Deepak. Bigg Boss says captaincy task ends, Surbhi got three performance and becomes captain of house. Surbhi thanks everyone.

Rohit, Deepak and Romil are mimicing Sree’s catching a catch in world cup. Sree says you are wrong, I caught it from short fine-leg to fine-leg. Romil says you caught it differently. Sree says Romil knows more about cricket than me. Sree says you are 11 years younger than me so you wont understand. Romil says I have had more than you. Sree says did you sleep with a man with 16 murders? Romil says I cant talk about that, I play smart when it comes to that. Sree says you were smart but I was not thats why I didnt go to jail. Romil says you are taking it wrong. Sree says thank you for the show, you saying I was not smart so I went to jail. Romil leaves. Dipika says leave it.

Sree is looking around in garden. Dipika asks what happened? Sree says I have to listen to everyone here, all are teaching me here.
Romil says to Jasleen that I see all kind of people too, I was talking about myself but he took it on himself. Jasleen says dont talk about sensitive issue. Megha says you stop it. Romil says he was bringing it up, he talked about sleeping with a murderer, I said I met a lot of people, I didnt mean to put him down.

Somi says to Megha that there are other beds so you can shift to other one. Megha says okay I will shift in morning. She goes with Jasleen.
Megha says to Jasleen that Somi was feeling possessiveness. Jasleen says I dont know why. Megha says why all girls are irritated with you? Jasleen says I had good understanding with Somi but then I became your and Romil’s friend so she might feel that her friends are hers only.

PRECAP- Salman asks Deepak and Surbhi if they like to disrespect people? He asks Surbhi that you see badness in people but what about you? You think you will win doing all this? Salman says to Rohit that what talent you have? You tell Sree that he does everything for footage but what about your footage? you have no right to pull people down like that. Sree cries.
Bigg Boss says its time to choose inmates who will go to jail. All are surprised. KV says Sree and Deepak broke property so they should go. Surbhi says the way Sree behaved in task was not good. Sree gets angry and says I am not going. He goes to washroom and says I am not going. Surbhi comes there and says dont act like this, Sree says all are snakes, I cant keep going every week. Surbhi says you cant act maturely.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wow salman taking cls dat too surbhi nd rohit?????? was waiting for such a day for a long time
    Sree was the one among who made India proud of, the way these people treat him is very bad
    Romil with rohit was disgusting, i just starting liking romil
    I wish he never goes back to happy club, nor dissolve sree dipika jas megha team
    Today i liked one thing what bigboss said, if one does something, all others try to copy it ??‍♀
    Anyway this week wkw is going to be good, waiting!!!!!!
    Gud nytz All

    1. @teddy…

      I am hoping jo precap m dikha waisa ho.. Cz last time bhi news m padha tha is wkw salmansurbhi ki class lenge but surbhi ko zyada kuch nhi bola..

    2. @Xyz
      I hope so

    3. I don’t u ndwrsta. Why is it shree week in week out everytimecgets nominated to go tonjail
      It’s like rubbing salt in someone’s wound. I am sure if others we picked like this week in week out they wound react extremely rude nasty gutter level language would be used. Leave the guy alo ne. This is not doing task but its bullying. Kv . deepak shurbhi rohit extremely nasty lot. They all should be elimated

    4. I don’t u ndwrsta. Why is it shree week in week out everytimecgets nominated to go tonjail
      It’s like rubbing salt in someone’s wound. I am sure if others we picked like this week in week out they wound react extremely rude nasty gutter level language would be used. Leave the guy alo ne. This is not doing task but its bullying. Kv . deepak shurbhi rohit extremely nasty lot. They all should be elimated

  2. Rajjo

    best part was romil-deepak moment in bathroom… they were like two friends gossiping on third one… these type of moments must also be shown na… bigg boss is not only of conflicts, fights n ol. after this part i liked precap(makers neend se jaag gye)… πŸ˜›
    I found that today’s episode was like “bas kuch bhi dikha do 1 ghanta pura kr do…” there was a hurry in episode…

    1. Nivika

      Sachii????bigg boss nind se jag gaye….
      Finally something interesting will happen…

    2. @Rajjo i felt today episode was long, may be i watching after many days
      But i really loved precap

    3. Rajjo

      @teddy actually that captaincy’s part was happened in a rush… or it felt like that… also yesterday they show as precap that deepak will run on trademill n jump in swimming pool that didn’t happen so it felt like they don’t want to show that as tomorrow wkw is going to happen…

  3. Salman one week late, took one week give them what they deserve, felt like he went home and watched previous episodes?
    Anyway waiting!!!!

  4. Jasleen was pretty in that sea-green kameez, I wished she could’ve sung at least one song.
    Nevertheless, Deepak made it all okay shokay with Sree and even Sree forgave Surbhi and everything was like the silence after the storm. Everyone was busy mending relationships; be it Somi who craved for attention from Romil (emotions, baby.. we don’t choose whom we fall for as said by Clay Jensen, we all should abide by that too) , be it KV who looked so good laughing with Dipika even at the background, or Sree and Surbhi who patched up like siblings. All is well that ends well. So, if they don’t have any grudges, who m i to judge? Things are quite sorted up. I really want some patchups now — KV-Dipika, KV-Sree, Sree-Surbhi, and I hope Jas-Megha stay like this forever… I want a team too with Romil-KV-Dipika as these 3 are really sorted out souls. No jalebis in heart. Megha and Jasleen are awesome to but as a couple .
    The last part was a bit low. I mean Romil didn’t even say that intentionally. Sree poked him and now behaving like Romil did something wrong. He should learn now to take things as they are. We do mistakes, we must learn to survive what people say. Romil-Rohit were just playing, Sree made it a big issue, so putting the blame on Sree. Same old behavior when Nehha had called him mentally weak! Man, now agree that u are mentally too weak.
    All is okaaaaaay apart from that. :-3

    1. Rajjo

      silence after the storm or silence before another storm… hahaha….
      anyways seriously also want that all the patchups happen now… if want make a new team yes its too late but why not… KV-DEEPIKA-ROMIL-SHREE i want them together… hope it happens now becoz yes you people need not to take bb house grudges with you outside the house…

    2. @Rajjo,
      I don’t really know what this happiness or this silence really means. But honestly, if Bigg Boss makers could show us such lovey dovey moments for at least 15 minutes everyday, it could’ve been a better approach !

    3. @Aarohi..

      Agreed with lot of points.. Except 2..
      First on3 i really dont want surbhi-sree patchup.. Zabardasti ki positivity ki need nhi. Cz surbhi is a snake.. Wo sirf aur sirf logo ko use karna janti h… And she only looks good with deepak, rohit and somi..

      Baaki log usse door hi rahe toh better h. Cz bura banda jo sudharna hi nhi chata usey sabko akela chod dena chaiye..

      Secomd thing.. Yes sree’s reaction was too intense… But he is listening about his match fixing and all the things from the starting and jab kisi bande k sath har din wahin sab batein repeat hoti h.. Uske failed career pe comment hote h tph band3 ki m3ntal state wahin ho jati h..

      Aur wi banda choti si baat ko bhi dil pe le leta h.. And trust me.. It is a very b8g thing if some one comment on ur failure again n again.. Even almost 24 hours..

    4. True..tho one thing i like to add if you dont mind that Sree’s career is a not failure it’s something precious stolen from him imean he was an exceptional bowler respected by cricket lovers and it was all blackened by that false charge, if he had failed in his job he would’ve still made peace with it but he was celebrated cricketer someone who excelled in what he did and it was all taken away from him in one strike so it must be more hurtful

    5. @ xyz
      nice comment

    6. @Tala….

      yes sree’s career was not a failure and i dont know he was involved in match fixing or not…

      but i really respect his skill as a fastest bowler…

    7. @Teddy… thanx for the appreciation.. πŸ™‚

    8. @Tala..

      r u last season’s tala shah????????

    9. Ditto Aarohi..same baat mere dimaag mein thi..??

    10. @Aarohi liked your comments but could not digest Sree and Surbhi reunion.

  5. Wow!!precap was so amazing. Though I was in support of surbhi and deepak but I wanted salman to teach them a lesson. Its not like I Will always support them, I also feel bad for sree and the way he supported surbhi today in car task as well as in captaincy task was so nice, I was so pleased. I thought after last weekend that salman is being biased but now again I’m gonna say WOW….SALMAN SIR U R BACK……

    ??????????????luv u salman khan

    1. Sree supported Surbhi because he did NOT want to support Rohit. That’s the case. @RV. Yet, at least he did. That was enough for him. ❀

    2. @Aarohi agreed on reason as to why Sree supported surbhi

  6. There were lot of moments to laugh..
    Kv saying to deeapak we r not double faced like others…. Rohit is double faced and surbhi is true.. really??

    Deepak was saying it hurts when ur own frnd betrayed u… And what u did to romil???

    Surbhi “i like them both(sree and romil).. Matlab kitna jaldi change ho jati h ye ladki..

    Somi- i think jas has started copy me.. Look at ur self.. Jas looks far better than u since startimg of the season..
    She looks good without makeup too.. U had support of ur sister if jas had and after that u had support of hc club.. But jas played alone.. So dont compare urself with jas…
    And jas is n9t competeing with anyone.. Except she tried to compete with doka in the very starting.. But madam apse tph compete karne ka wo door door tak nhi sochti..

    I really dislike sree today whrn he again said ary to surbhi.. Bhai matlab q usey itna sir chadhana.. Usne apni mistakes k liye kabhi bola itna sry??

    Surbhi said to rohit… Mrgha was marathi bb winner so we should respect her… ? Matlab k time usey winner wali respect doge.. Aur jo uski winning ko 4-5 weeks tak bully kiya uska kya..

    It is my personal thinking… Sare gile shikwon ko side rakh k.. Except megha… Baaki sab ko dimaag chala k rohit ko captain banana chaiye tha.. Cz no doubt surbhi is much stronger than rohit.. Surbhi is not a person jiske liye soft corner ho kisi k mun m.. Toh strong contender ko out kar k weak contend3r oo power de do toh competion thoda easy ho jata…

    But no one used their brain.. And seriously sree again n again same mistake karta h surbhi ko support kar k.. Jab surbhi ko need hoti h toh sree bhai ban jata h.. Kaam khatam hote hi always sree ko punishment k kiye ya fir elimination m daal deti h..
    Kitni selfish h ye bandi..

    I really like megha’s almost all the words… ‘it is not necessary to win the show bit to win the hearts’ yes u were so right… ?

    Precap is looking good.. Baaki dekhte h cz har baar dikhate tob aise h ki surbhu n ganag ko sunaya h salman ne but episode m utna kuch dikhta nhi..

    1. The problem is – whenever a bad person gets cheated on, we start having a soft corner for that bad person.
      Whenever a good person gets cheated on, he turns evil.
      Same is with Deepak and KV. Deepak is irritating I admit. But he plays the game with utmost honesty. He is irritating but not beyond that thin line u shouldn’t cross. He is funny too. So, personally, I feel pity on him.
      KV is loyal to the group he is assigned for.

      And coming to Sree’s case that u told earlier… in a room, there are two people. One has gone through innumerable struggles, the other one got everything easily. If the first one reacts to every other thing the second one says, and we justify the first one everytime, the second person becomes the evil in the process with course of time.. that is wrong. Injustice to the second one who never had any fault.
      Nehha was a victim to it. Was she wrong when she called him weak ? No. She wasn’t . But Sree reacts to this everytime. Romil or Nehha … they didn’t intentionally hurt him. He should get it now.

    2. @romil..

      Agreed on deepak’s point.. Actually ye pura captaincy task hi deepak ne perform kiya.. But hebetrayed many ppls and changes side asper h8s needs so.. Its ok..

      And agreed on second point too.. I didn’t say. Sree was right.. Even i have mention.. His reaction was intense.. But whatever going around him.. Always ppls talk about his cricket thing.. Whichmade him like this…
      And yes.. In neha’s case hewas totally wrong and i guess i didn’t like his behaviour with neha …

    3. Sandeep Virk

      I’m silently reading everyone’s comments past few days as I’m seriously not enjoying this season of bb…and more than bb I love to read comments here…these are far more entertaining and classy than what’s happening inside the house
      I dont know why everyone starts liking surbhi in captaincy tasks so much…but then again they all know surbhi is strong and wont get evicted it’s better to let rohit not become captain so he can be nominated at least otherwise he will become safe…
      And seriously somi need to get out of her illusionary fairy tale…she is not s princess that jas will get jealous from her…somi kya cheez hai..ise lagta hai bb ke sab ladke ispe marte hain usi ko ghurte rehte hain sab…shakal dekho apni ayne main…jas tumse hzar guna sundar hai with or without makeup…so shut up somi…
      I hope Deepak gets evicted…megha jas r far better than him…I like romil sree dpka jas megha in one team and kv can stay with filthy club who will sacrifice him again when time comes
      And I hope what they show in precap actually happens…cuz surbhi rohit need a tight slap on their face and only Salman can do it

    4. @Sandeep.
      One thing u all are not getting. If any girl were in Somi’s position, it would be very natural to feel like that just the way Somi is feeling right now. She had got something to hold on and that was Romil. Now, Romil didn’t come with his wife, so his time was totally dedicated to her. Call it friendship, or infatuation, or anything, Somi wanted that importance. She was losing her possession to someone who is prettier, naturally, it came out of her heart.
      What she is doing is the most genuine emotion shown by any contestant in BB.
      Don’t get it wrong, but attachments’ll hurt u more than love ever will.

    5. @sandeep..
      completely agreed with ur points…

      As u said U were not finding the episodes interesting… and stopped writing comment..

      but one thing i wants to tell u… In new commenters(As u were not here in last season) I found ur comments very much fair and mature….
      and whenever i open the telly updates i go through ur comments the first … and i really like to read ur comments…

      u look like a mature person with having IT job… πŸ˜‰

    6. @Aarohi..

      i am getting ur point …. as i am a girl too and i am too easily get jealous if someone comes inbetween…. but … i always get angry on the middleperson(Which is common for both of the ppls)….and never says wrong words about the new person who is coming in between…

      somi’s jealousy is fine.. but all time to say wrong things about jas is not good…
      like she said ek k jane k baad now she needs new frnd…. something like this…

      jealousy honi chaiye but limit m…

    7. Sree would’ve never supported rohit because he has just taunted him on his career suebhi did that too but 5 days ago for which everyone made him feel guilty I said this in my other reply as well and I’ll say this again here that he only get to know about those 10 people thoughts and views and of salman and they all berated him even after he apologized he was made to feel like a biggest culprit there for whatever happened between him and that girl so even if he deep down knows that she was more wrong he still got moved by those peoples words and kept apologizing sometimes even forced to do it or guilt tripped

    8. I agree…he doesn’t know what the world is thinking about Surbhi…he can only see what Salman n other housemates has told him…as per them, he has done a huge crime and he is supposed to make up for the mistake…n that’s why he supported Surbhi…
      But yes as a fan of him, I feel like telling him that she doesn’t deserve it one second attention…she has stooped that low…

    9. @XYZ in total agreement to your POV.

  7. NOB (News of Bollywood) they have posted a live video on youtube where Deepak doing dance steps with Jasleen and Megha is shown. I m loving the Megha-Deepak-Jasleen trio. It’s too good. ?

    1. I saw that video too…
      Romil, jas, deepak and megha… All were looking too cute.. When they were following dance moves of jas.. ?

      And romil was like ye kaisa step h.. ? ?

    2. Rajjo

      yuppp that video is on voot also… very interesting… even deepak wore sandals n tried to walk… he was looking very funny…

    3. @Aarohi
      Yes I have seen that……it’s fun??…….they should show such things rather than stupid issues…….as today they showed midnight talks of rohit surbhi kv n deepak……I literally changed the channel at that time……what is the use of showing such talks…..

    4. And bb still edited it out of the main show πŸ™ like many other moments like this and then makers act puzzled that why show trp is dropping abe #@#@@*@# tumne kabhi light moments dikhae hi nahi just to keep the plot you were building for each contestant if they had then show would be on totally different tangent of entertainment, they killed their own show but rumor has it that they’ll blame surbhi fordropping trp instead tomorrow wow I dislike this girl but she isn’t at all responsible for the trps its the makers that are and I hope bigg boss and contestants fans understand it and send the hate their way
      ?(( sorry for ranting out to your comment lol I just couldn’t control the frustration i have ove bb makers dealing with the show)

    5. @Jaggu maggu (called it with love) ,
      True yaa.. if they could show us the beautiful moments rather than the fights, things could’ve been different .

      @Nandini, @XYZ, @Rajjo.. yep, girls!

    6. Rajjo

      @ jagganath actually double faced are bb makers first they want fights in the house in the hope of getting trp and when these fight reach to next level and trp of show decreases then they say to HMs that this show is not about fights… its all the doings of editing team n makers when they have the recorded video of light moments in the house then why they can’t show them in the 1 hour telecast n instead they show the fights… its their call if they don’t want to show fights then show laughing moments… at the end they can’t blame on HMs for trp n ol… m not taking anyone’s side just a thought came…

  8. “some good things have happened more lately” but anyways today’s saga was like :
    “you can’t stop the future
    you can’t rewind the past
    the only way to know the secret
    is to press the play button ”
    # the car task often gave us certain friendship goals but as a critic one has to say viewers are getting to witness diversification in mood swings of HMs , # times changed two days before sree banged head and today he supported surbhi # change of hearts rather quickly defeating the speed of light lol hahaha , one keen observation has to be discussed is that despite # THE TOTAL SIYYAPPA created by surbhi and rohit , HMs supported surbhi in majority and thats where rohit was bitten by # KARMA , IT WAS TO CHOOSE WHO WAS MORE WORSER !!!!
    any ways # billi malai kha gyi # she gets into semifinale week , most dirty game played by surbhi she had pulled trigger on rohit’s shoulder in this task to reach captaincy throne # rohit-NA GHAR KA RHA NA GHAT KA !!!!!anyways nobody in the house will make #RATION THIEFS as captain lol
    # now coming to the so called #COBRA CLUB (LOL) DISCUSSIONS IN EXPERT PANELS :
    i would like to highlight that kv was having no words on the perception of somi’s matter , they all accepted that they wanted to look mahann in front of her but in real kv was awestrucked he can’t defend him and at last he accepted that yes he too was not having guts to tell to somi
    #KV FANS for a moment just stand as a critic’s place with me and answer who is somi to kvb and why he needs to feel insecure to tell her that we wanted you out of captaincy’s task # THIS IS WERE KVB IS DAMM WRONG #aap yaha khud ke liye khelne aaye ho somi ke liye nhi and thats where you disappointed your fan’s at that point u need to have take a stand for yourself towin no matter jo bhi hota par lado to yaar #TASK SPOILER !!!!(kv fans don’t get me wrong ) its all in critics view
    all in all car task was a stress booster and sree won it , nice to see kv’s cleaning tricks !!!!

    1. ???
      For ur c9mment.. And specially for megha, sree and kv part… ?

    2. appreciation is welcomed #MADAMJI :))-

    3. Life makes us learn in the most crooked way, so that we don’t forget the lesson anyday!
      Future is unknown, destiny is inevitable, the only thing we can do is give our 100% everyday in the hope to change destiny..
      The words you’ve written with intense thought going on in your creative mind is beyond truth! We should just live this journey, past won’t come back.
      The lines after that I agree to all of them. Being a critic, KV is wrong.
      Being KV, KV is right!
      We aren’t in his shoes where he tries to give up for his own team – after so many acts, we can’t call this pseudogreatness. Maybe, it’s his incapability to perform tasks or letting go for his near ones. Somi was a part of his group now, he did the same which he had done for Urvashi, Srishti. Giving up. Call it giving up due to incapability. Or call it greatness. Don’t give it the name of ‘showoff’. Not after so many deeds.

    4. hope he comes out with rainbow colours in the remaining 23 days :))-

  9. Some people are twisting sree giving his vote to surbhi as him being spineless & taunting his fans for always calling him real well guess what after apologizing to her 4 times it was his way of apologizing again for what he said about her in a heat of a moment and after 1 hour of provocation so he isn’t being spineless or gentleman he is trying to correct his wrong which still makes him real and a good human being

    1. @Anon2..

      To say sry againn again never makes someone spineless… But apni self respect bhi hoti h..
      In one of the episode in which he used that s*x worker comment… I focused on his expressions after committing mistake..

      And he was very scared.. Usne tph apni galtu pehle hi realize kr li thi.. And infront of salman he said sry..

      But thepoint is agaraap aise bnde ko jiski wahjah se apne wo sab words use kiye aur jo apse bphot zyada wrong h usey sry bol k special feel karana…. aise bnde ki m8stakes ko badhawa dena hota h..

    2. Tbh today surbhi came to him guilt tripped him for it again before that deepika has been continuously poking him about it & saying how wrong he was romil somi urged him to apologize again so regardless of how strong willed you’re if culprit & especially the people tha’re closer to you keep reiterating same thing about your mistake regardless if you were more wrong in it or not yoh get brain washed by it, + he’s only getting to see perspective of those 10 people and they all are saying same thing making him doubt himseld thus feeling more & more guilty thus how many times he say sorry he’ll still feel guilty and to erase that feeling he’# doing whatever he can

    3. @jagannath..

      nice explanation…

    4. @xyz hey xyz that other reply to you is by me not jagganaaath I wrote hi/her name in hurry

    5. You stole my name *****????? ughh anon 2 it’s not fair ?? don’t use it again pleaseeeeee cause I’m THE jagganath

    6. Omg I didn’t mean to I was trying to reply to your other comment then I saw xyz comment and in hurry I wrote your name in the name box sorry

  10. @XYZ and @Airplanes…..yesterday’s comments were really nice?
    Firstly,romil’s instant flip was not very predictable…..the person for whom he had cried once,he made fun of today?.I don’t know what his intentions were or what he meant but it wasn’t a pleasant way of talking especially such a touchy issue#world cup……I personally didn’t like it…..
    Secondly,the captaincy task……it was nice but I wanted to listen jasleen,they didn’t even show one song by her……n let me clear she sang a song lag ja gale n it was really nice better than deepak’s……?
    Somi ko dikha dikhake to ye hume maar hi dalenge…….seriously…….her voice is?
    I really enjoy singing n even listening her deep shrill makes me irritated at times…..
    Somi said to romil ki wo friendship ke layak nhi h….n mean h etc etc……so somi what the hell have u done for him till date???????‍♀️pta nhi…..
    Sree’s team won the task n surbhi seriously surprised me as hell with her cleaning skills……?
    Precap dekh kar to ankhein hi bhar ayi…..?
    Taras gye the ye dekhne ko…..
    I just hope Salman bang them well…..??
    Although I can’t really blame Salman completely bcoz this season the whole editing team has been ridiculous…….aisa lg rha h bhaang khaake editing kar rhi h……??
    Anyways…….looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s episode…….

    1. @ Nandini,
      beautifully potrayed comment !!!!! keep the sun and happiness glowing :))-# kudos and yes thanks for the token of appreciation will try to keep the butterflies groving and hmming :))-

    2. @Airplanes….
      Thanks a million:-))

    3. @nandini..

      Exactly.. SaMe views on romil sree matter…

      And i really hope precap jo dikh rahah waisa hi ho..

    4. @XYZ……..I hope for the same thing…..

    5. @Nandini..
      We too like our own comments of yesterday.. .


      Bdw 2-3 days se bb episode se zyada tph yahan baat kar k maje aa rahe h..

    6. @nandini..Ur comments are lovely and I agree to most f it..other than the romil sree part.yaar he didn’t mean to mock him and na hi wo flip hua.. he was just curious abt the catch..usko khud v nhi pata tha ki sree Ko Bura lagega..aapne agr kal ka episode dekha tha to u can c jab romil dipi Ko smjha rha tha ye kehke ki “this is nt cricket”.. tab v sree gussa ho Gye the.. usko ab us word se hi problem hai. Romil was doing it in a fun way and usne ekbar v kuch demeaning nhi bola sree Ko..and world cup Ko v mock nhi Kiya.. romil Ko thodi pata hoga ki wo waha se 16murders wali baat pe chala jaega..?..I hope meri baat ka AAP Bura nhi manoge..

    7. @Diya……of course hum bura nhi manenge.:-))
      I respect your viewpoint n thank u so much dear….

    8. @Diya.
      Sahi hain. True enough .

    9. @Nandini, well said! I enjoy your comments ?

    10. @Devika…….thank u so much:-))

  11. carrying forward ,
    somi seems frustrated now # HEIGHT OF POSSESSIVE NESS over TRUE SOUL ROMIL and faltu ki jalan the swag that jasleen carries is not match able to you at anytime , I MEAN as a girl you have different characterstics which you should potray rather than competing in #BEAUTY CONTEST OR (BHOOTNI CONTEST in sarcasam)
    # MEGHA IS SUCH A SWEETHEART !!!!!she and jass are real BULBS OF DIWALI in house so much positivity and smile comes to face seeing their #DUO ANTICS # FULLY DESERVED TO BE IN TOP 5 they are providing us entertainment in real # ALL girly stuffs hahaha lol
    deepak has been lost in his own world today but feelings are feelings one can understand he tried well to sing and impress #FREE FOOTAGE QUEEN SOMI (used queen in place of shop) to not upset real feelings :p
    coming to SREE- ROMIL # INTENSE LOOKOUTS # ab ghar mein bartan rahenge to shor to hoga hi # FIGHT OF #MAIN OF SAHI HOON but as a third party viewer i must conclude that both have their own perception # sree thinks kohinoor hearted romil mocked him for his catch and he again went back to his hard days # BAD TIMES COMES BUT THE WOUNDS THEY LEFT ON US IS DIFFICULT TO HEAL , but as an individual kab tak leke baithoge ye case try and move on kyunki moveon hi hai iska # MARHAM
    i will share with you one thing india is diversify country the people in north are believers of fun and leg pulling and same thing in south is termed as immaturity as they think ppl are poking them and making fun of them (no grudges from south bhool kar bhi dil pe na lelena south buzzers as many of my friends are from south )thats why sharing it here to give the clear picture
    TRUE SOUL ROMIL lol his haryanavi antics with jass leen is so much eye catching these days (in a good way ahem !!) he didn’t wanted to upset sree via any means and he clarified it well!!!
    this thing is that # LIFESTYLE OF SREE AND DIPIKA is unmatachable to commoners , still there is a feeling of insecurity among them and thats true and thats coz why they fail to understand north leg pulling skills # SARI BATTEIN HURT KARNE KE LIYE NHI HOTI SREE :))-thoda fun zaroori hai yaar and in cricket agar fun nhi kiya to trust me kuch to miss zaroor kiya # dil pe pathar rakhe tune breakup karliya (sree -romil bond ) lol

    1. Rajjo

      kamaal h yaar… mujhe to lagta h episode dekhne ke jarurat hi nhi h bas apka comment padh lo ho gya bigg boss… amazing…

    2. @rajjo, very nice comments and thanks a lot
      appreciation is welcomed as always !!!# good afternoon

    3. I seriously love Ur comments man!!! U r just too good!!! And like xyz said,u really do talk like romil nah? “Madam ji”..jab v ye sunti hu romil ki hi yaad ati h?

    4. @Diya,
      thanks a lot for supporting #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL and yes you are a sweetheart !!!!!# keep smiling # cheers

    5. @Airplanes, I look forward to your comments everyday and believe you me, they are more entertaining than the actual show!! You have turned me into someone who wouldn’t mind Romil winning the show…lol! Although I used to find you irritating earlier, let me confess.
      You should get into scriptwriting, that is, if you are not one already;). Superb analysis of the show! Keep up the good work ?

    6. thanks a lot devika , motivation is always a # aim booster for me and yes just writing what the heart and minds say so simultaneously !!!!1

    7. @aeroplane
      “Dil pe pathar rakhe tune breakup karliya (sree -romil bond ) ” ….. really i was wanting to see more bonding between them, hope everything sort out

    8. @Teddy,
      hope it comes true even i would like to cherish that moment dear # lovely comments !!!!

    9. So true Airplane

    10. its good to be true mate !!!!!!# champ !!!!

    11. So true. Romil was NOT AT ALL WRONG in his approach . U should possess the guts to face everything. Romil was just kidding and Sree made it an issue out of one humorous joke ! North-South, I really don’t know. But u should take everything casually unless he/she is serious .

    12. @ Aarohi,
      absolutely spot on as usual # exploring fun is the base of a happy moment and thats what true soul gem romil was trying to achieve but sree was strict class teacher really pulled #SHAHRATI ROMIL’S EARS :p

  12. coming to precap : i know viewers are very much excited to see# bajrangi bhaijaan taking class of thugs of bb house, we will enjoy some# romil -surbhi hatkadi ki dosti and some fun antics with ritesh deshmukh and caller of the week #ROFL question to TRUE SOUL ROMIL
    but but but trum card for DIPIKA IS COMING SOON # alert : VOTING METERS READY TO CRASH SOON AS # SHOIKA MILAN ZANMO ZAMNO KA will be telecasted soon #VIEWERS WILL WITNESS FAMILY REUNION AND IMPACT SASSURAL SIMAR KA IN BB HOUSE , SO folks get rady with tissue papers handerchiefs and puffy toys kyunki emotional hone ka time aa rha hai lol
    and dipika fans trust me # DIPIKA IS IN TOP 2 FOR SURE AFTER YOUR VOTES+ MAHAMILAN OF SHOIKA !!!!! STATING THE FACTS TO THE TRUTH # no offence to anyone’s feelings but yes #TRUE SOUL KOHINOOR GEM GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL ko voot par dekho # DIL GARDEN GARDEN HO JAYEJA MADAMJI !!!!!! HAAAHA #P.S- tv editors sharm karlo sirf ladai hi dikhate ho kabhi # megha- romil -jass aur deepak ka nagin dance bhi dikha diya karo lol # cheers to all

    1. @Airplanes…..hilarious one??
      Janmo Janmo ka saath:mahamilan??
      I hope to see dipika in top 2……aapke muh mei chocolate…..
      Top 3-sree dipika n romil…..
      Top 5-sree dipika romil mega n jasleen…..hope so

    2. Megha Jasleen evicted

    3. @samar..

      we knew it.. ye dono hi elimiante honge….

    4. sharing is caring woh chocolate apke sath hi share karenge hahahaha # thanks for the chocolicious comment !!!!!

    5. @Nandini,
      sharing is caring , woh chocolate hum apse hi share karenge # thanks for the appreciation and chocolicious comments !!!!

  13. Both rohit and surbhi doesn’t deserve captaincy… support part was imp in this task..i dnt knw how much am right..if no one supported both of them will there be any capitan? They would have cancelled the task right? And no captain for next week?

    1. Bigg boss would have forced them all if they still hadn’t followed his command than kicked them all out like shiv and kept their daughter aka surbhi and nepotism ki dukaan aka rohit in the house and have played bigg boss bigg boss with them

  14. Airplanes not only those dance.. there are lot of fun scenes in the House they are not showing anything in tv.. only those cheap flights have been showing …

  15. @ telly updates and Atiba JI,
    have tried to get the MOST OF THE contents from today’s episode and posted it and of course have gone through the wisdom words from @AAROHI, XYZ,RAJJO ,TEDDY ,NIVIKA and kudos to all the fabulous bunch of veteran reviewers !!!!!till then # RADHE RADHE !!!!
    P.S: TELLY RATNA AWARDS FOR bunch of sweet ppl here !!!!!( select your fav emojis ) as everyone has different choice and i want to make a best dishof agreement from all emojis # sweetest salty and yummy !!!!!

    1. ? (wow! Anything more?)
      ? (naaaice ! I m overwhelmed with your idea)
      ? (baki toh sab ram e raakhe/moh-maya)
      ? (have water.)
      ? (i m amazing, babezzz..)
      ? (wow. Naaice. Very naaice. Superb. Could u ruin it any better?)
      ? (confused)

      My favourites. ?

    2. # RADHE RADHE !!!!!

    3. # stunner throwpick down the glance !!!!!! # DIL DIYA GALLAN emojis

    4. Mine fav emoji one nd only ?
      I find it so funny nd cute, make me smile

  16. @ Nandini,
    beautifully potrayed comment !!!!! keep the sun and happiness glowing :))-# kudos and yes thanks for the token of appreciation will try to keep the butterflies groving and hmming :))-

  17. The irony of this show is, the Imperfect ones(audience) want others(contestants) to be perfect.

  18. Where r u indian?
    2 days se no comment…??
    No views??
    Not watching bb??

    1. Hello xyz πŸ™‚
      Was keeping a lil busy, so was just reading the comments. I did watch a bit. But honestly, it ws very convenient of Deepak to first do all the shit and then try to seek sympathy. Hence o don’t at all believe his outburst.
      Somi is not giving anything to the show except showing weakness and jealousy. I hate her teeth ?
      Regarding Romil, I like him widout any of the happy club members. The chat between the three behind the sofa was too cheesy for me to digest. Any which way, they are evil together
      Surabhi I knew for sure would go the finale. Just observe one thng, wen it came to captaincy task and immunity, the task btw Surabhi and Rohit was kept so so so simple, that would not require any physical strength, the task was so designed so as to make Surabhi win. But again, Surabhi is not only dirty mouthed , she manipulated ppl really well. So serves Rohit right. Surabhi s purposr is solved. Rohit s time is up hence. N Surabhi will become all docile now.
      Deepika ka Sree ko poke karna for saying sorry wasn’t right. She is just trying to show a very balanced image.

    2. @indian…

      really like ur comment like i always do…
      and yes u said it right.. captaincy task m jab bhi surbhi ati h mostly voting hoti h…
      and always uske samne wala option aisa hota h jisey gharwale choose nhi karenge..

  19. Megha & jasleen are eliminated ? why Megha?beizzat karne ke liye lae the use

    1. @Anajsn..

      i had already make up my mind for jas and megha’s elimination..
      i am sad for both of them.. but happy to see that both of them won the heart of lots of ppl..

      atleast they will feel good.. after knowing how much janta is loving and appreciating them

    2. there is a harsh truth dear anajsn #JO DIKHTA HAI WOH BIKTA HAI -tag line for fool editors ye pura season aisa laga ki unhone jass aur megha to screen space hi nhi diya comparitevely to others unko sweet honey nhi rather karele ka juice rohit and surbhi ko lime light mein dikhana tha # fake eviction fake plot # tottaly unfair decision hai and yes audience votes not matters !!!!

  20. Idk why makers have held back all the fun stuff?I swear people would’ve fell in love with these contestants as well if they had shown it is it because they want to save it for voot and want to increase their streaming power that they don’t show it on main show or what?I’m unable to understand why they sabotaged the show themselves are they suicidal? Or have taken bribe from star plus or other colors rival channels or just so obsessed with some contestants that they just don’t want to share them with TV audience?

  21. Does it matter who win this kabada season?does sree or megha or romil or deepika fans really want their favorites to be winner of this gandagi and remembered for it do you now?if I was in your place guys I would infact pray they don’t and big boss give trophy to somi or deepak or surbhi instead so they’ll be bashed for its failure then to the decent contestants who’ve only been tortured all season long they don’t deserve to carry the bag of its failure too after the torture end puh-leeze

    1. @Anonymous..
      agreed to u but
      Yes .. i want to see megha as a winner…or i think sree , dpka ,jas and even romil bhi winner banta h toh chalta
      as dpka said she really needs of money in the very first episode , megha ,romil jas too needs of money..
      and 50 lakh is a big amount… itna din sab kuch bear kiya ye logo ne uska reward banta h…

      winner ye 4(megha,jas,dpka,romil_) logo m se koi bhi bane i will feel good… cz sree dont need of money but these ppl came here for the prize money specially dpka,romil and megha

    2. But they’re getting paid weekly don’t know about commoners but celebs were getting paid for giving their time so if it’s about giving the needy the needful than I guess commoners should win and the best one among commoner is romil he’s annoying & a bully but still much better than the rest

  22. Kal k replies k liye thank you so much…
    Much love to Airplanes,Aarohi,Rajjo and Pari???????
    Although I don’t like takku much,but I must admit I just love romil Deepak bond..they are like true brothers.?umeed h ab takku wud understand who’s the real frnd

    And saare HMs pagal ho Gye h kya? Surbhi Ko kaun vote krta h…smh
    And captain banne k Baad kr di na wapas gaddari.. romil sree Deepak Ko jail bhej diya…
    Y sree y???kyu Kiya support? They don’t deserve Ur badappan..plz understand

    Somi Ko sach mein pyar ho gya h kya humre wakeel Babu se? Jas Ko leke itna insecurity? Jab romil ki wife ayegi tab ye kya usko v kahegi ki wo v copy krne ki try kr rhi h usey?hosh mein aao bacchu

    Last but not d least,to those people who are blaming romil fr mocking sree, bhai uska Aisa koi intention nhi tha.. romil is a total Bindaas Masti type guy.mazak wale mood mein rehta h harwaqt
    Sree has faced a lot in life and he’s one f d nicest persons in BB..
    But y does he behave like a 10yr old immature child sometimes?samajhne ki koshish to karo kaun kis way mein bol rha h..Rohit and survi to slapgate,fixing,court case wo Sab k baare mein Bolte ki bht galat h..but romil was talking abt d biggest catch f his career,one f his biggest a district level cricket player and cricket fan,he was curious to know abt dat historical catch dat helped us win WC.. uss tpc Ko mazak mein hi handle krte to zyada acha lagta but he diverted it to some different level.. and he shd learn to take stuff sportingly.. unko smjhna chahiye ki bigg boss tasks(esp those involving kathgara and al) or BB housemates don’t always hv intentions to mock him..he shd tk things sportingly coz jo hua h usey Badal nhi skte,to kyu na aage ka life positivity k saath jiye?

    1. @Diya..
      nice comment…

      but i am lil bit disagree on one point..

      deepak is being good with romil cz now he got hurt and now he is in the same situation in which romil was in last week… now deepak’s emotion can be real..
      deepak always do this.. he always changes the sides where he will be benefited….
      at the time of romil he didn’t support him and made the issue of a sentence…

    2. Rajjo

      @diya, nice comment… n good comments are always appreciated remember that…
      about captaincy yaar aage kuwan peeche khaayi wala haal h so they chose psycho not gaddar as gaddar to vese bhi chala hi jayega but psycho ko makers aage leke hi jayenge… so they must have thought of position…

    3. Rajjo

      here i meant gaddar to vaise bhi bahr chala hi jayenga but psycho top 6 me pahunchayi jayegi…

  23. Supporting these filthy animals?

    Idky but dipika seemed lost she won’t seen much today I didn’t even hardly see her al I say was those filthy animals double faced idiots tryna look good haha why did everyone go for surbhi for have u forgotten what she did ps she’s done the exact same ting she sent sree to jail again wtf is this man this aint no child game or owt I would go for rohit bcz al his mates dixed him nd left him did they make him an captain no did they ever try i don’t think so Idk what goodness u see in surbhi er nd pls don’t compare or use surbhi nd sree name it makes me sick man after al da shit she done to him but can’t wait for tom salman bashed on wel aha blessed sree cried I loved jas megah rom deepak moment was so cute bless everyone did good lysm dipikaa xxx

    1. Rajjo

      hey… i got to know that jail members will be standing in the jail bar in living area… i mean why??? if they sit will they harm anyone???

  24. I honestly can’t wait for tomorrow apparently salman even raised kV THAT particular obscene act as well LOL wonder what’ll rest of the housemates say when they’ll come to know about it

    1. Rajjo

      its hard to say what their reaction will be… but that was needed (not for kv) for surbhi n rohit as they are being a headache…

  25. Read somewhere Megha and jas got evicted…wah jo log undeserving h unko rakh the h and jo dsrvng h unhe nikaal diya.. Megha and jas both were like a treat to watch..esp foot videos where romil jas and Megha wud hv fun.. Megha dsrvd to b in top 3 (romil,Megha,Dipika)..
    Her tasks ,her cute nok jhok wd #romil_the_cutie were too good..kya yaar romil phirse akela ho gya
    Anyway,?? fr Megha and jasleen

    1. Rajjo

      @ diya somi must be the happiest person of the house after jasleen’s eviction… πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  26. BB creative team needs an appreciation to make this season boring….I thought the contestants are not performing…but in sneak peak, I saw people chilling and enjoying each other’s company….y can’t they show some lighter moments… they edit it and get all the conflicts and fight parts aired…
    Yet this episode was far better than the other boring ones ..
    I am happy they got a reality check on their behaviour…
    I have seen this as pattern in this season…if 2 people are fighting, few more will come up and instead of sorting it, will join on sides and make it a huge issue…I feel those joining sides are just concerned about they are getting footage n I should get a piece of that… it’s not a world war…. instead if you sort it out, u will come across as a sorted and mature person to viewers…
    Somi- u think Jas is competing with you…u are no where near to her…u r insecure of Jas and Romil friendship…
    Deepak and kv convo – ha ha ha….joke of the year…
    Car task was fun to watch…
    When Surbhi said they both are close to me, I was like “jhooti…, jhooti…(kajol in k3g)
    Romil- I like to see romil mending his relationship with Deepak…but don’t want him to go back to bully group.. he will spoil his game by doing that…
    Captaincy task – felt bad for housemates…it was like u have to die either by eating lots of onions or getting beaten by chappals. Death is confirm…so they chose to die by eating onions (Surbhi)
    Megha – she said a mast dialogue in the sneak peak, n BB team edited it…it was super and a slap on Rohit’s face.
    Rohit- I could see his disappointment of not getting support. But he deserved it…the most badtameez insaan… (Megha is correct)
    Surbhi – she was lucky housemates had a worse option of Rohit…she is a politely n nicely she talks when she needs people….and other wise she just tears apart the eardrums…
    Shree – I understand he said that word in anger…but it is irritating to see him saying sorry to that gutter mouth… firstly she doesn’t deserve it… secondly u have said it 4 times.. and thirdly she never apologized to u…I don’t want him to be friends with her…she said so much about him,career, personal life…I feel he should ignore her completely..
    N that conflict about Romil, he is fed up with poeple commenting on his career…I understand romil had no intention to hurt him…yet Shree is done with people discussing and commenting on his career…
    and that to a career, where he was in peak of his career and destiny snatched it from him by a false allegation…he fought with it and came out innocent…yet the punishment and ban is going on….

    Jas – was looking beautiful in dress…BB could have kept her song… her voice is beautiful….
    Precap – it’s sad to see people sending Shree again n again to jail… history repeats… whenever he has supported that Surbhi, she would take his help and then send him jail…

    1. @jisha..

      again… i loved ur comment…
      and agreed to ur each and every single word…
      u always writes the same thing which was going in my mind…

    2. @Jisha……..commendable effort
      Agree to each n every word in the comment

    3. @Jisha, you write so well! And yes, this is exactly what I felt as well. Although I have realised that this show is all about how well one can handle mind games! They are trying their level best to break their strongest contenders. I am sure that Sree himself didn’t know what was he capable of…look at him and the fortitude he exhibits when louts like Rohit try to provoke him. He has won my respect forever.

    4. Rajjo

      @jisha nice comment… well done for you analysis…
      this season is actually about poking bullying or being aggressive as most of here does that n who don’t others will call them boring… like deepika she doesn’t go everywhere discuss about top contenders or starts the drama so she is “fokat” of the house… but they don’t know that she is able to make everyone’s mouth shut with her words only…

  27. Ye Jo Bhai chara, suleh ka jhunjhuna pakra Raha hai ishe baar ka BB, Kya baat hai. Ek din mein sab mein suleh. Script hi karna hai to conviencing to karo.
    Well so basically BB is giving take home message ki Jo ladki sari galti karti hai usko inaam milta hai.
    Wo bhi samne Wala uske bhi hisse ki maafi khud mang Kar literally apni insult karwane kly Bolta hai do chaar aur suna le.
    Romil ke kandhe par banduk rakh Kar sympathy card phir khela Sree Bhai ne:)
    That laughter shared by Romil and Deepak was priceless. They conveyed their true feeling and understanding about somi without actually uttering anything. I like their bond. Somi should be jealous of Deepak and not jasleen
    Sree ne jasleen ko Jo car k upar chadh Kar saaf karne kly bola, no words for that. I don’t know Puri duniya ghum Kar bhi women k barea m soach badli kyun nai iski. Hats off that woman laughed about it.
    Rohit badtameez hai but any day I would have preferred him just to make sure I don’t reward a person as such Surbhi. She is not only selfish but mean.

    1. @Hope..

      “Rohit badtameez hai but any day I would have preferred him just to make sure I don’t reward a person as such Surbhi. She is not only selfish but mean.”

      I would have preffered rohit too for this particular task

    2. @Hope…

      bolte h na antt bhala toh sab bhala..
      agar deepak burayi ka sath chod romil ki tarah right track choose karega toh deepak ko seriously kafi benefit hoga isse…

    3. Wooow..u wrote everything dat was going on in my mind
      ..esp dat romil sree part.. and I wud hv chosen Rohit too.. she’s worse

    4. Rajjo

      your comment is just bang on… to the point…
      about jas i want to say that shree always says something like this to her but she never takes it wrong i appreciate her sporting spirit…. but people calls her dumb due to this…

  28. I don’t know why but ab k time par KV se jhutha koi lagta nai mujhe ab. He didn’t do anything wrong today but still I can’t get over his behavior of last 2 weeks.

  29. @GAYATHRI,
    yeah they edit beautiful scenes and make the show boring and noisy but doing worst of an editing :p

  30. Ehh ! WTF *.* Jasleen and Megha are eliminated. Weren’t they getting votes of two weeks ? How can they be eliminated ?
    Ridiculous. Somi and Rohit don’t even deserve to come till this level, but at least, BB should have been fair enough to eliminate Rohit ! This is just so disgusting. Chiiii .. pathetic. Those two were the eyes of the show! Rohit is such a dog.. oops, call him a human. Humans cheat, dogs are loyal af… disgusting.

    1. @aaro,
      shant gadadhari bheem shant !!!!! have to accept the fact , i know you are angry on their eviction but seeing the plot of the show ye hona hi tha , as a viewer have to move forward ahead by keeping # O ZALIMA MODE OFF !!!!! so cheers up warna gudgudi karni padegi hahahahah

    2. -β€’_-β€’ !
      Following this from season 8, Pritam, Rishabh, Vikas never won! Wanted Manveer to win. He won it. Exception. Majority vote favourites instead of even watching the show ! ^_^

    3. So true…dogs r loyal.. humans aren’t ?

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